Traveler Reviews of Private Tours in Nosy-Be-Island-Madagascar by Tour Guide Ravo (Guide #3863)

Roseanne Harrison


Tour: #90375, For Roseanne, Madagascar Tour B to see many lemurs and trekking, Antananarivo, Madagascar    view tour
Date: Dec 17/19

Rav was a fantastic guide, he made us feel safe and welcoming to his country. He was extremely informative and knowledgeable and we enjoyed an credible tour with him.

TOUR GUIDE RESPONSE: Dear Roseanne, David, Poppy, Beatrice, thanks so much. It was a great pleasure to show you my beautiful country and it was a great pleasure too to be with you during all this time. Success, good health and happiness to all of you. And I wish you a Happy New Year 2020. Ravo.Madagascar

Richard Moore


Tour: #153963, For Laura and Richard : Madagascar Tour for Birdwatching, Antananarivo, Madagascar    view tour
Date: Oct 16/19

We have just returned to Canada after our 16 day tour with Ravo. To be expected, this trip was exhausting given the fact that both of us were over 80 years of age, the itinerary was modified to some extent. Ravo was a very accommodating guidr, looking after our concern, and providing us with plenty of information about the country. We would recommend him to any person(s) visiting Madagascar. Thanks Ravo

TOUR GUIDE RESPONSE: Thanks a lot Dear Laura and Dick. Good health to you and happiness during all your life. God bless you. Ravo.Madagascar

Kara Beattie

New Zealand

Tour: #90375, Madagascar 7 days Tour A for Kara for palms, animals, photography, etc., Antananarivo, Madagascar    view tour
Date: Oct 9/19

I couldn't have been more pleased with my tour. Ravo and Johary were excellent. When I first contacted Ravo, I told him about my interest in plants, especially palms and he organised places for me to.visit. I mentioned also that I like music and he put together a collection of Malagasy songs. They both have a wonderful sense of as well as knowing their country very well. I can't recommend them highly enough. Absolutely deserve 5 out of 5 And more

TOUR GUIDE RESPONSE: It was a very great pleasure for Johary and for me Kara. Thanks so much to you !!! Happiness in your life ; for you and for your descendants ; especially for ... one of your grand-daughter. God bless you ! Ravo.Madagascar

Iain Bennett

New Zealand

Tour: #31030, Madagascar, Antananarivo and surrounding - one day tour, Antananarivo, Madagascar    view tour
Date: Apr 27/19

TOURSBYLOCALS RESPONSE: ToursByLocals is committed to 5-Star tour experiences and we appreciate any learning opportunity to improve the quality of the service we offer our customers. We take all feedback seriously and have, as always, attempted to clarify with our customer why this tour experience appears to have fallen below our guides’ normal high standards.

Ruth Haley

United States

Tour: #90375, Madagascar Tour A for Ruth as per your request - Accomodation in Extra Cost, Antananarivo, Madagascar    view tour
Date: Apr 12/19

My husband and I recently were accompanied by Ravo for 10 days in Madagascar. Ravo arranged our itinerary, transportation, and accommodations at our request. When we wished to make adjustments along the way he responded promptly and made changes to suit our preferences. The country was beautiful, the lemurs a delight and the places we stayed were lovely. We took the train ride and had a highly authentic experience. We are very pleased and can highly recommend Ravo—but try to stay longer!!

TOUR GUIDE RESPONSE: Thanks so much Dear Ruth and Steve. Happiness and good health for you and for your family, cheers. Ravo.Madagascar

Susan Stempel

United States

Tour: #90375, Madagascar nature Tour A for Susan and Vidya, Antananarivo, Madagascar    view tour
Date: Mar 7/19

Ravo put together a tour based on the number of days we had and the things we wanted to see. We were amazed at the baobabs, lemurs, and the land. We had nice clean places to stay and our food was tasty and safe. Ravo was kind and helpful and found amazing great guides for our night walks and morning walks.

TOUR GUIDE RESPONSE: Happiness and Good Health for you and for your family during your life Susan and Vidya. Thank you very much. Ravo.Madagascar. God bless you.

Sidhanth Gopishetty

Hong Kong

Tour: #90375, Madagascar Tour D for Sid as per your request, Antananarivo, Madagascar    view tour
Date: Feb 2/19

Ravo was a very friendly tour guide with good knowledge of the flora and fauna of Madagascar. He was very accommodating and willing to be very flexible with our travel plans. His choice of restaurants and hotels were great too. Special shout out to Bari too who was a fantastic and safe driver throughout our trip. I would highly recommend Ravo as a personal tour guide for anyone visiting Madagascar. Our trip went off extremely smooth with ZEIO hiccups. We were also lucky to spot rare lemurs & great weather

TOUR GUIDE RESPONSE: Thank you VERY MUCH Sid and Arjun. ALL best to you for your life : good health, happiness and success. It was a great pleasure to know you. Thanks. Ravo

Tulsi Panchal

United Kingdom

Tour: #68059, Tour D for Tulsi, the North part of Madagascar, Nosy Be Island, Madagascar    view tour
Date: Sep 4/18

Ravo was an amazing tour guide! He was fun, informative and really friendly. We were 2 girls travelling and we felt really safe touring Madagascar with Rav, and our driver Felix. Everything was well organised and he was very flexible when we changed the timing of the tour, we would highly recommend Ravo! Rav for president!

TOUR GUIDE RESPONSE: Dear Tulsi and Jeminee, thank's so much !!! It was a GREAT pleasure ! If you are satisfied, I'm happy, thank you. We prepare now the secund tour of our presidential election ( on December 19th ), so for 'Rav for president' let's wait 5 years again ;-) I prefer to be not 'president' to guide you again if one day you come back to Madagascar ;-) All best to you. Kindest regards, Ravo.Madagascar

Laurie Friedman

United States

Tour: #90375, Madagascar Tour K for Laurie, The Pangalanes Canal, Antananarivo, Madagascar    view tour
Date: Aug 24/18

I had a few extra days after a Madagascar tour, and booked a three-day tour with Ravo. He was very responsive to my many emails, and suggested an excellent 3-day trip to the east of Madagascar, where we visited an interesting village on the Pangalanes Canal and saw lemurs, including the Aye-Aye. He developed a good trip within my budget. He also visited me at my hotel when I first arrived in Tana to get acquainted. My only hesitation is that Ravo speaks good English, but it could be a little better.

Sally Abbott Smith


Tour: #31030, Madagascar Tour C for Sally, to discover the South, Antananarivo, Madagascar    view tour
Date: May 17/18

Ravo is a very conscientious and serious guide. His English was adequate and his organising skills very good. Ravo was always very concerned for our welfare and the very local guides he used were very knowledgable about the fauna and flora of their area. We had a very interesting and enjoyable tour of the Southern part of Madagascar.

TOUR GUIDE RESPONSE: Waow Sally ! What a very good surprise for me to have news from you :) Thank you for ALL. Thank you for your trust and thank you for your kindness. All best to you in your life, and if you can find friends or family who want to visit Madagascar one day thank you to give them my address by - Kindest regards - Ravo.Madagascar

Heidi Brandstadt


Tour: #39758, Madagascar Tour A for Heidi, hotels included, Antananarivo, Madagascar    view tour
Date: Apr 30/18

Ravo was excellent from the moment we started booking our Madagascar trip until he dropped us off at the airport in Tana. He was prompt with his emails while we were trying to book the trip and was attentive, informative, funny and kind while we were travelling. We jam packed a lot of travel for 2 weeks but he was able to set up an itinerary and take care of our needs without any issues. We thoroughly enjoyed our trip and were enthralled with the culture and beauty of Madagascar, all thanks to Ravo.

TOUR GUIDE RESPONSE: Thank's a lot Heidi. I'm happy that you are satisfied. All best to you and to Lee and to Nathanaël. Happiness and peace be to you. Ravo.Madagascar

Michelle Carter

South Africa

Tour: #31030, Antananarivo overview and it's Queen's Palace, for Michelle, Antananarivo, Madagascar    view tour
Date: Dec 18/17

Ravi was nice, accomodating and informative.

TOUR GUIDE RESPONSE: OK I understand, thank you ;-) Usually I have it except during just a one-day-tour like yours but I will take it next time ;-) Have a MERRY CHRISTMAS ;-) Ravo.Madagascar

Peggy Alvarez

United States

Tour: #31030, Madagascar, Antananarivo one day City and surroundings Private Tour, Antananarivo, Madagascar    view tour
Date: Oct 14/17

Ravo did a fine job and we were very satisfied with his services. I would rate it five stars out of five possible. We enjoyed both the drive out to the Lemur rehab place and observing the lemurs themselves. After lunch, we also had a chance to see the queen's royal palace and a stop at a very large market. Both he and the driver were very courteous and helpful.

TOUR GUIDE RESPONSE: Thank you very much Dear Franck and Peggy. As I've told you : I wish you an excellent continuation and health and happiness. Ravo

Peter Walmsley

United Kingdom

Tour: 8 days Tour E, The North of Madagascar for Peter, Antananarivo, Madagascar
Date: Sep 21/17

Madagascar is not the easiest country to visit as the quality of transport, restaurants and hotels is not well developed. Within these constraints however Ravo's knowledge of the country and his network of contacts enabled him to book the best facilities in each area we visited and deal with the unexpected. He is very friendly with good English and excellent French language skills. We certainly feel that we got to see everything we wanted to see and to gain a very good appreciation of the country.

TOUR GUIDE RESPONSE: That's true ! Thanks a lot for ... ALL Peter and Jolanta ! I wish you an excellent continuation in South Africa and during ALL your life ( good health and happiness ). Bye, Ravo.Madagascar

Preslav Bobev


Tour: #39758, Madagascar Tour A for Preslav, Antananarivo, Madagascar    view tour
Date: Sep 14/17

Ravo is an excellent and very knowledgeable guide. Added to his extremely friendly and easy going personality it makes for the best experience. He had a well prepared plan for my trip and didn't mind to modify by my last minute request. Very punctual and professional, he will make sure that you have nothing to think about, but to enjoy your trip and adventure. He made sure that I will see all major attractions within the geographical range my time could cover and of course the budget I had. Thank you!

TOUR GUIDE RESPONSE: Dear Preslav. It was a short time but very intense ;-) Thank you very much for your Rating ! All best to you. Now, I will remember how are Bulgarian people ;-) Ravo - ToursByLocals private tour guide in Madagascar

Lorna Sargeant


Tour: Madagascar Tour A for Lorna - With accomodation, Antananarivo, Madagascar
Date: Aug 29/17

Ravo is an experienced tour guide. His English is excellent, as is his knowledge of country, flora and fauna. He employed an excellent driver with a well-maintained 4x4 vehicle. Very poor infrastructure in Madagascar means driving times between points of interest and accommodation can be extremely challenging. Planning an extended trip requires research including consideration of air charters, and level of accommodation acceptable to potential visitors. There is much to see and the wildlife is unique.

TOUR GUIDE RESPONSE: Dear Lorna and Alan. Happy to hear from you. Thank you for all your usefull advices. Best regards, Ravo.Madagascar

Aftab C.

Orange Park, FL, United States

Tour: #90375, Tour A for Aftab to see maximum lemurs species in Madagascar - With accomodation, Antananarivo, Madagascar    view tour
Date: Jul 29/17

great trip Ravo was very helpful i would definitely recommend him as a guide his local knowledge is great

TOUR GUIDE RESPONSE: Thanks Aftab and Kara. Ravo.Madagascar

Aprelle Richardson


Tour: #39758, Tour B for Aprelle to see wildlife in evergreen rainforest, Antananarivo, Madagascar    view tour
Date: Apr 8/17

Wow! What an amazing experience. We were greeted at the airport, before heading off to Andasibe, where we stayed for for 2 nights. Our first day was spent with our Tours By Locals tour guide, Ravo, and a local who guided us around the forest in search for wild lemurs. Our tour was successful, within 10 minutes of the trek we had spotted our first group, and saw many more throughout the day. The private lemur park was also amazing. Ravo was friendly, informative and we always felt safe. Highly recommend!

TOUR GUIDE RESPONSE: Thank you very much Aprelle. And thank you for your information about the visa, only payable in US dollars ( I didn't know it ). About the hotel details too. I note them. I wish you a very good year 2017, happiness and very good health. Kindest regards, Ravo.Madagascar

Joanna Kulis

United States

Tour: #124779, Tour B for Joanna to see the BEST of Madagascar, Antananarivo, Madagascar    view tour
Date: Nov 14/16

Ravo was an excellent guide, very knowledgeable, honest and fully dedicated. You can tell that he loves his country and puts his whole heart in what he is doing. Whatever complication happened during the trip he could solve it with an ease.He was able to take us to all the places from our wishlist and where other guides said that it was impossible for Ravo was possible.He has a great sense of humor. We can easily say that he became our friend. He is the best because he really loves what he is doing.

TOUR GUIDE RESPONSE: Dear Joanna and Kamil, Thank you VERY MUCH !!! I wish you always very good health, happiness and success in your life. And ... God bless you ! Ravo ( and Gaston our driver ), Madagascar

Terri Evans

Nanaimo, BC, Canada

Tour: 7 days tour to see maximum lemurs species - Tour D for Terri Evans, Antananarivo, Madagascar
Date: Oct 19/16

Ravo was an incredible guide and a genuinely nice person. My arrival was not without hiccups as my bag did not arrive with me, but Ravo was most helpful and knowledgeable about how the airport system works that I did not concern myself with it. We had a schedule and I left the airport bagless, but unconcerned. I picked it up on my way out of the country a week later. There was nothing that Ravo did not think of as we traveled and my list of experiences was completely met! 100%. I highly recommend Ravo!

TOUR GUIDE RESPONSE: Thank you very much Dear Terri :) Love, happiness and peace be with you ! God bless you !

Dave Mcglade

United Kingdom

Tour: #39758, Three days Tour A for Maria for Wildlife and history, Antananarivo, Madagascar    view tour
Date: Aug 10/16

Madagascar airlines continually changed times and even days but Ravo did an excellent job of correcting for this. My main negative is that Ravo could have done a better job of making sure we had cash, as we were under the impression we could pay for hotels by visa, which we couldn't. Fortunately we happened to have enough, but we could easily have been without enough to pay for the hotel. That is why I gave 4 stars not 5.

Patrick A.

United States

Tour: #124779, Tour B for Patrick With accomodation, Antananarivo, Madagascar    view tour
Date: May 18/16

Ravo guided my two adult children and me through western Madagascar, including the Tsingy de Bemaraha National Park. He is an excellent guide. He is honest, reliable, knowledgeable and personable, and he makes the desires of his clients a priority. His driver was also excellent. There were a number of times when we wanted to depart from the scheduled itinerary, and on each occasion Ravo and his driver were accommodating. Ravo truly "goes the extra mile" for his clients.

TOUR GUIDE RESPONSE: Thanks so much Pat. Thanks a lot Rebecca and Patrick. God bless you. Happiness, success and Good Health in your life. Ravo - ToursByLocals private tour guide in Madagascar

Chris E.

United States

Tour: #31030, Antananarivo walking Tour B for Chris, Antananarivo, Madagascar    view tour
Date: Apr 7/16

My your guide was Rav. I cannot imagine a better way to utilize a day in Tana than by allowing Rav to walk with you through the town he has known and loved for many years. I wasn't interested in animals or tree,. I wanted to learn the culture. We saw markets, the palace on the hill, ate at a Malagasy restaurant...could not have been better constructed. Don't wander around like a tourist...get Rav to teach you all about his Tana!

TOUR GUIDE RESPONSE: Again pleased to meet you and to know you Chris. I'm happy that you were satisfied. Probably all guides from ToursByLocals are good ? God bless you and your family. Thanks a lot Chris

Vasili Mladinov

United States

Tour: 13 days nature and animals Tour C for Vasili, Antananarivo, Madagascar
Date: Feb 25/16

It was great tour. 2 weeks 4000km. I did see everything that I wanted and even more. The waterfall in North was one of the best I ever saw. Thank you Ravo for perfect organization of my tour.

TOUR GUIDE RESPONSE: Thanks a lot Vasili. Thanks a lot for your Rating. And thanks a lot to have come in Madagascar in ... March. I'm sure you will inform your relatives about the beauty of my country. All best to you.

Todd Egan

United States

Tour: Madagascar, a special offer for Lynnette Family, Tour E, Antananarivo, Madagascar
Date: Dec 21/15

Highly recommended. Flawless trip. Ravo is a friendly and very knowledgeable guide ... great communication from our initial contact through trip planning to discussing our daily itinerary. We couldn't be happier and we can't wait to go back.

TOUR GUIDE RESPONSE: Sorry Todd, Lynette and Fin, I've just seen now your Rating. I'm very glad to hear from you and very glad that you've appreciated your tour with ToursByLocals and with me. Thank you very much for this Rating and ... all best to you especially to Fin ;-) Ravo, Madagascar

Brian Jones


Tour: #90375, Only 8 days tour to see maximum lemurs species - With accomodation, Antananarivo, Madagascar    view tour
Date: Jun 24/15

The tour all went smoothly and as planned. Ravo was very clear about expenses and there were no nasty surprises. He also gave us, prior to our arrival, an accurate estimation of extra costs. He always put our wishes first, and ensured that we were well looked after everywhere we stayed. Dede is a good and competent driver who deals very well with some very poor roads; he is helpful and knowledgable. All in all a wonderful experience and we look forward to their company in the future.

TOUR GUIDE RESPONSE: Thanks a lot Brian & Linda. Thank you from the beginning till the end : the ambiance, your understanding etc. Have a very good health & God bless you ! Ravo ( and Dede )

Chris J.

United States

Tour: Madagascar, 14 days nature, lemurs and villages tour-E for Chris, Antananarivo, Madagascar
Date: Oct 13/14

Our trip with Ravo was excellent throughout the planning process & all through the trip. We researched tours so we knew where & what we wanted to do & see. Ravo worked with us so we got the tour we wanted. We were also happy with the additions we made based on his suggestions. Ravo was very knowledgeable & personable. We were very pleased with our driver Dede. We always felt safe riding with Dede-he is an excellent driver & also very personable. We would highly recommend Ravo as a guide & Dede as a driver

TOUR GUIDE RESPONSE: Dear Chris & Mike, Thank a lot for all. It was a great pleasure to know you and to serve you. Now you know ToursByLocals so don't hesitate next time for new trips with them over the world. And don't hesitate too if some of your friends want to visit Madagascar. The Baobabs Avenue ? The famous Tsingy stone forest ? Once again thank you and all best to you - Ravo.Madagascar

Riaan Van Tonder

South Africa

Tour: Madagascar 14 Days Birdwatching and animals for Riaan, Antananarivo, Madagascar
Date: Sep 20/13

Ravo did a great job organising the tour as well as making numerous last minute changes according to our whim. Having Ravo with bird sounds, a local guide and at least one animal spotter available helped so much in spotting those elusive birds and wildlife that we came to see. Ravo has a good knowledge of English and we were able to discuss any topic in English with no problem. Regards Riaan

TOUR GUIDE RESPONSE: Hi Riaan & Linda & ... Lisa. Thank you so much. Thank you for your suggestion about Ranomafana Park ( for next birdwatching tours ). And as I told you : God bless you. Ravo - ToursByLocals private guide Madagascar

Haiyong Liu

changping district, BEIJING, China

Tour: Madagascar, 17 days complete tour for Bryan, Antananarivo, Madagascar
Date: Aug 27/13

Ravo is a nice person and can be trusted, we have a lot of fun with him. Thank you Ravo. Bryan Liu Sept. 22, 2013

TOUR GUIDE RESPONSE: Thank you so much Bryan. Take care and have a very good health and happiness. Ravo - ToursByLocals Madagascar tour guide

Maryam Abdullah


Tour: #31030, Antananarivo Surroundings Tour, Antananarivo, Madagascar    view tour
Date: Aug 19/13

He was not able to share a lot of information because he did not speak good English. He took extra cash for tickets instead of letting us pay for it, so he took triple the prices (felt more like stealing).

TOURSBYLOCALS RESPONSE: We've reviewed the booking details and communication between customer and guide - Ravo did mention the extras and they were agreed upon by the customer before she booked this tour. We've spoken to Ravo about working on adding those extra costs to his tours total prices to avoid confusion. Regarding his English skills we've asked Ravo to post a movie so that travellers can assess it for themselves.