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Nicoletta C.

Venezia, Ve, Italy

Languages: English (fluent), Italian (fluent), Spanish (advanced)

Biography: I'm a local, I'm an Art Historian, I've worked as a private guide since 2009 and I love this job. I love staying with people, I love Venice, its ligh,...

Credentials: Tour Guide license 1086 (Venice Metro Area) Venice Port Security Pass 25850 (Venice Port Authority)

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Arianna G.

Venezia, Italy

Languages: Italian (fluent), German (fluent), French (fluent), English (fluent)

Biography: Benvenuti a Venezia! I am Arianna and I am a local guide since 1998. After attending a linguistic school, I graduated in History of Art from the Uni,...

Credentials: I'm an official and licensed Guide for Venice and its Heritage (license 1054) I'm an official and licensed Guide for Treviso, its province and the Vi,...

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Daniela Z.

Vicenza, Vicenza (VI), Italy

Languages: English (fluent), French (fluent), German (conversational), Italian (fluent), Spanish (conversational)

Biography: Benvenuti! I'm Daniela and I have been a local guide in Vicenza and Venice since 2009. I run many varieties of tours in the Veneto Region, meeting th,...

Credentials: - Licensed Local Guide for all Veneto's region (issued by Vicenza's province in 2009) - Tour leader since 2014 - Degree in English Language and Liter,...

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Venice, VE, Italy

Languages: Spanish (fluent), Portuguese (fluent), Italian (fluent), English (fluent)

Biography: Visiting Venice is a lifetime experience then you must get the very best of your tour. How to achieve that? Adjust first to the urban fabric of the ,...

Credentials: Tourist Guide License 1001 (Venice Metro Area) Port Security Pass 25608 (Venice Port Authority)

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Eva O.

Venice, Italy

Languages: English (fluent), Finnish (fluent), German (fluent), Italian (fluent)

Biography: Ciao! I'm Eva and I'm a professional photographer, specialized in wedding photography and portraits. I was born and grown up in Finland, have studied,...

Credentials: Musical Sibelius- Highschool, Helsinki, Finland 1983-86 assistant at following photographers: Martti Rikkonen Lapland, Finland Karl-Heinz Elstner, E,...

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Isabella B.

venice, Italy

Languages: English (fluent), Italian (fluent), Spanish (advanced)

Biography: Ciao! My name is Isabella. I was born in the old town of Padua in 1965 but I've lived in Venice for over 30 years. I moved here to attend college and,...

Credentials: Tourist guide license # 13/2017 (Province of Ferrara) , Tour manager license # 591 (Veneto Region), Port Security Pass # 25231 (Venice Port Authority,...

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Cinzia T.

Lido di Venezia, Venezia, Italy

Languages: English (fluent), French (fluent), Italian (fluent), Spanish (fluent)

Biography: I belong to a Venetian family of documented ancient origins. After obtaining my Tourism High School diploma, I lived for two years in the United Stat,...

Credentials: - Venice Tour guide qualification # 232 06/04/2000 (issued by Regione Veneto /Venice Metropolitan Area) - Tour Manager qualification # 68 28/11/1988 ,...

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Minu H.

Venice, VENICE, Italy

Languages: Italian (fluent), French (fluent), English (fluent)

Biography: My name is Minù. Venice is the city of my mother's family and I have lived here nearly all of my life. I have also lived in Paris, Vienna, Tehan and,...

Credentials: Tourist Guide License 56640 (Province of VENICE) Port Security Pass 30026 (Venice Port Authority) Tour Manager License 1056 (Province of Venice)

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Giovanna G.

Vicenza, VI, Italy

Languages: Italian (fluent), English (fluent)

Biography: Being born in Italy, it's impossible not to be influenced by art, architecture and beauty…. it's a kind of natural inclination! That's why I decided,...

Credentials: I received Master’s degree in history of art and preservation of the cultural heritage from Venice Univeristy. I am registered in the Tour Escort re,...

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Francesca R.

Venice, VE, Italy

Languages: French (basic), English (fluent), Italian (fluent), Greek (advanced)

Biography: Hello, my name is Francesca and I'm a certified guide in Venice. I was born in Sicily a beautiful island in Southern Italy where I lived for 20 year,...

Credentials: Venice Tourist Guide license 64718 (Province of Venice)

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Mogliano Veneto, Italy

Languages: English (fluent), French (fluent), Italian (fluent)

Biography: I am Venetian and I am an Art Historian. Since 2012 I am a licensed Tour Guide in Venice. After University I left Venice to go to Paris and then to ,...

Credentials: Tour Guide License n° 1114 (Venice Metro Area) Port Security Pass n° 2017 (Venice Port Authority)

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Virginia C.

verona, Italy

Languages: English (fluent), French (conversational), Italian (fluent)

Biography: Live and feel like a local, this is my motto! I was born in the cozy city of love, Verona, and I graduated in Languages and Communications. Thanks to,...

Credentials: I am a Professional licensed tour leader and I can accompany my clients everywhere they need to go. I also have a mini van with private driver and a ,...

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Deborah M.

Vicenza, Italy

Languages: English (fluent), Italian (fluent), Japanese (fluent)

Biography: What do you think is necessary to be a guide? Experience? License? Knowledge? Of course, they are more than important. I have been working as a tour,...

Credentials: Graduate of Ca'Foscari University, Venice. Degree in Japanese Culture and Literature. Licensed guide for Vicenza, Verona, Venice, Padua, Treviso, Ro,...

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Ermanno C.

venice, Italy

Languages: English (fluent), French (conversational), Italian (fluent), Japanese (basic), Spanish (fluent)

Biography: Ciao!!! I'm Ermanno, a real Venetian native! Born in Venice and grown up here. I have 30 years of experience in tourism dept, hotels, and tours. I'm,...

Credentials: I'm a Licensed Tour Escort and NOT a Licensed Guide and will NOT be able to guide you inside Churches, Galleries and museums.

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Silvia N.

Venice, Italy

Languages: Mandarin (basic), Italian (fluent), French (advanced), English (fluent)

Biography: Ciao! I am Silvia. I am happy to "virtually" meet you here! This is a wonderful opportunity for me to let you know how much I love my hometown and ,...

Credentials: Tourist Guide License 155 (Ravenna Province) Tour Leader License (Venice Province) Venice Port Security Pass 25536 (Venice Port Authority)

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Venice, Ve, Italy

Languages: English (fluent), Italian (fluent), Spanish (advanced)

Biography: I'm a professional fun and energetic photographer based in Venice. I'm an aesthete, a traveler and a life enthusiast. My style is romantic and natura,...

Credentials: <B>Professional Freelance Photographer.</B> Portrait, Family, Maternity, Engagement, Proposal, Wedding and Interior Photographer. Hotel Stager and Ho,...

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Elisabetta A.

Venice, Italy

Languages: Spanish (conversational), French (conversational), English (fluent)

Biography: Hello!!! Come with me and explore the best that Venice and the Veneto region has to offer. From the most well know squares and islands to famous site,...

Credentials: Tour leader (certificate issued Veneto region - Venice) / licensed National guide ( exam taken in Parma). Port permit 2018 ( port of Venice ). Univer,...

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