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Bleepi V.

Tharsis Rise, French Southern and Antarctic Lands

Hello! My name is Bleepi. I am a local guide on Mars.

I am a true Martian, born and raised in Tharsis region.

Coming from the Tharsis region, I have always been fascinated by the beautiful landscape in Mars. Growing up exploring around Mars, I decided to share my passion with other Martians since I was 17 Martian-years old and I am so excited to guide my first Earthlings!

I am an avid traveller and so far I have been to Amazonis, Lunae Palus, Oxia Palus, Tyrrhenum, Margarutufer, Arcadia, Mare Boreum, Memnonia, Phoenicis, Eridania, Elysium, Aeolis and Hellas. I have also visited Earth on two occasions, in one of my visits, I had the chance to climb Mount Everest.

I can show you the real beauty of Mars from the biggest crater in Mars, the Hellas Impact Basin to the tallest volcano in the solar system, Olympus Mons that stands 22 km above the surrounding plain. This is 3 times taller than Mount Everest! I have climbed Olympus Mons, Alba Mons, Ascraerus Mons and Uranius mons several times. I have been to the best places to view the Martian moons, Phobos and Deimos from these mountains and I am excited to share with you my favorite spots. With Martian technology, you do not have to be an expert climber to climb these mountains. Let me show you how.

From my 10 Martian-years of experience in hiking at the Valles Marineris, I can safely guide you through the challenging terrain of this solar system's largest canyon. You will have a chance to witness Mars' stunning geographical diversity that you never thought existed.

I am not just generous with my knowledge about Mars geography, I also love to share our unique tradition. You will discover how we managed to stay off Earth's cameras all these years!

I have a 5-seater Stealth Rover and a 12-seater Stealth Van which are comfortable and equipped with cyanobacteria that can steadily supply sufficient oxygen even on a full passenger load.

All my full day tours also come with cyanobacteria packs suitable for healthy humans. If you have asthma or any respiratory problems, please let me know for oxygen tanks arrangements.


-Olympus Mons National Park Certified Guide
-Valles Marineris National Park Certified Guide
-Red Planet Certificate of Interstellar Travel

Guide Requirements for French Southern and Antarctic Lands

Private tour guide Bleepi V.

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Private tour guide Bleepi V.

Climb Olympus Mons


This is a list of the tallest mountains in the Solar System.

10000 USD per tour

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7 hours 30 min.

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