Traveler Reviews for Private Tour in Quito, Ecuador by Tour Guide Vivian V.

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Quito, Ecuador
Vivian V.

Sidney Bonnet

United States

Tour: #268656, Sidney's Otavalo Indian Market and more!, Quito, Ecuador    
Date: Apr 26/18

Fun to stand on the actual equator! And we loved the rose farm was fascinating and so beautiful! Vivian gave us so much wonderful information about the history, politics and culture of Ecuador...she has studied so much to be able to do this really well, and we so appreciated all the fascinating facts. She is amazing. We aren't shoppers, so Otavalo was not our favorite, but the scenery around there is beautiful.

TOUR GUIDE RESPONSE: Boy! Was I lucky to have you and David as travelers. I miss you and will never, ever forget you. Vivi

Nancy Bowers-Ivanski


Tour: #268656, Otavalo Indian Market and more!, Quito, Ecuador    
Date: Apr 23/18

We could not have been more pleased with our tour today with Vivian and our driver Vladimir. Our itinerary was tailored to our interests and we felt that we had an authentic Ecuadorian experience. This tour was great value for the money and Vivian was a wealth of information on all aspects of Ecudorian life. From the equator visit to the Otavalo market to the rose farm and then the traditional Ecudorian meal, we couldn't have had a better introduction to our South American trip. Thanks Vivian.

TOUR GUIDE RESPONSE: Hi Nancy! I so enjoyed my day with you and your sister and could tell you were both having a great time which made me very happy. You are off this morning to the Amazon for another amazing experience. Best wishes, Vivi

Diane Silberstein

Roswell, GA, United States

Tour: #268656, Otavalo Indian Market and more!, Quito, Ecuador    
Date: Apr 18/18

Vivian is a very personable and professional guide with excellent English skills and exceptional knowledge of Ecuador. We exchanged a few emails and she put together a fantastic day in the highlands north of Quito based on our personal interests. She provided us with some great travel tips before we left the US and surprised us with a few extra treats during our time together. What a great start to our time in Ecuador! Highly recommended.

TOUR GUIDE RESPONSE: Thanks Diane! I am so happy you had a good time. Vivi

Michelle Engelmann

United States

Tour: #268656, Otavalo Indian Market and more!, Quito, Ecuador    
Date: Feb 14/18

Vivian is an amazing tour guide! She is knowledgeable, fun to travel with and very generous with her time. She tailored the day to what we wanted to do, and took us to special places we never would have found on our own.Vivian and her driver picked us up right on time and took us on a great adventure, including an Andean bird aviary, a weaver in Peguche who wove beautiful wall hangings, an instrument maker, and the Otavalo market. A long, fantastic day we totally enjoyed! Thank you!

TOUR GUIDE RESPONSE: Hi, Michelle! It's Vivi. Being with you all was not work for me. We had a great time, didn't we? Best wishes always; you've got a friend for life here in Ecuador. I'm sure you will long remember your trip, and I will long remember you. One of the hard things for me about being a tour guide is meeting and then having to let go of people like you. Vivi

Modell Marlow Andersen

San Mateo, CA, United States

Tour: #268656, Modell's Otavalo Indian Market and more!, Quito, Ecuador    
Date: Jan 18/18

What a wonderful experience! Vivian was a fabulous guide; she greeted me the second I stepped through customs and we were immediately off on a wonderful adventure. She had clearly listened to my requests and planned an itinerary that was perfect for me. Vivian was cheerful, friendly, flexible, and knowledgeable. By the end of the trip I felt like I had gained a friend, and had an experience I would never forget. I highly recommend Vivian, and also loved the beautiful and friendly country of Ecuador.

TOUR GUIDE RESPONSE: Oh Modell! One of the nicest comments and letters I have received in my 26 year career. I feel the same way about you and what we did together. You have a friend for life here in me; I will never forget you. Come back. Vivi

Karen Beard

United States

Tour: #268656, Karen Beard Family Otavalo Indian Market and more!, Quito, Ecuador    
Date: Dec 21/17

OUTSTANDING GUIDE! We were a 3 generation party of 7, ages 7 to 77 and Vivian was great with our active children & considerate of age 77 limitations! She planned great transportation, itineraries, activities and places to eat! Thank you Vivian for a terrific 3 days in Ecuador.

TOUR GUIDE RESPONSE: Hi Karen, your young grandchildren were SO SMART and SO PRECIOUS. I remember you and your family well. Thank you for this comment. Right before Christmas, you all were a lot of fun for me to tour. Best wishes, Vivi

Richard Talbot


Tour: #268656, Otavalo Indian Market and more!, Quito, Ecuador    
Date: Dec 17/17

We had the best day with Vivian. She is a first rate professional who customized the tour to our schedule and interests. Her depth of knowledge helped us have a much better understanding of the history and culture of Ecuador. In addition to seeing the market in Otavalo and beautiful countryside near Quito, she arranged for us to visit a rose farm and family hacienda. Vivian was great with our kids and went above and beyond to make sure we had a great day. My highest recommendation.

TOUR GUIDE RESPONSE: Richard! I enjoyed my day with you all. Touring your family was a dream job for me. Your children were the best, so bright, happy and interested. I am sure you had a great Galapagos part. I will always remember you all. Vivi

Leslie Schaefer

United States

Tour: #268656, Leslie's Group Otavalo Indian Market and More!, Quito, Ecuador    
Date: Dec 15/17

Vivian was simply one of the best guides we have ever had. She was extremely well informed, incredibly generous & flexible with her time, her decision-making, & was an absolute delight to spend time with. We were lucky to have Vivian for 3 days. We would recommend Vivian to anyone traveling to Quito Ecuador & we make this recommendation with full confidence. In almost all cases we use private guides by Tours by Locals in our adventures.

TOUR GUIDE RESPONSE: Thanks Leslie. Your group was one of the best ever; so fun it really wasn't like work for me. Vivi

Kenneth Gould

Clearwater, FL, United States

Tour: #268656, Otavalo Indian Market and more!, Quito, Ecuador    
Date: Sep 9/17

Wonderful very full day travelling to the north to the market in Otavalo, the volcano crater, the "leather" town and the "wood carving" town. Vivian makes your learning personal. Her flexibility and knowledge helped us to understand the history and culture of Ecuador. She never tired of my endless questions. My highest recommendation - Vivian started our 3 days of tours as our guide and left as our friend.

TOUR GUIDE RESPONSE: Thanks, Ken. You two were great; I had a lot of fun touring you two. Really wasn't like work for me. Best wishes always, and hope to see you again. Vivian

Robert Rucker

United States

Tour: #268656, Robert Rucker Family Otavalo Indian Market and more!, Quito, Ecuador    
Date: Jul 15/17

Great guide -great tour

TOUR GUIDE RESPONSE: Thanks, Robert. I enjoyed you and Lee, but your son, Sammy, made the days for me! He was a lot of fun and so intelligent, asked so many good questions. I still have pictures of the carving process of the beautiful sculpture you bought if you would like them. Best wishes always, Vivi

Linda Mulholland

United States

Tour: #268656, Linda Mulholland Group Otavalo Indian Market and more!, Quito, Ecuador    
Date: Jul 2/17

Wonderful tour in the area including the Otavalo market, Cotatachi leather town and Condor Park. She worked with our schedule so that our last day in the area was full and she dropped us at the airport for our overnight flight back to the US.

TOUR GUIDE RESPONSE: Linda, I am so glad you four had such a good time. Best wishes, Vivian

TinaMarie Perez

United States

Tour: #268656, Otavalo Indian Market and more!, Quito, Ecuador    
Date: May 22/17

Vivian is a GREAT Guide!! We really enjoyed our time in Ecuador and she certainly added to our experience.

TOUR GUIDE RESPONSE: Thanks again TinaMarie! Vivian

Michelle Kain

United States

Tour: #268656, Michelle Kain's Otavalo Indian Market and more, Quito, Ecuador    
Date: Apr 10/17

A perfect day tour. First stop was the true middle of the earth- informative & interesting. Next was a private rose farm where the owner gave us a detailed tour of the facility & the family's historic home. Next to the market in Otavalo for local crafts followed by an authentic Ecuadorian lunch at an inn along the lake. We ended at the home of a local woman whose family weaved the most beautiful textile & the home of a famous musician who performed on his hand-made instruments. We highly recommend Vivian

TOUR GUIDE RESPONSE: I also had a great day with you, Michelle. I am glad you described one of my tours because I work so hard to make them special for each of my clients. You'll never forget where your holiday roses come from; will you? You have a friend always here in Ecuador in me. Best wishes, Vivian

Derrick Bushman

United States

Tour: #268656, Bushman Family Otavalo Indian Market and more!, Quito, Ecuador    
Date: Mar 25/17

Very knowledgable and interesting.

TOUR GUIDE RESPONSE: Thanks Derrick. We had a great day, didn't we! The bird show was fantastic with the eagle allowed to fly out and back to the handler. I look forward to touring you in Old Quito/UNESCO World Heritage sites tomorrow. Vivian

Paul Levitan

United States

Tour: #268656, Paul Levitan Otavalo Indian Market and more!, Quito, Ecuador    
Date: Mar 24/17

My wife and I had a wonderful day with Vivian going to a rose farm (so much more), a bird sanctuary, and the Otovalo Indian Market. She was a delight to be with and wanted to share everything about her country with us.

TOUR GUIDE RESPONSE: Hi Paul! I enjoyed our day together. The rose farm was a real treat to see for me also. As you learned, not everyone gets to see one as they are usually not open to travelers because of possible fungal, bacterial and/or viral contamination of the roses that can kill an entire crop. Best wishes to you two always, and you have a friend in me in Ecuador. Vivian

Anders Kaspersson


Tour: #268656, Anders Kaspersson Otavalo Indian Market, Rose Farm and more!, Quito, Ecuador    
Date: Mar 12/17

A couple on our cruise gave VERY positive feedback on Vivian, so on a Friday we contacted her for a Sunday tour north of Quito. Immediately she came back to us and despite being Sunday put together an excellent comprehensive tour, including a rose manufacturer not normally open on Sunday. Vivian was so friendly, intelligent, and professional (and fluent) she gave us a great insight on Ecuador, going far beyond the site explanations. We enjoyed her passion and in all respects we would recommend her.

TOUR GUIDE RESPONSE: Thank you so much for making the effort to write, Anders and Trish. I LOVED touring you; we had a great day didn't we! I assume you two are comfortably back in beautiful Switzerland. I, representing Ecuador tourism, was actually en route from Chicago to Geneva with my plane passing directly over New York City the morning 9/11 occurred! I don't think I told you that when we were together. Best wishes always to you. Vivian

Bob Krasne

United States

Tour: #268656, Otavalo Indian Market and more!, Quito, Ecuador    
Date: Mar 3/17

Vivian is an excptional guide. Extremely knowledgeable excelant English. Very well connected to the normal places and has great other connections. After traveling the world we have had some very great guides and we rank her right up with the best. Your choice drivers made us feel very comfortable even in heavy traffic.

TOUR GUIDE RESPONSE: Thank you Bob and Elaine. I had a very enjoyable two days with you. Wasn't the rose farm fantastic and to have one of the owners show us around was something special? Those people make a lot of money, and he did not have to do that for us. Hope you have,as I am sure you will, a wonderful, interesting time out in the Galapagos. You have a friend always here in me. Best wishes, and I'll think about you back there in Texas. Vivian