Traveler Reviews of Private Tours in Northern-Ethiopia by Tour Guide Melese A. (Guide #5270)

Dev Fraser


Tour: #61035, Discover the Historic North of Ethiopia in your Private 10 Days tour..., Bahir Dar, Ethiopia    view tour
Date: Feb 3/19

Melese is a wonderful guide for touring Ethiopia. His English is good, his understanding is excellent. He listened to us and was able to adjust along the way to make our trip even better. He arranged very good drivers and vehicles. His suggestions for hotels and restaurants also very good. We asked a lot about current Ethiopian affairs and he helped us get a bit of an understanding about this amazing country. We loved our tour with Melese and highly recommend him.

TOUR GUIDE RESPONSE: Dear , Dev And Wendy Fraser Thank you for taking the time to write your review , your comments are very much valued .Your feedback means a lot with all your experience with travel and expertise in the field of tourism . so glad you both enjoyed it so much - I did too! I am always so happy to create experiences for people and it makes my day to know that I exceeded your expectations. Do come back again and we will try other part of Ethiopia . Melese ,

Marilyn Story

United States

Tour: 7 Days tour , The Historic North Ethiopia , private Tour For Marilyn Story, Bahir Dar, Ethiopia
Date: Oct 10/17

Melese handled well the driver arrangements, getting to hotels, and to a restaurant in each city. He was quiet and only responded briefly to questions. He knew English but was somewhat hard to understand and confused some vocabulary, perhaps accounting for his limited conversations. His services made the trip much easier than if I had traveled alone.

TOUR GUIDE RESPONSE: Dear Marilyn Kindly , Thank you very much for your candid review of your recent tour to Ethiopia . I appreciate that you have enjoyed your visit . Your feedback is extremely valuable to me , as I strive to improve with each and every comments . I greatly appreciate your comments about aspects of my English vocabulary which I didn't hear from my previous clients . I would like to apologize for all inconveniences. I am quite some times , to plan for our next move & specially your health conditions .

Michael Pierson

Ypailanti, MI, United States

Tour: #60601, Bahir Dar, Bahir Dar, Ethiopia    view tour
Date: Nov 8/16

Great tour with a very good guide. If you are visiting Bahir Dar you can not do better than Melese as your guide.


Eran Yalon


Tour: #61035, The Historic North ,from the dawn of civilisation and has a 3000 years old history, Bahir Dar, Ethiopia    view tour
Date: Oct 16/16

Melese is a friendly guide. everything work by the schedule The tour was very interesting. WE ask Melese to prepare the group with more details of whats going next, weather condition,how much water to take, shouse are necessary or sandals are o.k


Dana E.

United Kingdom

Tour: #39570, Lake Tana Monastery, Bahir Dar, Ethiopia    view tour
Date: May 8/16

Had a lovely day with Melese. He was very flexible and catered a tour to my availability. And he was really friendly and knowledgeable and made sure that the tour was comfortable and enjoyable.


Ritva Nummiora


Tour: Explore Northern Highylands of ethiopia, Gondar, Ethiopia
Date: Dec 23/15

Our 4 day tour of Lake Tana Monasteries, Gonder and a day trip to the Simien Mountais was a very good introduction to Ethiopia. Our local guide Melese was extremely helpful in all matters and accommodated us well with our special wishes. He continued to be friendly and cheerful even when we needed medical assistance! Also the long drives on roads filled with people, animals and potholes were well managed by our excellent and safe van driver! We can recommend this tour as an intro to life outside of AA

Gwendoline M Mandac

United States

Tour: #61035, The Historic North ,from the dawn of civilisation and has a 3000 years old history, Bahir Dar, Ethiopia    view tour
Date: Nov 4/14

Exceptional value for money and exceptional guide who made sure that everything ran smoothly. Absolutely the best way to go, rather than with a group...we were three, rather ancient, but still reasonably-active, female friends, all of whom had lived in Ethiopia before and knew what we wanted to see and do. This tour fit our plans to a "T." Thank you, Melese, and our thanks, too, to both of our very expert and able drivers who kept us safe. Ethiopia holds a special place in our hearts...

Alison Halsey

United States

Tour: #76311, Alison Halsey - The northern historical route, Bahir Dar, Ethiopia    view tour
Date: Jun 5/14

We had a great time with Melese. He set us up with very knowledgeable local guides and was always nearby if we needed guidance. The trip was a good mix of touring, exploring on our own, and relaxing. If we asked to visit something,(like local markets) Melese arranged it, and at every airport there was someone there with my name on a card. We had a great journey through the history of Ethiopia thanks to Melese.

TOUR GUIDE RESPONSE: Thank you for your comment !

Christopher Moga

United States

Tour: #60678, explore Northern Histouric Route of ethiopia, Bahir Dar, Ethiopia    view tour
Date: Mar 12/14

A fantastic tour. Melese is actually from Bahir Dar and knew every nook and cranny around the place. Not only did he show me the usual sites (monasteries, Blue Nile falls, etc.) but he helped with post cards, obtaining cash, and reserved a couple hotel rooms to boot! He also tailored the tour to special interests of mine such as medicine and military history. Your money is very, very well spent if you purchase this tour. I would unequivocally do it again.


Peter O'Toole


Tour: #61035, Privat tour for Peter O'Toole, Bahir Dar, Ethiopia    view tour
Date: Nov 12/13

My tour with Meleese was one of the most remarkable experiences of my life. I got to see the most beautiful sights, meet the most wonderful people and gain insights into Ethiopia that I could never have imagined. Meleese was the key to it all. His depth of knowledge where required was great, his choice of local guides was as good and his organizational ability made sure that even occasional bumps were smoothed out. I would recommend Meleese without hesitation.

TOUR GUIDE RESPONSE: Dear Peter Thank you for your Recommendations ! Regards melese