Traveler Reviews of Private Tours in Kyoto-Japan by Tour Guide Yuka Y. (Guide #11944)

Sabrina Rambaldi


Tour: #624147, Kyoto Tour for Sabrina and Ilaria, Kyoto, Japan    view tour
Date: Dec 25/19

Yuka was great with adults and children! Helpful, kind, sweet and polite like only japanese people are! Thanks and many wishes again from all of us!!!

TOUR GUIDE RESPONSE: Dear Sabrina, Ilaria and your lovely family, Thank you so much for your nice comment! I was so happy to spend one day with you all. And I'm very glad to hear that you came to like Kyoto and want to come back in the future. Of course, I'd love to be your guide in Kyoto again! I hope our good relationship like your two families will continue from now on. My Christmas became an unforgettable day. I appreciate this wonderful Christmas present from you. Wishing happy days to you all!

Marilyn P.

United States

Tour: #624147, Kyoto Tour for Mr. and Mrs. Passmore, Kyoto, Japan    view tour
Date: Nov 12/19

Yuka is an exceptional tour guide! She put in a lot of time and effort to ensure that our dietary restrictions were met and that our tour of Kyoto included everything we had asked for. She is knowledgeable, patient, and a joy to be with; we now think of her as a life-long friend.

TOUR GUIDE RESPONSE: Dear Marilyn, Thank you for your lovely message. It was very nice to see you. I was so happy that both of you enjoyed visited places and lunchtime. Story about your family, hometown and hobby was very fascinating for me. I hope I can visit your place to see you and Sakura in the future! Of course, you are my life-long friends and being your friend is my great pleasure. Thank you for the fascinating memories. Please spend your days actively and happily. With heartfelt gratitude.

John Paul Macdonald

Saint Hubert, QUEBEC, Canada

Tour: #624147, Tailor-made Kyoto Tour, Kyoto, Japan    view tour
Date: Nov 2/19

Yuka planned and conducted an excellent overall tour of Kyoto. Besides visiting the mainstay sights such as the Arashiyama Bamboo Forest, Kinkakuji Temple, Fushimi Inari and Kiyomizudera Temple, among others, Yuka did a fine job enthusiastically tying it all together with a very knowledgeable commentary including just the right balance of facts and colour. The walking tour and the use of public transit also got us closer to the 'real Kyoto.' Thank you, Yuka!

TOUR GUIDE RESPONSE: Dear John Paul and your best family, Thank you so much for choosing me and writing a too good review with five stars! I was very happy to share your time in Kyoto. I felt even 7.5 hours, tour time with you was like in a second...I miss you all! Your considerations for me, understanding the flexible itinerary, interesting conversations and so on...everything is special memories for me. I appreciate you a lot. I hope you enjoyed Japan after Kyoto and remember our trip from now on! Take care of yourself:D

Tennille Robinson


Tour: #624147, Tailor-made Kyoto Tour, Kyoto, Japan    view tour
Date: Oct 9/19

Our family had an amazing day with Yuka exploring Golden temple, Bamboo forest and monkey park. Yuka is a welcoming, friendly, and knowledgeable guide who created wonderful memories of Kyoto for us. Yuka made itinerary suggestions for following days in Kyoto. We hired bikes for half day and explored Kyoto. Thank-you Yuka.

TOUR GUIDE RESPONSE: Dear Tennille, Thank you for your lovely comment! It was a perfectly beautiful day for your trip! Excuse me to say that I feel that you are like my family. After you hired bikes, I was a little worrying about you. So when I luckily saw you riding on the road, I couldn't stop calling you out from a car window! And I'm so relieved to know you had a good time in Kyoto. I am really happy to see you all. I won't forget memory with you, especially your boys'shy smiles! Wishing you a healthy and happy life!

Nick Neubauer

United States

Tour: #591831, Kyoto Half-day adventure tour, Kyoto, Japan    view tour
Date: Sep 22/19

Really enjoyed the tour, Yuki-thanks for the great pictures!

TOUR GUIDE RESPONSE: Dear Nick and Rolly, Thank you so much for your five stars and warm words. Due to typhoon, our itineraries had to been changed but we had great time at the substitute place. I appreciate your request and kind understanding. Conversation with you was very interesting and happy moment for me. I wish I could enjoy cherry blossoms and autumn leaves with you in the future. I’m looking forward to your back to Kyoto! Have a wonderful days!

David Taylor

United States

Tour: #624147, Kyoto Tour 190907, Kyoto, Japan    view tour
Date: Sep 7/19

Yuka was very helpful and nice to my wife and I throughout the tour and for the rest of our stay in Kyoto. If you're looking for a good Kyoto tour guide, she's the best.

TOUR GUIDE RESPONSE: Dear David, Thank you very much, David! Your comment makes me motivated to meet your recommendation for future customers! I was very happy to know that you wish you could stay in Kyoto for another week. Our tour was like a 'Shinkansen tour' to visit 7 popular places within 7 hours. I appreciate your cooperation to complete it. You and your wife had very unique perspectives and made me smile all the time. I was so happy with you! I really hope you will come back with your wife at the cherry blossom season!

Stephen Watmough

United Kingdom

Tour: #624147, Kyoto Tour for Watmough family, Kyoto, Japan    view tour
Date: Aug 15/19

Yuka was a fantastic guide wish I could give more than 5 stars. Helpful, informative and a pleasure to be with. In addition to the tour, Yuka gave us great recommendations for food and for activities for later days. Highly recommended.

TOUR GUIDE RESPONSE: Dear Steve, Thank you so much for undeserved compliments. I really happy to know that you enjoyed Kyoto. Even though typhoon was approaching, we completed the tour safely and lovely. Thanks to your strong luck! And it is my great pleasure as your guide that I was able to help you about the rest of your trip. I will research off-the-beaten path until you come back! Thank you for precious time. I hope I can see you again sometime in near future! Yuka

Bill Sahlie

New Zealand

Tour: #624147, Tailor-made Kyoto Tour for Bill, Kyoto, Japan    view tour
Date: Jul 10/19

We arranged a tour for our family group of 6 from New Zealand. We specifically wanted a food experience tour in Gion Kyoto, but did not have particular eateries in mind. Yuka provided very extensive advice in advance of our tour and carefully considered our feedback and interests in arriving at the final plan for the night. It was clear that Yuka went to great effort to research options for us and make sure every detail was the best possible to meet our interests for the evening. Everything was perfect!

TOUR GUIDE RESPONSE: Dear Bill-san, thank you for your lovely message! When I received your request, I felt strong responsibility. Because you really love Kyoto and wanted to share it with your precious family. I worried if I could meet with your request. But through exchanging messages, your kindness swept away my worries. In Gion, all of you gave me wonderful moments and memories much more than I gave you. I’m looking forward to seeing you again soon. Wishing happy and healthy life for all of you! Arigato! Bill-san!!!

Charles Barber

United States

Tour: #624147, Tailor-made Kyoto Tour, Kyoto, Japan    view tour
Date: Apr 20/19

Yuka was an excellent guide. She worked with us to personalize a tour just right for us. She also gave us suggestions for where to go the day before with a complete itinerary. Thanks Yuka.

TOUR GUIDE RESPONSE: Dear Charles, Thank you so much for your wonderful review! I’m glad that you enjoyed a lot in Kyoto before and the day of our tour. I was especially happy when I saw your daughter’s big smile and you said thank you to me at Monkey Park. It was very lucky for me to meeting with you all at my first ToursByLocals tour. I wish you and your lovely family are healty and happy all the time! All the best, Yuka