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Private tour guide Paola

Paola R.

Milan, MI, Italy

Languages: English (fluent), French (fluent), Italian (fluent)

Biography: Hello! My name is Paola and I was born and raised in Milan, where my family lives. My passion has always been history and art. I always liked to bri,...

Credentials: I am a licensed tour leader since 1995. I am a licensed tourist guide since 2010. I studied languages, arts and history.

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Private tour guide Furio

Furio S.

Milano, Italy

Languages: English (fluent), French (advanced), Italian (fluent), Spanish (advanced)

Biography: I was born and raised on the seaside, but was soon enthralled by the mountains. I have traveled, hiked, climbed, skied, cycled all over Italy (and be,...

Credentials: Certified hiking guide (accompagnatore di media montagna) - Lombardy Region, #446 International mountain leader (UIMLA certified) Licensed tour leade,...

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Private tour guide Inge

Inge d.

Milano, MILANO, Italy

Languages: Italian (advanced), Spanish (conversational), German (conversational), English (advanced), French (basic), Dutch (fluent)

Biography: Ciao. I am Inge and I live and work in Milan since seven years. I graduated in architecture at the TU Delft (The Netherlands), but since almost a dec,...

Credentials: In have Master degree in Architecture taken on the Technical University in Delft, Holland. I am a passionate guide since 2014, when I started the Old,...

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Private tour guide Renzo

Renzo D.

baranzate, milan, Italy

Languages: Italian (fluent), English (advanced)

Biography: My name is Renzo and I am a licensed English speaking tour leader with 15 years of experience on tour guiding, in Italy and abroad. I live in Milan, ,...

Credentials: Tour Leader - Licence N. 75/2013MB

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Private tour guide Fabrizio

Fabrizio D.

Milano, Lombardia, Italy

Languages: English (fluent), Italian (fluent)

Biography: Hello, I'm Fabrizio and I 'm passionate about art in all its forms. I have a master degree in Communication and Art Education and I chose to live in,...

Credentials: - Tour Guide license. - Master Degree in Communication and Art Education obtained at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome.

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Private tour guide Luca

Luca M.

Milan, Lombardia, Italy

Languages: English (conversational)

Biography: Ciao!! I am Luca and was born and raised here in Valtellina, the valley in the Italian Alps, near Lake Como, studied in Milan and also lived in Wash,...

Credentials: - Licensed Tour Leader since 2013 - Licensed Driver since February 2018 - I worked from 2010 to 2013 for a Tour Operator in USA

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Private tour guide Fausta

Fausta F.

Milano, MI, Italy

Languages: English (fluent), French (conversational), German (fluent), Italian (fluent), Spanish (fluent)

Biography: Hi! I'm Fausta and I have been working as a tourist guide in Milan since 1997. I'm a real "local" since I was born in Milan in 1970 and I've seen my ,...

Credentials: - Licensed tourist guide of Milan (since 1995), Monza (since 1995), Bergamo (since 1997), Como (since 2015) - Licensed tour guide/tour leader (since ,...

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Private tour guide Veronica

Veronica A.

busto arsizio, Italy

Languages: English (fluent)

Biography: Hello! My name is Veronica, I graduated in History of Art in Milan, and while attending university I started to discover better the city and its beau,...

Credentials: I am a licensed tour guide for Milan since 2011 I have a Master Degree in History of Art

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Private tour guide Elena

Elena M.

Milano, Lombardia, Italy

Languages: Italian (fluent), French (fluent), English (fluent)

Biography: Hello! My name is Elena and I'm a licensed tour guide in Milano. I love my job and meeting people coming from everywhere in the world. I was born in ,...

Credentials: License as tourist guide for Food and wine itineraries (2017) Government Tour Guide License (Milano 2010) Food and Catering Degree at Scuola Cucina I,...

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Private tour guide Michaela

Michaela M.

Sesto Calende, VA, Italy

Languages: Italian (fluent), French (fluent), English (fluent)

Biography: Hello! My name is Michaela. I've been working in tourism since 1997. As a travel agent, flight attendant and tour leader I travelled a lot, I met peo,...

Credentials: Official Tour guide: Milan: licence N°532010 Varese and Lake Maggiore: license N°188/2008

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Private tour guide Valeria B.

Valeria B.

Verona, verona, Italy

Languages: Spanish (advanced), Italian (fluent), English (fluent)

Biography: My 25+ years of expertise in giving city and wine tours make me super happy of what I do. Very soon in my career I realized that I loved small groups,...

Credentials: -licensed tourist guide in Verona and its province since 1995 -master degree in Roman Archaeology -master course of Museology and Museography -level ,...

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Private tour guide Barbara

Barbara Q.

Milano, Italy

Languages: English (fluent), German (fluent), Italian (fluent), Spanish (fluent)

Biography: Dear guest welcome in my profile. My name is Barbara and I was born and raised in Milano such as my family who is Milanese since generations. I have ,...

Credentials: Registered Tourist Guide in Milan, Monza and Brianza Registered Tour Manager Degree in History of Art

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Private tour guide Valeria

Valeria Z.

Milano, Italy

Languages: English (fluent), German (fluent), Italian (fluent)

Biography: Hello, my name is Valeria, I'm native Milanese and certified tour guide. I'm a curious person inevitably looking for the treasures hidden in every li,...

Credentials: Official tour guide licensed for Milan

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Private tour guide Fedra

Fedra P.

Milano, Lombardia, Italy

Languages: Italian (fluent), German (fluent), English (fluent)

Biography: My goal??? To show you my city with passion and energy! Together we will discover the city behind the facades! Walk through hidden courtyards off the,...

Credentials: March 2017 license as tourist guide for Food and wine itineraries. I have been a licensed tourist guide for Lombardy since 2009, Member of GITEC Guid,...

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