Traveler Reviews of Private Tours in Lusaka Zambia by Tour Guide Nathan C. (Guide #11639)

Masahiro Yoshida


Tour: #132726, Karibuni Lusaka, Lusaka, Zambia    view tour
Date: Aug 17/17

This tour was very good. I had you take it to the various places in the Lusaka city. Particularly, I was able to feel the life of Zambian people in the local market. Nathan of the guide is very reliable. I intend to ask for a tour when I visited it in Zambia. Thank you.

TOUR GUIDE RESPONSE: Hello Masahiro!! Arigato!!! It was my pleasure to show you around my city Lusaka and to exchange previous experiences with you. Thank you for booking the tour and I wish you all the best!

Eric Dehaudt


Tour: Lusaka Meet and Greet, Lusaka, Zambia
Date: May 7/17

Nathan has a chronic lack of ponctuality, but this gives probably a taste of Zambia as soon as you arrive. He perfectly knows his country, has a huge network and is very agile. I would trust him wherever I have to go in Zambia because I am sure he will find the best fitting places to see and people to meet. I recommend.

TOUR GUIDE RESPONSE: Merci beaucoup Eric, it was very interesting taking you around for your meetings for 4 days, we exchanged so many ideas and experiences. I wish you all the best in your future endeavours. And I now know so much more about France!

John Wilson


Tour: Lusaka Business Trip, Lusaka, Zambia
Date: Apr 28/17

Nathan is a very friendly, reliable and experienced Tour Guide. It was a pleasure to meet and spend time with him in Lusaka - highly recommended.

TOUR GUIDE RESPONSE: Thank you John! I had a great time too showing you around, and discussing with you my other and engines!

Yasho Lahiri

United States

Tour: #132726, Lusaka Highlights, Lusaka, Zambia    view tour
Date: Apr 2/17

Nathan was, in short, the perfect guide. He combined encyclopedic knowledge of Lusaka with enormous warmth and an imaginative itinerary. What a perfect day!

TOUR GUIDE RESPONSE: Thank you Yasho! It was my pleasure to show you around Lusaka, you were an awesome guest and it was interesting for me too to see that you remembered so many places from those years ago when you were last in Lusaka, and to talk about how much they have changed or not. Hope you enjoy the rest of your stay in Zambia.

Olena Ivanova


Tour: #132726, Lusaka Highlights, Lusaka, Zambia    view tour
Date: Nov 5/16

Nathan provided a great tour of Lusaka! I think during 9 hours he showed me all main places inside and outside of the city and also modified this tour according to my needs. He is knowledgable, reliable and very easy going guide. Everything was on time and very well organized. Thanks a lot for a wonderful experience!

TOUR GUIDE RESPONSE: Thank you Olena! I am glad your free day in lusaka was well spent,even tasting local menu,and I hope your travels will bring you to this part of the world again some day.

Dagmar M.

Munich, Germany

Tour: zambia in one sweep, Lusaka, Zambia
Date: Oct 10/16

Great fun in planning and then doing the tour with Nathan which was foused on travelling around Zambia and getting to know People and places (rather than wildlife) and visiting and learning as much as possible about history and culture. Nathan is a fun and knowledgable guy. When planning be Aware that short distances does NOT necessarily mean short travel times and that even best laid plans are changed on the spot when a major road is suddenly no longer there (literally)...

TOUR GUIDE RESPONSE: Thank you Dagmar. It was a pleasure to show you over the 16days some places that are off the beaten track. It's good to know that you found some cultural value in your visit. I also learnt a lot about your culture, history and travels. Thank you again.

John Bierley

Tampa, FL, United States

Tour: #135401, the great zambian adventure, Lusaka, Zambia    view tour
Date: Aug 31/16

All went very well

TOUR GUIDE RESPONSE: Many thanks John,it was a pleasure for me to do this 10 day tour with you all. All the best in your future endeavours.

Rachel M.

United States

Tour: #132726, Lusaka Highlights, Lusaka, Zambia    view tour
Date: Jun 30/16

Nathan provided an excellent tour of Lusaka! He is kind, knowledgable and passionate about his hometown. Nathan knows Lusaka inside out and was able to provide excellent perspective on its history and current state. We visited the National Museum, an elephant refuge, a farm with lions, a township, and a couple markets. I would absolutely recommend Nathan's tour to anybody visiting or moving to Lusaka.

Tolga Bastak


Tour: #132726, Lusaka Highlights, Lusaka, Zambia    view tour
Date: Jun 13/16

We had a wonderful trip with Nathan in Lusaka and had the chance to observe the most interesting parts of the city. This was obviously the best opportunity to see and learn so much about Lusaka. The tour is definetly recommendable.

TOUR GUIDE RESPONSE: Thank you Tolga, it was great to show you around Lusaka, and also to learn a lot about your country. Cheers!

Iker Ayerbe


Tour: #132726, Lusaka Highlights, Lusaka, Zambia    view tour
Date: Mar 22/16

I booked one day tour in Lusaka to get an understanding of how the city is and how people live here. I wanted to visit some non touristic places and walk around areas where locals hang out, and do it in a safe way. Nathan was great. He proposed a pretty comprehensive plan and managed to be fully flexible to adapt it to my specific interests. His English was excellent and provided me with lots of details and insights about the history and living of the city and the whole country. Absolutely recommendable!

TOUR GUIDE RESPONSE: Thanks Iker, it was awesome showing you around my city too. i learnt a lot about your country and culture as well. muchos gracias!

Marianne Schneider


Tour: #132726, Lusaka Highlights, Lusaka, Zambia    view tour
Date: Oct 10/15

Was great, to have a guide with a hughe knowledge. we enjoyed the tour a lot. Thanks for being adjustable, all our wishes has been taken seriously. All in all: both my european guests and me, living in Lusaka were very happy!

TOUR GUIDE RESPONSE: Thank you Marianne, and many thanks to you and your friends not just for booking the tour, but also for the awesome exchanges we had. it was quite educative for me too, getting to know more about your country and culture as well as showing you around mine.