Traveler Reviews of Private Tours in Bayeux-France by Tour Guide Trevor (Guide #7808)

Bruce Henderson

United States

Tour: #238055, 2 day D-Day tour in upscale sedan for 3 people max., Bayeux, Normandy, France    view tour
Date: Sep 21/17

Trevor provided us with the tour of a lifetime. He gave us non stop information about all of details of the D Day invasion, often with personal drawings he made in the sand of both beaches. He was with us 9 - 10 hours for two days showing us all the the important sites of the many parts of the momentous battles. He made sure that we were in the right place at the right time to avoid the crowds and personally guided us all the way. His passion for the heroes of normandy was truly inspiring!

TOUR GUIDE RESPONSE: Thank you Bruce I'm glad you enjoyed the two days with me it was a pleasure having all 3 of you with me for both days. Best from Normandy, France Trevor S.

Sarann Kraushaar

United States

Tour: #66835, American D-Day Tour from Cherbourg (1-day for 2 people), Cherbourg, Normandy, France    view tour
Date: Apr 29/17

Trevor is passionate about Normandy and WWII. His knowledge is exhaustive and he makes the facts of the June 6, 1944 invasion come to life. His ability to convey what came before and after in Normandy is something one doesn't learn in books. It would be hard to imagine someone who could guide a tour through this area better than Trevor..

TOUR GUIDE RESPONSE: Thank you Sarann, I'm glad that Stan and you enjoyed the tour, I think every American should come once to these powerful sites, because freedom isn't free, it's always paid in blood....

Doug Dechow

United States

Tour: Half Day Private D-Day tour, Bayeux, Normandy, France
Date: Oct 27/16

Trevor was the perfect guide for my family's personalized Normandy tour. His knowledge of and presentation on Omaha Beach and the American Cemetery at Colleville-sur-Mer were first-rate. In addition, this is a monument in Périgny that my family wanted to visit. Trevor arranged for a representative of the town to meet us at the monument, and we received an in-depth description of the monument. Trevor is fluent in French, and he was a fantastic translator. I strongly recommend Trevor as a tour guide.

TOUR GUIDE RESPONSE: Thanks Doug, I always try to do my best to honor the fallen who gave their lives so that we could live in freedom. Regards to your mom (& family members) Best from Normandy Trevor

Pete Rhoten

United States

Tour: #66835, American Sector D-Day Beaches Tour (1-day for 4 people), Bayeux, Normandy, France    view tour
Date: Jul 13/16

Trevor is incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about the Normandy invasion. His presentation is almost scripted and he does not do well with questions or any type of interruption. My recommendation is that he become more interactive with his customers and listen to their questions and provide answers based on those requests rather than his agenda. He did have a tremendous Insight on the Normandy invasion with a number of background stories. Bought lunch but also was asked to do so for him & his wife??

TOUR GUIDE RESPONSE: I'm sorry I forgot to give you the money my wife had prepared for me (for lunch). Do you want me to send it to you? It's not an excuse but I was very very tired I drove 1250 kms the night before I didn't feel like I was giving a great tour. Sorry your experience wasn't a great one. When you keep getting interrupted it's frustating I try cover all questions people ask, if they let me answer them. I give out so much information I lose track of what I'm saying especially if I'm tired.

Andy Royce

98115, WA, United States

Tour: #160398, Shore Excursion from Cherbourg for Andy Royce, Cherbourg, Normandy, France    view tour
Date: May 17/16

This is an excellent tour of area surrounding the allied beaches of Normandy. We thoroughly enjoyed our tour along with the high level of knowledge of events and places of interest from our guide. Our guide was very accommodating and informative of our never ending questions of what transpired in Normandy during the allied invasion of Normandy.

TOUR GUIDE RESPONSE: Thank you very much Andy, I think is it very important what happened here in Normandy despite the years going by. Every American should come once in their lives here to Normandy because Freedom isn't free. I'm glad you came and saw these sights and enjoyed your time with me. Best from Normandy, Trevor S.

Jane S.

United States

Tour: #66835, American Sector D-Day Beaches Tour (1-day for 4 people), Bayeux, Normandy, France    view tour
Date: May 15/16

TOUR GUIDE RESPONSE: Thank you for the rating ! Best, Trevor

Marilyn Dods

New Zealand

Tour: #104738, American Sector D-Day Beaches Tour for Marilyn Dods, Sainte-Mère-Église, France    view tour
Date: Jun 4/15

TOUR GUIDE RESPONSE: Thank you Marylin I'm glad you enjoyed your tour with me.

Russell Lofthouse

United States

Tour: #104738, American Sector D-Day Beaches Tour (1-day for 6 people), Sainte-Mère-Église, France    view tour
Date: Nov 3/14

Trevor was fantastic! A wealth of information and very receptive to our needs. We would highly recommend him to anyone taking a tour of Normandy. One special thing that Trevor did was to draw in the sand of Omaha Beach and illustrate our fight to take the beach. It was very helpful to have a visualization and we appreciate Trevor for that. At the end of our journey Trevor gave us a small booklet it was the first person account of the area during the time of Omaha Beach.

TOUR GUIDE RESPONSE: Thank you Russel it was a pleasure having your wife and you. I wish you plenty of fond memories of Normandy. Those men shall never be forgotten...I'll see to it. Best, Trevor

Andrew Angle

United States

Tour: #66835, American Sector D-Day Beaches Tour for Andrew Angle, Sainte-Mère-Église, France    view tour
Date: Oct 6/14

Trevor is a VERY knowledgeable guide and is well versed on all things as it relates to Operation Overlord and D Day in particular. The information he provided was bountiful and on target. He was very inflexible and did not seem to be particularly interested in the questions we had to ask...actually this was a bit off putting and made our group uncomfortable at times. The tour was on his terms and not our group. We were a private group of 5 and the weather was miserable...some flexibility was needed.

TOUR GUIDE RESPONSE: Sorry your tour was not a great one. If the weather had been better I would have had more flexibility. This is something I will be sure to work on in the future. Yes my style is direct and I sometimes feel it's best I don't answer questions about things I don't know. Thank you for your feedback and giving me the opportunity to improve my services.

Thomas Mclean

United States

Tour: #104740, ThomasMclean American Sector D-Day Beaches Tour (1-day for 8 people), Carentan, France    view tour
Date: Jul 22/14

Outstanding knowledge of Normandy region and D-Day....orderly presentation...aggressive driver.

TOUR GUIDE RESPONSE: Thomas, Wanted to make sure everyone saw as much as possible, glad I could be of assistance. Driving in France is an everyday battle. I always return safely with no casualities from my missions. Best, trevor

Lynne Scarboro

United States

Tour: #66835, American Sector D-Day Beaches Tour (1-day for 4 people), Sainte-Mère-Église, France    view tour
Date: Jul 6/14

This tour was everything we had hoped for and more. Trevor was thorough yet flexible, allowing us to incorporate a stop in a small village where my friend's dad had received the Silver Star during WWII. Trevor was thorough and able to incorporate a tremendous amount of material without making it feel like a forced march. His knowledge and more importantly his passion for the material was informative and inspiring. Lastly, his personal touch with stories of his family's engagement was very special!

TOUR GUIDE RESPONSE: Thank you Lynn, and thank Mike and Denis too, I was glad to have gone off the beaten path for you. Very best from Normandy.

Charles Papp

United States

Tour: D-day beaches from Bayeux/Caen 2014, Bayeux, Normandy, France
Date: Jun 2/14

I was part of a group of 4 who were taken by Trevor to the west side of the Normandy beaches on June 2. The tour was amazing and beyond expectations! Not only was Trevor knowledgeable but he showed us SO many things that were interesting not only to WW2 buffs like myself, but to the beginners in our group. His tour set the standard of excellence for our further planned tours, after his tour, the rest paled in comparison. I can heartily recommend Trevor to all further travelers! Dr Paul Walmsley

TOUR GUIDE RESPONSE: Thank you Charles I was glad to be able to give you a great tour.