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private tour guide

Adam M.

Schwabhausen, Germany

Languages: English (fluent), German (conversational)

Biography: I was born by the ocean, in Perth, Western Australia, and grew up loving all the things you can do on the water. I started sailing as a child, which ,...

Credentials: Qualified Dachau Memorial Site Tour Guide

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private tour guide

Thomas D.

Munich, Germany

Languages: English (fluent), German (fluent), Portuguese (fluent), Spanish (advanced)

Biography: Let me show you Munich and the most beautiful spots in Southern Germany! Enjoy a private and personalized sightseeing tour in a most comfortable way!,...

Credentials: - Officially licensed Tour Guide of Munich - Officially licensed Driver Guide - License and full Insurance for professional Passenger Services - Off,...

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private tour guide

Simone B.

Neuching, Germany

Languages: German (fluent), French (conversational), English (fluent)

Biography: Nice to meet you. My name is Simone. I was born in Munich in 1966 and have lived here with my family most of my life. At the age of 16 I had the oppo,...

Credentials: - Ausbildungslehrgang Reiseleiterin (Tour guide Travel Training Course) - Commercial Driver's Licence allowing the transport of up to 8 passengers - ,...

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private tour guide

Kevin C.

Munich, Germany

Languages: English (fluent), German (fluent), Italian (basic)

Biography: Hi, my name is Kevin and for the last 30 years I have had the good fortune to call Munich my home. The original plan was to stay for one year, but I ,...

Credentials: - Commercial driver's license which allows me to convey up to nine passengers. - University degree (BA) from Texas.

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private tour guide

Steve W.

Ingolstadt, Bayern, Germany

Languages: English (fluent), German (conversational)

Biography: I have a passion for the subject I talk about, which has lead me to do primary history research into a specific areas of the Second World War, which ,...

Credentials: Official Licensed Dachau Memorial guide of 14 years Primary History research of 27 years - The most complete record of the Battle of Britain in exi,...

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private tour guide

Jay F.

München, Bavaria, Germany

Languages: English (fluent), German (fluent)

Biography: Hello fellow globetrotters. My name is Jay and I come from Houston, Texas, but have had the pleasure to live in Europe since 1984. Traveling was my ,...

Credentials: I have traveled the world, Europe, and especially Bavaria, extensively over the last 30 years. I have a commercial driver's licence to transport tou,...

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private tour guide

Sabina A.

Munich, Bayern, Germany

Languages: English (fluent), French (fluent), German (conversational), Italian (fluent)

Biography: Dear all, I am Sabina, born in Italy, in the so called "eternal city", Rome! I moved to Germany some years ago after having travelled and lived ( th,...

Credentials: Degree in History of Art; Licenced Tour Leader; Licenced guide of the United Nations Office at Geneva; Licenced Biersommelier Doemens PADI advanced d,...

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private tour guide

Maxine R.

Munich, BAVARIA, Germany

Languages: Italian (basic), German (advanced), English (fluent)

Biography: I am a British born, Australian artist and tour guide, living and working in Munich since 1997. From 1985 to 1988, I studied Fine Art at the Victoria,...

Credentials: "OFFICIALLY ACCREDITED" guide for the Dachau Concentration camp Memorial Site since 2002 Bachelor Of Fine Arts - Victorian College of the Arts, Melb,...

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private tour guide

Stefan B.

München, Germany

Languages: English (fluent), German (fluent), Italian (advanced), Spanish (basic)

Biography: Dear travellers, my name is Stefan, I am a native-born Münchner who has spent his previous life all over the world. After the completion of my studi,...

Credentials: Master in philosophy. Licensed to work as a tour guide in Munich and at the Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial Site.

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private tour guide

Maximilian B.

München / Munich, Bayern / Bavaria, Germany

Languages: English (fluent), French (basic), German (fluent)

Biography: " Grüss Gott and Servus ", a heartly Bavarian welcoming from me, Maximilian B. I am a native, local Bavarian, a " Münchner ". Lived and travelled ar,...

Credentials: Certifications in Tourism: - Officially Certified and Licensed Tourist Guide, State Tourism Department City of Munich / Bavaria - Officially Certif,...

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private tour guide

Bridget P.

Munich, BAVARIA, Germany

Languages: English (fluent), German (fluent)

Biography: Hello fellow Travelers, for the past 9 years I have had the good fortune of leading tours to lovely Bavaria and Austria. I consider myself to be a ve,...

Credentials: Member and Graduate of I.A.T.M. ( International Association of Tour guides ) B.A. R.N. ( State of Colorado ) International License to drive up to 8 P,...

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private tour guide

Franz S.

Munich, Germany

Languages: English (fluent), German (fluent), Italian (conversational)

Biography: Hi, I am Franz, born and raised in Munich. I used to be a travel agent and I thought this was the best job ever. Dealing with customers and travellin,...

Credentials: A diploma in business administrations. Licensed to work as a tour guide in Munich and the Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial. Licensed Travel Agent b,...

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private tour guide

Jake D.

Ohlstadt, Bavaria, Germany

Languages: English (fluent), German (fluent)

Biography: Hello everyone! My name is Jake. I am originally from the deep south of the United States but have spent the past twenty one years living and travel,...

Credentials: - German Taxi Drivers License - International Drivers License - Tour Guide License for Neuschwanstein Castle granting advanced entry into the castle ,...

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private tour guide

Ulrich B.

München (Munic), Bavaria, Germany

Languages: Spanish (conversational), Italian (basic), German (fluent), English (fluent)

Biography: Hello and Grüß Gott, I am Ulrich from Bavaria. Since 2010 I am guiding tours in Munich ordered and authorized by the townhall: CITY WALKs, BYCICLE an,...

Credentials: - studied business administration, Spanish, Theater and German literature - passed the examination as a Munich tour guide at Munich Walk Tours 2011 -,...

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private tour guide

Amir S.

Füssen, Bavaria, Germany

Languages: English (fluent), Arabic (fluent), German (fluent), Italian (fluent)

Biography: My name is Amir, I'm a passionate tour guide with more than 14 years of experience. I am an avid traveller, so I spent many years working abroad in ,...

Credentials: Licensed guide for Fussen & surroundings

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private tour guide

Scott S.

Munich, Bavaria, Germany

Languages: German (fluent), English (fluent)

Biography: No one is more passionate about Bavaria. My love of the Bavarian culture and history has made me an authority on all things Bavarian! I am from the ,...

Credentials: Diplom BierSommelier (Doemens Institute) Bachelor of Arts (German & History)

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private tour guide

Nicolas S.

Feldkirchen, Bavaria, Germany

Languages: Spanish (basic), German (fluent), English (fluent)

Biography: GRIAß EICH! I'm Nico, a true local, and would love to give you an authentic impression of everyday life in Bavaria and Munich. Grown up here in a sma,...

Credentials: Master level degree in psychology (LMU Munich)

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