Traveler Reviews of Private Tours in Shiraz-Iran by Tour Guide Feri (Guide #4165)

Noriati Tuan


Tour: #203946, Best of Shiraz - a full day private tour, Shiraz, Iran    view tour
Date: Feb 20/19

We had our shiraz tour made to measured to suit our limited time in Shiraz . Mr Feri greeted us at the airport and we hit the road for our tour soon after . Throughout our trip Mr Feri make sure we are comfortable and friendly . He is a professional tour guide packed with all historical detail of all the places we visited . I am awed with his wealth of information on all historical events and able to entertain all of my questions. We will definitely recommend Mr Feri's tour service to our friends.

TOUR GUIDE RESPONSE: Thanks a lot Mrs Noriati. I hope to meet you again in Iran.

Hoi yan Ko

Hong Kong

Tour: #46802, Persepolis-Necrapolis-Pasargadae-different-tour-in-2-days, Shiraz, Iran    view tour
Date: Feb 10/19

We thoroughly enjoyed our trip with Feri. He is patient and thoughtful. He brought us an unique experience. It is enjoyable to listen to so many stories in each place. Also, the food in the village!!! They were amazing. Thanks to his professional guide. We had a fantastic time here!! Thanks, Hoi yan

TOUR GUIDE RESPONSE: You are most welcome! See you again in Iran!

Michael Pani


Tour: #199433, Exploring Iran in 18 days, Shiraz, Iran    view tour
Date: Apr 22/18

I can wholeheartedly recommend Feri. He showed my parents (in their mid 70s) around Iran. Very knowledgeable, extremely pleasant character, very considerate and very well organized. My parents were delighted and the process of jointly planning the trip with Feri was very smooth.

Magnus Nytun


Tour: #46802, Persepolis-Necrapolis-Pasargadae-different-tour-in-2-days, Shiraz, Iran    view tour
Date: Apr 20/18

Feri is very skilled tour guide. He has excellent knowledge about the past and present history of Iran, he is accommodating and very friendly. We took the 2 day Persepolis-Necrapolis-Pasargadae tour which we strongly recommend. We wanted to extend the trip, and Feri arranged a very interesting and delightful trip to visit Nomads, living with their animals like they have always done for literally thousands of years. We give Feri our best recommendations.

Aurel Cepoi


Tour: #46437, Iran Civilization and Culture tour in 14 days, Shiraz, Iran    view tour
Date: Apr 1/18

We've made a wise decision to go with a local person as a guide in our tour as Feraidoon not only has extensive knowledge about his country, people and sites. He also gave us insights into local traditions, ways of communication and customs of Iran. Our guide's flexibility and willingness to help made it possible to modify our last couple of days and make the most of our 2 weeks in Iran.

Marhamah Ahmad


Tour: #29447, Firuzabad: history, nature and nomad tour, Shiraz, Iran    view tour
Date: Dec 6/17

Feraidoon is a really friendly and helpful tour guide. It really feels comfortable to talk with him and have a good laugh. He also is really knowledgable about the historical places in Iran and knows alot of good places to go too. He is passionate about what he is doing and I would totally recommend him as a tour guide.

Christophe Catanzano


Tour: #46570, Iran Eco Tours, Shiraz, Iran    view tour
Date: Nov 26/17

Feri is a very knowledgeable guide on Iran history and culture. He tooks us to great places especially to a wonderful nomad family where we spent the night and had a memorable experience. He adapts well to the situation and is a great character. We highly recommend Feri for your next trip in Iran. Christophe & Kana (Tokyo)

Joss P.

United Kingdom

Tour: #199433, Exploring Iran in 17 days, Shiraz, Iran    view tour
Date: Nov 3/17

We highly recommend Feri as guide; he is exceptionally knowledgeable on history, culture and social affairs, he was tireless and payed meticulous attention to detail, always striving for the best possible experience. His adventurous spirit and curiosity contributed massively to making our Iranian adventure an unforgettable holiday. Feri helped us personalise our itinerary so that we got the absolute maximum out of the trip and filled every day with highlights.

Anthony Warren


Tour: #199433, Exploring Iran in 16 days, Tehran, Iran    view tour
Date: Oct 13/17

Feri is very knowledgeable about all aspects of Iran. He was more than a guide more like a companion.We had the best trip with a guide that we have ever had over a 40 year period. There is nothing negative about his role as a guide and translator that we can think of. Our 17 days covered most of the historical site with a good dose of Persian culture.we stared out not knowing each other and ended as friends. We would not hesitate to recommend Feri to anyone. Anthony Warren and Judi Price Australia

TOUR GUIDE RESPONSE: Thanks Tone and Judi. It was a great journey with lots of things to share! Hope to see you again, Feri

Gabriele Minacapilli


Tour: #46802, Persepolis-Necrapolis-Pasargadae-nomad-tour, Shiraz, Iran    view tour
Date: Oct 8/17

Feri is a very kind person. He knows a lot on history and cultural facts of Iran. Besides, he helped me with booking my staying in other cities. Moreover, he was always there if I needed any sort of helps. He definitely contributed in having an amazing trip to Iran. I strongly suggest him for people of all ages and every kind of tour. Gabriele

Lionel Joyce

New Zealand

Tour: #199433, Exploring Iran in 17 days, Shiraz, Iran    view tour
Date: Mar 27/17

Feri was very knowledgeable about Iranian history, geography and local customs. He was a very good and considerate driver and flexible in his arrangements so that we could vary our plans according to our energy levels or interests. He was prepared to go beyond the norms if he thought of something else that might interest us. Feri had an excellent command of English but encouraged our attempts at Farsi. I would thoroughly recommend Feri to anyone. My wife and myself are both energetic late 60's.

Alix Moi


Tour: #46513, 15 days adventure in Iran - Armenia, Shiraz, Iran    view tour
Date: Sep 9/16

Excellent and very professional guide (i am not using those words lightly) with extensive knowledge on Persian History. Feri is a carefull driver, having a recent, large and comfortable sedan car. furthermore, Feri have an infinite patience. Tour have been changed / adapted on day to day basis according our mood. His connections helped on this matter to get last minutes hotels. We spend good time in Iran & Armenia, and would like warmly recommend Feri.

TOUR GUIDE RESPONSE: Alix and Debra, you are great travellers, kind and eager to learn. Hope you a great life with every day luck. Thank you for visiting Iran :-)

Verene Kutter


Tour: #199433, Exploring Iran in 17 days, Shiraz, Iran    view tour
Date: Apr 23/16

The trip with Feri was beautiful, he covered everything that I wanted to see what I was looking for. No mountain too high to climb for him to photograph the desired flowers.Really great!

TOUR GUIDE RESPONSE: Thank you Verene. I learnt a lot from you. You are a great person.

James Williams


Tour: #46437, Iran in 11 days (Shiraz, Yazd, Esfahan, Abyaneh, Kashan), Shiraz, Iran    view tour
Date: Aug 23/15

I went on an 11 day tour of Iran with Feri and he was excellent. He has a broad knowledge of national and local cultures, was easy to get along with and very respectful. This was probably the best holiday I have ever had, taking I to consideration the tour, the Iranian culture and it's people. I strongly recommend Feri to you.

TOUR GUIDE RESPONSE: James, you are really nice person and I wish to meet you again here in Iran or anywhere! With best and warm regards Feri

Tim O'Neill

United Arab Emirates

Tour: Esfahan-Shiraz Tour, Shiraz, Iran
Date: Oct 24/14

Feraidoon was an excellent guide during our recent tour to Shiraz and Esfahan. He looked after our family superbly well, and drove us safely and professionally throughout our trip. Feraidoon is a very nice person to travel with. He is knowledgeable, enthusisatic and highly reliable. His help and advice greatly increased our enjoyment of Iran, which is a fantastic country to experience. Thank you again feraidoon - we hope to meet you again one day.

TOUR GUIDE RESPONSE: I also enjoyed traveling with Tim and his nice family and learned something in my real life. In my point of view, every tour is a unique experience and this trip was different from all other tours I had before. Thank you O'Neill family for being kind and helpful in the tour. Hope you meet again. I must rate you as 5 stars travelers!