Traveler Reviews of Private Tours in Haifa-Israel by Tour Guide Joe S. (Guide #11099)

Martin Mayer

United States

Tour: #124590, The Highlights Tour of the Sea of Galilee For Martin Mayer, Tiberias, Israel    view tour
Date: Mar 28/19

We found our guide to be excellent and we had an outstanding day visiting sites off the usual path. Joe was able to understand our interests and provide a perfect fit in his itinerary. His tour really enriched our understanding of the Golan and Tiberias. The scenery was stunning. He was engaging and knowledgeable. Highly recommend him.

Carolyn Albritton-McDonald

United States

Tour: #164813, Galilee-Golan-Jerusalem 3 Day Shore Excursion, Haifa, Israel    view tour
Date: Nov 10/18

TOUR GUIDE RESPONSE: Thanks all. Bon Voyage.

James Reilly

United States

Tour: #124590, The 2-Day Tour of the Galilee & Nazareth area, Tiberias, Israel    view tour
Date: Nov 5/18

We had a great time with Joe. He was very knowledgeable and very accommodating to my elderly mother.

TOUR GUIDE RESPONSE: Thanks Jim, I'll send you a layout of our 2 day tour soon. Please pass on my best wishes to the others. Joe

Stephen Simms

United States

Tour: #159418, Self Drive Galilee Private Tour, Tiberias, Israel    view tour
Date: Sep 17/18

Excellent guide - highly recommended! Joe was very flexible with arranging our private tour. Can't imagine there is a better guide for visiting the Golan Heights and Mt. Bental! His knowledge of other minor sites along our route was also good. We found a few nice stops that tour buses would never find.

Philip Greene

United States

Tour: #159418, 2 days from Haifa port, Galilee, Israel    view tour
Date: Aug 23/18

Joe is a gem. We are seasoned travelers and have had many guides. We have never met a guide as knowledgeable of his subject matter as Joe. He has great energy is passionate and has a true love for his work and the state of Israel. His discussions and explanations were concise sprinkled with humor and numerous stories. We appreciated his concern for our well being and after two thrilling days consider Joe our friend. We were sorry having to leave his company. He is highly recommended. Phil Greene

TOUR GUIDE RESPONSE: I also thank you all for the great 2 days. Your company and humor were just what I needed at the end of a long hot summer...... and, in reality. it's hard to get it wrong in such a fascinating and diverse part of the world. Hope to see you again sometime. Joe

Dean Suchard

South Africa

Tour: #159418, Self Drive Galilee Private Tour, Tiberias, Israel    view tour
Date: Jul 6/18

Joe is friendly and knowledgeable so it was a pleasure for our family to spend the day with him. He took us to some very interesting places and was able to pitch the tour at the right level for the whole family. Even as the kids were tiring, he encouraged us to see one or two more things when he could have taken the gap and got home early. We had a great day in the North, thanks Joe!

TOUR GUIDE RESPONSE: Thank you Dean, It was fun touring with you all around the Galilee. Come for longer next time - there is so much more to see. I hope you enjoyed the rest of your time in Israel also. Best wishes Joe

Hilary Houze


Tour: #124590, The Highlights Tour of the Sea of Galilee - Lake Kinneret, Tiberias, Israel    view tour
Date: May 22/18

We had such a good day with Joe. We didn't give him a specific itinerary of what we wanted to do but just asked for him to put together an interesting day for us - we were not disappointed! His knowledge of the area, and the political, economical and religious differences was huge and we learnt so much. I would definitely recommend it to other travellers! Thank you Joe!

Leslie Schaefer

United States

Tour: #159418, 2 days from Haifa port, Acre, Israel    view tour
Date: May 17/18

Rarely do you find a guide who has lived the life that you are interested in hearing about and learning about. Joe is such a guide. He takes you to the UNESCO sites and personal and quaint little places where you can learn tremendous amounts about the culture and lives of everyday people. It was a spectacular two days with Joe. He created a need to come back for more. Do not miss out on a most unforgettable experience.

William Bowden


Tour: #124590, The Galilee Highlights Tour, Tiberias, Israel    view tour
Date: Mar 18/18

Joe did a wonderful job guiding 6 of us through the Galilee. He is very knowledgeable in a broad range of subject areas related to Israel history, culture and religion. It is clear that he loves his country with information presented coming from his mind and heart. He was very accommodating and conscious of our needs and interests. He is a safe and competent driver. All those in our tour group have every intention of recommending him to friends traveling to Israel and will hire him again.

TOUR GUIDE RESPONSE: William, thanks for your response. I had a great day touring with you all also. The truth is that it would be hard to get it wrong in this amazing country and especially the Galilee, where there are so many things to see and relate to - many of them bringing the bible stories to life in front of our eyes. I hope to see you on your next visit.

Carmel Johnson

United States

Tour: #159418, 3 days in the Galilee for Carmel J., Acre, Israel    view tour
Date: Dec 22/17

We hit the jackpot by hiring Joe for our Galilee touring days. He is highly knowledgeable; a great communicator; highly considerate and responsible; and -- not to sound too spoiled but let's be honest, this matters -- he has an exceptionally comfortable vehicle. He also has a deep love of Israel, which is something you can't take for granted, and which matters so much in guiding. I would hire him again in a heartbeat and will be recommending him to my friends.

Randi Weinstein

United States

Tour: Bet Shean to Golan, Galilee, Israel
Date: Jul 12/17

We thoroughly enjoyed our 2-days of touring with Joe. Our group included my boys (ages 11 and 14), my husband, my husband's parents and me. Joe was incredibly knowledgeable about all the sites we visited. He paced our tour well, mixing history and archeology with stops for things like chocolate and lunch. Joe's connection to the area made the tour more personal. My father-in-law said our tour with Joe was the highlight of his trip to Israel. I highly recommend Joe to anyone interested in this region.

Joan L.

Anna, TX, United States

Tour: Galilee Private Tour from HaGoshrim, Galilee, Israel
Date: Sep 2/16

Absolutely impeccable. Cited Bible scriptures related to what we were seeing. Advised us what sites to see for biggest bang for the buck. Loved every minute, wouldn't change a thing.

TOUR GUIDE RESPONSE: Thank you! It was a pleasure showing you around this wonderful countryside. I hope you'll come back soon to fill in the gaps.

Sheryl Barden

United States

Tour: #159418, Self drive one day Galilee tour, Tiberias, Israel    view tour
Date: May 21/16

Joe was an awesome tour guide! We saw a number of things that would likely. It have been on a packaged tour. We had a fabulous and fun lunch and learned so much! A great day!!!

TOUR GUIDE RESPONSE: Thank you.... It's hard to get it wrong in such a wonderful area, so full of beauty, history and character. I hope you'll come back sometime.

Nina Allen

United Kingdom

Tour: Galilee 2 day tour of Galilee & Jerusalem, Haifa, Israel
Date: May 2/16

We had a whistle-stop 36-hour tour with Joe; he covered absolutely everything we wanted to see and more. Really knowledge and good fun and has a great regard for his beautiful country. If you are looking for a tour company and guide to use in Israel Joe is your man, we highly recommend him. Thank you for the great experience!

TOUR GUIDE RESPONSE: Thank you N & P, I hope this is not your last trip to the Holy Land. Best wishes Joe

Ilze Henderson

South Africa

Tour: #159418, Self Drive Galilee Private Tour, Tiberias, Israel    view tour
Date: Dec 15/15

The tour with him was 11 out of 10! He was very knowledgable, kind and willing to go out of his way to accommodate our travelling needs. He gets so excited over the history and brings it to life for us. We also have small children and thet absolutely loved him! We really enjoyed travelling with him. He made it very special!

TOUR GUIDE RESPONSE: Thank you. It was a pleasure to tour with you both and the boys and I hope I'll have the chance again sometime. Best wishes.

Kristin W.

Waldorf, MARYLAND, United States

Tour: #205557, Haifa-Jerusalem-Tel Aviv-Galilee, Haifa, Israel    view tour
Date: Nov 4/15

Can't say enough good things about Joe! He was knowledgeable, responsive, flexible, caring, and overall "good people". We had logistical challenges in that one of group was in a wheelchair and he handled it like a pro. He made us feel cared for and comfortable while truly educating us on Israel and the amazing sites we visited. Highly recommend!

Alexander Gelfen

United States

Tour: #159418, Self Drive Galilee Private Tour, Tiberias, Israel    view tour
Date: Oct 22/15

We hade a great experience with Joe. Excellent knowledge and very delicate sense of humor make our day a complete success!

TOUR GUIDE RESPONSE: Thank you all. I had a lot of fun also. It was your humor and sense of fun that made my day a success too.

Barbara Gervis

United States

Tour: #164813, Israel-Galilee Private 2 Day Shore Excursion, Haifa, Israel    view tour
Date: Jun 17/15

Touring the Golan was the highlight of our trip. What great fun we had with Joe. His curiosity has given him a wealth of knowledge, but it is his great love for the people and the land that allows him to be such a wonderful storyteller. We learned so much. But Joe doesn't just talk, he listens. It allows him to offer personal suggestions of places he thinks we may enjoy. His pleasure was in pleasing us. Even now, I smile thinking of our time together. Do yourself a favor. Tour with Joe.

TOUR GUIDE RESPONSE: Barbara.....thank you. I'm lost for words....!! I too enjoyed every minute.

Nina Gordon

United States

Tour: Upper Galilee and Golan tour, Golan Heights, Israel
Date: Jun 3/15

Great tour beyond our expectations. Joe has an extensive knowledge of the history and current events in the area. His tour was well paced and flexible. We learned so much from him and enjoyed our conversation as we toured. He was on time, professional and personable. We explored areas we would not have accessed on our own. My husband drove and all of Joe's directions were easy to follow. We would highly recommend Joe.

TOUR GUIDE RESPONSE: Thanks Nina. I had a great day too.