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Eva D.

Roskilde, Denmark

Languages: German (fluent), English (advanced), Danish (fluent)

Biography: Copenhagen is my passion. I love every time I have a guided tour, walking, biking or a bussing trough the city because there is always something new ,...

Credentials: Authorized tourist guide from Roskilde University (2009) New Nordic Education for sustainability (2016)

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Poul Erik J.

Vamdrup, Denmark

Languages: Danish (fluent), English (advanced), German (conversational), Norwegian (conversational), Swedish (conversational)

Biography: Trained as an authorized tourist guide in Copenhagen, and now living in the province gives me a unique opportunity to arrange your tour in Denmark. F,...

Credentials: Authorised Tourist Guide Qualified School Teacher

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Charlotte T.

Klampenborg, Copenhagen, Denmark

Languages: English (fluent), Danish (fluent), Hebrew (basic), Norwegian (advanced), Swedish (advanced)

Biography: Born and raised in Denmark, I love to tell the stories about this wonderful country. With a Bachelor in Tourism and an education within the cultural ,...

Credentials: Licensed Tour Guide Bachelor in Tourism Skilled lecturer in the US

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Benny M.

Kongens Lyngby, Greater Copenhagen, Denmark

Languages: Spanish (conversational), Swedish (advanced), German (fluent), English (fluent), French (advanced), Danish (fluent)

Biography: Do you want to see the best of Copenhagen? For the authentic Copenhagen experience, let me show you the well-known sights and the not so well-known s,...

Credentials: - Official Tourist Guide Diploma from the University of Roskilde (English, German and Danish) (2014, i.e. 4 years' experience as a professional guide,...

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Susanne J.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Languages: English (fluent), Danish (fluent), German (conversational)

Biography: Let me share with you my passion for a good story, Danish history at its best and everything worth knowing about Danes, happiness and our renowned "h,...

Credentials: Authorised Tourist Guide (University of Roskilde) BA in Business Studies from (Copenhagen Business School)

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Morten S.

Taastrup, Denmark

Languages: Swedish (fluent), German (fluent), Danish (fluent), English (fluent)

Biography: My work as tour guide or sightseeing driver begins and ends with me being a thoroughbred Copenhagener. I have been fortunate enough to not only live ,...

Credentials: I am a qualified sightseeing driver. I am also permitted to drive children with special needs.

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Henriette J.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Languages: English (fluent), Danish (fluent)

Biography: Visit the old and new parts of Copenhagen and sense the atmosphere of the laid back city. Discover why we are known as the world's happiest people. ,...

Credentials: 1996 - Authorized Tourist Guide from Roskilde Univercity 2006 - MA History from Copenhagen University 2000 - Teacher at the Tourist Guide Diploma Pro,...

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Copenhagen N, Denmark

Languages: Danish (fluent), English (fluent), German (conversational), Norwegian (basic), Swedish (advanced)

Biography: As an educated sightseeing driver and taxi-driver, I perform all kinds of sightseeings and featured rides in the Copenhagen area. For me, no two tou,...

Credentials: I am a trained Handicap driver and educated driver for children with special needs. My car only allows for non seated handicap, meaning that passenge,...

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Copenhagen, Denmark

Languages: Spanish (conversational), Swedish (conversational), Norwegian (conversational), Danish (fluent), German (basic), English (advanced)

Biography: I am a writer and culture journalist with great knowledge in the areas of society, history and culture (music, religion, literature, sport and local ,...

Credentials: Special courses in guiding spanish speaking cruise ship passengers on city tours in Copenhagen and surrounding country. Cursos especiales para guiar ,...

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Værløse, Denmark

Languages: English (fluent)

Biography: I specialize in walking tours. Copenhagen is a small compact capitol city best seen by foot. An American living in Copenhagen these past 28 years, I ,...

Credentials: Authorized Tourist Guide Guide Diploma Roskilde University educated as a singer then actress before doing graduate work in Opera Production and Direc,...

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Jens F.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Languages: Danish (fluent), English (fluent), French (conversational), German (advanced), Spanish (fluent)

Biography: Native Copenhagener, but lived and travelled abroad extensively, I really like welcoming foreigners to the city I love so much. I do walking tours i,...

Credentials: Msc. in Intercultural communication and management University studies in Pennsylvania, USA and Buenos Aires, Argentina

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Michael D.

Frederiksberg, Copenhagen, Denmark

Languages: Danish (fluent), English (fluent), German (basic), Norwegian (conversational), Swedish (fluent)

Biography: Hello. I am Michael and I own a small car service company here in beautiful Copenhagen. I give interesting tours all over Denmark mainly in the Cope,...

Credentials: I carry commercial drivers licence and all cars are commercial insured.

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Sofie C.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Languages: English (fluent), Danish (fluent), Norwegian (advanced)

Biography: After having lived abroad (England, India, Canada) I returned to wonderful Copenhagen where I was born & bred. I know the city like the back of my ha,...

Credentials: Authorised Tourist Guide (U of Roskilde) M.A. in Comparative Literature (U of British Columbia) BA in Modern Culture (U of Copenhagen)

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Caroline H.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Languages: English (fluent)

Biography: Let me show you beautiful Copenhagen! As a full-time tour guide and freelance travel writer, my passion is sharing this fantastic city with travelers,...

Credentials: Three years as a full-time tour guide in Copenhagen Eight years travelling the world working with Princess Cruises Travel blogger and freelance write,...

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Copenhagen, Denmark

Languages: Danish (fluent), English (fluent)

Biography: I am an Authorised, Licensed Tourist Guide from the University of Roskilde, RUC, specializing in tours by car with professional insured drivers, for ,...

Credentials: * Authorised Licensed Tourist Guide, Licensed from The University of Roskilde, RUC. * Licensed to Guide you inside all Museums, Castles and All Insid,...

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Paul H.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Languages: Spanish (fluent), German (fluent), English (fluent), Danish (fluent)

Biography: Descendant of Viking skjalds Jewish tradesmen - and a good many Danish people, I am an historian, tour guide and teacher of guides, and teller of my ,...

Credentials: History MA Geographer Authorised Tourist Guide Qualified School Teacher

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Mads Kristian M.

København S, Denmark

Languages: English (fluent), Danish (fluent), German (basic), Norwegian (basic), Swedish (advanced)

Biography: A former historyteacher in early 2014 I found my calling: Presenting the strange history and wonderful sights of my beloved Copenhagen. Since then ,...

Credentials: Qualified schoolteacher with 18 years experience - main subjects: danish, history and social studies. A seasoned storyteller - "Storyteller of the m,...

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Heidi K.

Valby, Denmark

Languages: Danish (fluent), English (fluent), Spanish (advanced)

Biography: Copenhagen is the capital city of the happiest people in the world, and you only need to spend a short time here to see why. A native Dane and a qua,...

Credentials: Qualified tourist guide, Roskilde University, 2008 MA in Business Languages & Communication, Copenhagen Business School, 2016 MA in Danish as a Secon,...

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Philip D.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Languages: Danish (conversational), English (fluent), Italian (basic)

Biography: Many years ago I came to Denmark from England because I was curious to find out why Danes were "The Happiest Nation on Earth". I am delighted to say ,...

Credentials: Authorised Danish Tour Guide. Educated at Roskilde University

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