Traveler Reviews for Private Tour in Hakone, Japan by Tour Guide Hiroko I.

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Hakone, Japan
Hiroko I.

Debra Roudman

San Ramon, CALIFORNIA, United States

Tour: #431671, Hakone 6 hours customized tour for Mr.&Ms.Levine and Mr.&Ms.Roudman on October 8th,2019, Hakone, Japan    
Date: Oct 8/19

Hiroko is a wonderful guide! Her knowledge is communicated with such enthusiasm and pride. Despite weather conditions in Hakone we had a wonderful tour. Nothing phases Hiroko, she worked with us to modify our tour and we had a unique experience! She is the best!

TOUR GUIDE RESPONSE: I am still on the way to my home, thinking of you all with smiles and happy moments we have spent together.Thank you very much for your warm comments on the tour. I do hope that you will enjoy the rest of your days in Japan. I also hope that the information I gave you will be helpful and If you have any questions or helps, please do not hesitate to ask me.Please come back and visit me again you are my guests! I am looking forward to visiting San Francisco to see you all again. I miss you all a lot,too

Bruce Gross

United States

Tour: #431671, Hakone 5 hours customized tour for Ms.Lindsay group members on May 14th,2019, Hakone, Japan    
Date: May 14/19

Hiroko was excellent and we enjoyed our tour of Hakone. We highly recommend her services.

TOUR GUIDE RESPONSE: Dear Mr.Bruce, Thank you very much for today and your comments on the tour. It was rainning during the tour but we have managed to do all the itiernary you requested, visiting and seeing the beauty of Hakone. I really hope that you all have made happy memories of Hakone and enjoy the lest of the holiday in Kyoto. I appriciate very much for your warmness, given to me. I deeply tahnk you for all. Please enjoy tonight at the Ryokan. I hope to see you all in the future. Best regards, Hiroko

Bill Henderson

United Kingdom

Tour: #431671, Hakone 6 hours customized tour for Mr.&Ms.Henderson on May 13th,2019, Hakone, Japan    
Date: May 13/19

A well structured and very informative tour from which we learned so much. Hiroko is friendly, helpful, knowledgable and has very good English. We would recommend Hiroko to our friends visiting the area.

TOUR GUIDE RESPONSE: Dear Mr. Bill, Thank you very much for your warm comments on the tour. I am sorry that you could not see Mt. Fuji from Hakone today but we all enjoyed beauty of Hakone with the arrival of new leaves and peaceful atmosphere. I hope that you and Mr. Neal have made happy memories of Hakone and relaxing time. Please have great time in other places in Japan. I again deeply thank you for today and hope to see you in the future. Best regards, Hiroko

Charles R.

Estero, FLORIDA, United States

Tour: #431671, Hakone customized tour for Mr.Charles Rhoades group on May 11,2019, Hakone, Japan    
Date: May 11/19

Touring Hakone with Hiroko-san today was great. Hiroko-san is a bundle of positive energy with not only the venues we toured, but also about leading the tour and spending a wonderful day with our small group. Her English is excellent, and whenever anyone had a question, she took the time to make sure everyone was filled in. Hiroko-san is a great guide to learn about Hakone!

TOUR GUIDE RESPONSE: Dear Mr. Charles, Thank you sorry much today and warm comment on today’s tour. It was just wonderful to spend the time with you , Ms. Sally, Mr. Gene and Ms. Nancy. The weather was perfect with Mt. Fuji. I hope that you have added today’s tour as your good memories of Japan and continue to have wonderful days in Japan. Please go be my regards to all people and hope to see you all again. I never forget you talking about Iwakuni , I am sure that you will be happy to be back there. Best regards, Hiroko

Natalie Delbridge


Tour: #431671, Hakone tour- Hakone customized tour for Ms. Natalie Debridge family on April 11, 2019, Hakone, Japan    
Date: Apr 11/19

Hiroko was a fantastic guide in Hakone. She assisted my father getting around to see all the sights including Mt Fuji with Cherry Blossoms. We were slightly overcharged for the Taxi we hired for the day and she went beyond what was necessary to ensure we were refunded our 2000 Yen. Lunch was special and she kept in touch with the tourist spots to make sure we were going to get the best possible viewing of Mt Fuji and not waste time traveling to a place were there was no visibility. Thank you Hiroko

TOUR GUIDE RESPONSE: Dear Mrs.Natalie, Greeting from Japan. I hope that you all are fine. Thank you so much for your warm comment on the tour. It was just the perfect day for you all to see the best of not only Hakone but Arakurayama cherry blossoms festival. We had unexpected encounters like the turtles and April snow. I am so glad to hear that you have enjoyed staying Hakone and the tour and I was really happy to be your guide,too. I wish all happiness to your famil and your parents. Best regards, Hiroko

Brent McArdle


Tour: #431671, Hakone customized tour for The McArdle family on March 23, 2019, Hakone, Japan    
Date: Mar 23/19

Hiroko was a fantastic guide for our family. Not only did she take us around Hakone as planned but she also showed and explained lots of little things on the way that you would miss without a guide. She was informative and friendly. Highly recommended.

TOUR GUIDE RESPONSE: Dear Mr.Brent, Thank you very much for your warm comment on the Hakone tour. I am glad that your family have enjoyed the tour and the days in Hakone. We had unexpected snow on the tour day but it made the day more memorable. I also appreciate your useful comments for my tour, too. I hope that you and your family will stay happy. Thank you so much for everything and I hope to see you all in the future Best regards, Hiroko

Yvonne M.


Tour: #431671, The customized 6 hours Hakone tour for the group of Mr. Bill&Mrs.Patricia, October 18,2018, Hakone, Japan    
Date: Oct 18/18

WE all appreciated your very knowledgable commentary and great enthusiasm. WE had lots to see, but it was an enjoyable itinerary. Thanks again for a great day, even though Mt. Fuji was hiding behind the clouds. Bill,Tricia,Max,Pat,Von,Tim

TOUR GUIDE RESPONSE: Dear Mr.&Ms. Hearter, Thank you so much for your warm comment. I really hope that you had a great cruising holiday and enjoyed the tour. It was disappointing that we could not see Mt. Fuji because of the weather but next time, I hope you all can see it. Thank you very much again and please give my regards to all the tour members. Best regards, Hiroko

Mary Lefaiver

United States

Tour: #431671, Hakone customized tour for Mr.&Mrs.Lefaiver on October 14,2018, Hakone, Japan    
Date: Oct 14/18

We spent a delightful first day in Japan with Hiroko. Not only is Hiroko a lovely person, but she is also fun to spend time with-like a friend you have not met up with in a long time, and are happy to reconnect with! She guided us through the multiple transports in Hakone (we would have likely been lost otherwise) and dotted our tour with cultural commentary, insight, and historical context, which was very appreciated. I wish we could bring her along throughout our journey. Thank you so much, Hiroko!

TOUR GUIDE RESPONSE: Dear Mr.&Mrs. Lefaiver, Thank you very much for your warm and thoughtful comments. I am so glad that you enjoyed the tour in Hakone. I am the one to say thank you for you as it was such a lovely time being with you. The memories we have made yesterday stays forever, making us smiling! You will have great time not only in Japan but wherever you go as you two have great personalities. If you need any help, I am always here to contact you. I hope to see you again. Please keep in touch. Best regards, Hiroko