Traveler Reviews of Private Tours in Ameland-Netherlands by Tour Guide Jaap d. (Guide #7085)

Tamara L Compton

Silver Spring, MARYLAND, United States

Tour: #145627, Lucas-Warns Ancestry Tour, Emden, Niedersachsen, Germany    view tour
Date: Oct 12/19

Even though Jaap is based in the Netherlands, I wrote to him about a possible ancestral tour of Ostfriesland (Germany) and he willingly agreed to give it a try. "Try" does not even begin to describe the absolutely incredible tour he put together for me. Using my family tree info, he created a wonderful itinerary and a detailed booklet for me to keep; I was amazed at the amount of work he put into this project. I highly recommend him to anyone wanted a personalized experience.

TOUR GUIDE RESPONSE: Thank you very much for your kind words, Tamara. It was a great joy to design this tour for you and to travel through Ostfriesland together. I sincerely hope to meet you again, and discover more Ostfriesian beauty. Or I could show you Groningen and/or Friesland in The Netherlands: different and yet in a lot of respects similar to Ostfriesland.

Donald Bolt

United States

Tour: #145627, Bolt-Hofman Ancestry Tour, Groningen, Netherlands    view tour
Date: May 27/19

Yaap exceeded our expectations, he arranged to pick us up from the hotel in Amsterdam and an unplanned boat ride of Amsterdam harbor that were not a part of our 12 day tour of Belgium/Netherlands. During our time with Yaap, we visited most if not all of the locations where we had Ancestral ties. We visited churches that were attended by out grandparents and great grandparents. He described the social environment in the early 1800's when our ancestors decided to migrate to the United States.

TOUR GUIDE RESPONSE: Hello Donald, thank you for your kind words. It was a pleasure guiding you through your ancestral grounds. Hope to meet you and Carol again. Bye, Jaap

Susan Griffin

United States

Tour: #353579, Frisian Ancestry Tour Susan Griffin (Monsma), Leeuwarden, Netherlands    view tour
Date: May 24/19

He did so much research prior to our visit and stayed in contact right up to tour day. He was prompt in picking us up at our hotel, and had the day very well organized. He even arranged for us to meet and tour with an historian in the village where my grandfather lived. Jaap is a delightful and knowledgeable guide, and we thoroughly enjoyed our lengthy tour with him. He gave us hard copies of our genealogy information and emailed the files so we could share with family members. We highly recommend Jaap.

TOUR GUIDE RESPONSE: Thank you very much for your nice words. It was a pleasure to guide you through Friesland. I hope we will meet again! Jaap

Angela Nickel

United States

Tour: #353579, Dutch ancestry tour: Friesland, Leeuwarden, Netherlands    view tour
Date: May 14/19

Jaap's expertise exceeded our expectations. We were given an excellent tour of Friesland where our ancestors came from. He even arranged a visit with my mom's 4th cousin and they look like family! Amazing! I highly recommend taking a tour with Jaap. The Nickel and Leffrings

TOUR GUIDE RESPONSE: Hello Angela,thank you for your wonderful feedback. And it was nice to see your mother and her cousin together. Really amazing indeed. I will send you the documents very soon. Been very busy with several tours these days, but after tomorrow I have more time. Bye, Jaap

Carl Toren

United States

Tour: #145627, Toren-Teninga Groningen Ancestry Tour, Groningen, Netherlands    view tour
Date: May 13/19

Jaap gave us a wonderful day. He had done all the necessary research on our family background and took us to the various areas over the course of the day. He told us the background of the towns and our family members, as well as some of the cultural context. Jaap was flexible with our requests and able to accommodate some detours because of our interests. I recommend Jaap as a tour guide for anyone who wants to visit the hometowns of their grandparents in Groningen.

TOUR GUIDE RESPONSE: Hello Carl, thank you very much for your nice review and rating. Hope to see you again in the future. Bye, Jaap

David Elzinga

United States

Tour: #353579, Elzinga-Folkertsma Frisian Ancestry Tour, Leeuwarden, Netherlands    view tour
Date: May 5/19

In a word, the tour was excellent. Jaap met us at the train station. In addition to a full slate of activities, Jaap had compiled two notebooks of my ancestors history in Friesland. Jaap is clearly enthusiastic about his work and has an extension knowledge of Friesland and its inhabitants. He was even helpful in giving us suggestions for our next destination, the island of Ameland. If anyone is considering traveling to Friesland to research their ancestors, I strongly recommend contacting Jaap.

TOUR GUIDE RESPONSE: Hello David, thank you very much for your kind words. It was a pleasure guiding you and your family, so for me it was a great day too. Enjoy the rest of your stay at Ameland, and the rest of your holiday. And if possible, try to taste a little bit of Leeuwarden. Bye, Jaap

Kathy McManus

United States

Tour: #145627, Bomers-Poelstra Ancestry Tour Light, Groningen, Netherlands    view tour
Date: May 4/19

Jaap went above and beyond in finding information about my family history and in touring the towns and areas where they lived. We had a great day.

TOUR GUIDE RESPONSE: Hello Kathy, Thank you for your nice rating. Hope we'll meet again in the future. Bye, Jaap

Sophia Martin

United States

Tour: #353579, Jacob de Vries Ancestry Tour, Leeuwarden, Netherlands    view tour
Date: Mar 30/19

WONDERFUL EXPERIENCE!! Jaap went above and beyond to research, plan and then carry out our tour. My expectations were exceeded immensely. Jaap is passionate and is clearly interested in history and ancestry. We could not have had a better experience. I highly recommend his services. We had a once in a lifetime opportunity to explore our ancestors homeland, to walk the streets they walked and to hear from Jaap what life must have looked like for them. Incredible.

TOUR GUIDE RESPONSE: Hi Kevin and Sophia, thanks for your kind words and rating. It was a pleasure to guide you through your Frisian ancestral homegrounds. I hope you'll have a good day in de Keukenhof and I wish you a safe flight home, and happy reunion with the kids. Hope to meet again in the future. Bye, Jaap

Tracy Johnson

United States

Tour: #353579, Tjepkema-De Roo Frisian Ancestry Tour, Leeuwarden, Netherlands    view tour
Date: Mar 26/19

Jaap did a fabulous job preparing for and taking us on an ancestry tour in Frisland! He did a lot of family history research and took us to places where our relatives lived and worked. He surprised us and we met a distant cousin! We also ate at charming restaurants and got a great overview of the Frisian culture. It was a magical day. I highly recommend him, and would definitely use his guiding services again. I can't thank him enough.

TOUR GUIDE RESPONSE: Hello Tracy, thank you very much for your kind words. It was a nice day indeed! And as I told you today, I learned a lot from your family history too!

Arie Van Maren


Tour: #348591, A quiet day in the North, Groningen, Netherlands    view tour
Date: Oct 9/18

Jaap was prompt, courteous, informative and well organized. We had a most enjoyable day and learned a lot about the history of the province of Groningen. I would highly recommend him for a similar tour.

TOUR GUIDE RESPONSE: Beste Arie en Marion, reuze bedankt voor de rating en de bijbehorende tekst. Het was me een waar genoegen om met jullie door het mooie Groninger land te reizen!

Sharon Tiggelaar

United States

Tour: #145627, Groningen ancestry tour: Tiggelaar, Dijk, Evenhuis and Visser, Groningen, Netherlands    view tour
Date: Sep 3/18

Our guide, Jaap, made this tour everything we could have hoped for. He was thorough, professional, and friendly. His itinerary and the paperwork he provided reflected the time and effort he put into his research. He has a passion and love for his job which you can clearly see. Please do not hesitate to book this tour with him. You will not regret it, it was the highlight of our trip!

TOUR GUIDE RESPONSE: Thank you for you kind words Sharon! Hope to meet you all again the future. Moi!

Frederika Jacobson

United States

Tour: #348591, Frederika van der Rijn - Memories Tour, Groningen, Netherlands    view tour
Date: Aug 29/18

We were very pleased with the tours and the tour guide, Jaap. He was excellent and I had a wonderful and nostalgic time . Would not have seen and met so many nice people and places without him!

TOUR GUIDE RESPONSE: Thank you Fredy. And I was very pleased guiding you, and learning a lot of things about my city that I did not yet know. Thank you very much!

Theresa Monsma


Tour: #353579, Frisian Ancestry Tour Theresa Monsma, Leeuwarden, Netherlands    view tour
Date: Aug 21/18

I really appreciated the personalization as to our itinerary and all the information specific to my family that Jaap provided during my custom ancestry tour. Jaap even was able to make contact with the church caretaker in one of the small villages in order to get us access to visit the church. Jaap also prepared several documents for me with more information as to my family history. Thank you Jaap for a wonderful day!

TOUR GUIDE RESPONSE: Thank you very much for your kind words, Theresa!

Lewis Wesselius

United States

Tour: #145627, Dutch ancestry tour: Groningen, Groningen, Netherlands    view tour
Date: Jul 13/18

Excellent experience! Jaap did an outstanding job of researching our family ancestry. He arranged for private tours of churches that our ancestors had attended and also researched the locations of homes and farms that had been in our family. I can't say enough about the thoroughness and diligence of his research work. We learned much more about our ancestry than I expected and the tour will be a life-long memory. This tour exceeded our expectations.

TOUR GUIDE RESPONSE: Thank you very much, Lewis! I will send you the Ancestry Document and Tour Day Document soon. Hope to meet again one day, maybe being able tell you even more about your ancestors. And I sincerely hope that somebody is able to give us more information about the plate you have on your wall, with your 'ancestral home'.

Andy Kerry

United Kingdom

Tour: #348591, Friesians Tour, Stal Sibma in Rottum, Friesland, Heerenveen, Netherlands    view tour
Date: Jun 24/18

Jaap was an excellent guide for us going "Above and beyond" my expectations. Prior to the trip we exchanged many emails while he fine tuned the itinerary to my requirements. The trip was very specific which involved visiting a Friesian horse stable and for my wife to ride there and Jaaps' local knowledge was invaluable being from Friesland himself. We spent a great day with Jaap and the trip was a great success and lived up to all my expectations but also my wife's. Thanks Jaap all the best for the future

TOUR GUIDE RESPONSE: Hello Andy, thank you for your nice words and great rating. This really was a very special tour, in which I learned a lot too ... about horses. It was fantastic to see Michelle commucating with the Friesians. She was clearly fond of them, and they loved her. I very much enjoyed this day!

Phyllis Hall

United States

Tour: #145627, Dutch ancestry tour: Groningen, Groningen, Netherlands    view tour
Date: May 15/18

Jaap exceeded our expectations in every aspect of our tour. He went above and beyond in preparation for the tour and then made sure we enjoyed every minute and answered every question. I wish there were a way to give him a 10 star rating! Thanks again, Jaap, for a fantastic day in Groningen.

TOUR GUIDE RESPONSE: Hello Phyllis, thank you for this very nice rating. It was a great pleasure to tour with you and your sisters through all the places where your ancestors lived. We had a wonderful day!

Eldon Dekkenga

United States

Tour: #145627, Ancestry Tour Dekkenga, Groningen, Netherlands    view tour
Date: Apr 7/18

Jaap was wonderful. He was informed, efficient, flexible, eager to help and a very pleasant personality. Eldon Dekkenga

TOUR GUIDE RESPONSE: Thank you very much Eldon. It was a pleasure to visit your 'homegrounds' with you and Julie. I sincerely hope to meet you again in the future.

Evan Jellesma

United States

Tour: #353579, Ancestry tour Jellesma-Zalmstra, Sint Nicolaasga, Netherlands    view tour
Date: Mar 11/18

Fabulous experience! Jaap's research of our grandfather's history was well beyond of what we expected. Jaap emailed information ahead of time to help us understand who was who in our family history and what motivated many of them to embark on a new life in America. We toured various villages and we enjoyed a wonderful lunch in the town were our grandparents met. Without Jaap's tour we would have missed this unforgettable experience and treasure trove of family history. Highly recommend.

TOUR GUIDE RESPONSE: Thank you Mike and Evan. I loved researching Mike's interesting ancestry and learned a lot from that myself. And it was wonderful to tour with you. Hope we'll meet again some day.

Graham Kingma


Tour: #353579, Frisian ancestry tour Graham Kingma, Leeuwarden, Netherlands    view tour
Date: Jan 21/18

The tour that Jaap created for us was absolutely perfect. His ability to research ancestral roots uncovered things our family did not even know about. He then created a tour that included incredible experiences linked to the important milestones in our family history. I sincerely appreciate the work that Jaap put into the planning of the tour. It was the best experience I have ever had. We would highly recommend Jaap for your Friesland experience!!

TOUR GUIDE RESPONSE: Thank you very much for your kind words Graham. It was an honor for me to guide you through your rich and interesting Frisian family history.

Stanley Reese

United States

Tour: #353579, Friesland tour Stanley Reese - Sneek and Leeuwarden, Leeuwarden, Netherlands    view tour
Date: Oct 20/17

Knowledgeable, informative and personable guide made the tour a most enjoyable experience. Introducing us to the local Oranjekoek was a treat.

TOUR GUIDE RESPONSE: Hello Stanley, thank you for five stars. It was a great pleasure to guide you and your wife and son. And it was great to find out that the Witte Kat is still alive ....

James Sinnema

United States

Tour: Groningen by bike, Groningen, Netherlands
Date: Jun 29/17

Very informative tour enjoyed by ages 9 - 46.

TOUR GUIDE RESPONSE: Thanks again for your rating and comment Jim. It was a great pleasure to do this, with such a nice group. I hope you will have a good time in and around The Hague and during all the rest of your holiday! And I wish you a save flight home next week.

James Sinnema

United States

Tour: #145627, Ancestry tour James Sinnema, Groningen, Netherlands    view tour
Date: Jun 26/17

This tour was exceptionally interesting and fun for our group of 10,ages 9 - 73.

TOUR GUIDE RESPONSE: Hello Jim, Jan and all the others. Thank you for your kind words and very nice rating. Looking forward to seeing you next Thursday.

Laura Power

United States

Tour: #145627, Ancestry tour Friesland, Groningen, Drenthe, Leeuwarden, Netherlands    view tour
Date: May 8/17

Jaap was a wonderful, informative and patient guide. He provided everything we had asked for and then some more. We were thrilled with the whole day, it could not have gone better. Thank you Jaap and Tours by locals.

TOUR GUIDE RESPONSE: Hello Laura and Christina, Thank you for your feedback. It was a great pleasure guiding you, and Herre, the local historian of Berlikum, totally agrees with that. It was amazing in how much detail we could go back in your family history!

Jan Van Prooyen

United States

Tour: #145627, Ancestry tour Van Prooijen, Groningen, Netherlands    view tour
Date: Apr 30/17

Jaap provided a wonderful tour of Groningen, NL and surroundings over two days. He did a large amount of research prior to the trip to align with our specific requests. We had taken five other private tours in Europe this year. This was far and away the best tour of all. He researched our family history, took us to places where our family had lived, and provided wonderful insight into local history. We were very lucky to find such a fine person to teach us about Groningen and the Netherlands.

TOUR GUIDE RESPONSE: Hello Jan, thank you very much for your reference. I very much appreciate that. It was a great honor to guide you through our beautiful province and to find you some relatives in Groningen.

Jennifer D.

United States

Tour: #145627, Ancestry tour De Vries and Meijer/Hoving in Groningen, Groningen, Netherlands    view tour
Date: Apr 28/17

Jaap was a delight to work with. His research on my family history exceeded my expectations. His communication with me was excellent and it was a pleasure to tour with him. Jaap provided history of area that really brought my ancestors stories to light. I learned a lot and enjoyed this tour.

TOUR GUIDE RESPONSE: Hello Jennifer, thank you for your very generous feedback. It was a pleasure to dive into your comprehensive Groningen family history, that led us to all corners of the province of Groningen. By doing the research for you and your mother I learned a lot of new things about emigration from Groningen, and about the lives the 'Groningers' led in Chicago. And I really loved the beautiful document of Izebrand Meyer!

Pat Faber


Tour: #145627, Roots descendants Faber/Broekstra in Groningen and Friesland, Groningen, Netherlands    view tour
Date: Apr 25/17

Very organized, flexible and accomodating. Communication prior to and during tour easy and friendly.

TOUR GUIDE RESPONSE: Hello Pat, thank you for your nice feedback. It was fun to drive you and your family members along the borders of Groningen and Friesland, meeting relatives and visiting the places your ancestors have lived, especially Fransum and Kollumerpomp. Visiting the working farm was a wonderful experience. My name may be 'De Boer', but I learned a lot about farming over there in Kommerzijl. Really, Greetje and I had a great day with your nice group.