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There are 10 local guides in Fukuoka-Japan.

Private tour guide Dan

Dan H.

Fukuoka, Japan

Languages: English (fluent), Spanish (advanced)

Biography: Hi! My name is Dan and welcome to Fukuoka and the beautiful island of Kyushu!! I am 42 years old and have been traveling my whole life. I have lived,...

Credentials: International Driving License Professional Performance Coach Scuba Diving instructor

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Private tour guide Yuko

Yuko F.

Amakusa, Kumamoto, Japan

Languages: English (fluent), Japanese (fluent), Spanish (basic)

Biography: Welcome to ToursByLocals of Amakusa. My name is Yuko. I have lived in a small island town called Amakusa for over 30 years. I have worked as a tour g,...

Credentials: I am nationally licensed guide and have acquired LLB from Kobe University.

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Private tour guide Hitomi

Hitomi T.

Fukuoka, Japan

Languages: French (conversational), English (advanced)

Biography: Hello, my name is Hitomi. I lived in foreign countries for over 8 years like US, Canada, France, Australia, Singapore and love traveling like you do.,...

Credentials: I am a national certified guide.

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Private tour guide Asako

Asako I.

Fukuoka, Japan

Languages: Spanish (conversational), Japanese (fluent), English (fluent)

Biography: Welcome to my profile and allow me to introduce myself! My name is Asako. I would love to show you around my home town of Fukuoka in Kyushu Island. ,...

Credentials: National licensed English speaking tour guide(Certification number:317 Fukuoka Pref.) Licensed General Travel Service Supervisor Licensed Tour Conduc,...

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Private tour guide Kao

Kao A.

Kitakyúshú, Fukuoka, Japan

Languages: English (advanced)

Biography: Hi, I'm Kao, a National goverment licensed tour guide. I got a license in 2015. I currently live in Kitakyushu city with my husband and two daughter,...

Credentials: National goverment licensed tour guide.

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Private tour guide Mayumi

Mayumi E.

Koga City, Fukuoka, Japan

Languages: Japanese (fluent), English (advanced)

Biography: Hello. Welcome to my home town Fukuoka. My name is Mayumi, but my nickname is Egg. I just finished my child raising period while working as English t,...

Credentials: 1.National Guide Certificate (English:EN00214) 2.Driver's Licence 3.English Teacher's licence for Junior High and High school students 4.TOEIC 975 SC,...

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Private tour guide Kayoko

Kayoko W.

Chikushino, Fukuoka, Japan

Languages: English (advanced), Japanese (fluent)

Biography: Hello! Thank you for visiting my profile. I'm Kayoko and my English nickname is Kate. I've guided all prefectures in Kyushu including Okinawa, and ha,...

Credentials: National Licensed guide in English since 2011; TOEIC 965; Cambridge English test examiner; English proficiency test grade 1

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Private tour guide Jessica

Jessica C.

Fukuoka, Aichi, Japan

Languages: Spanish (fluent), Japanese (fluent), English (fluent)

Biography: Hi, I'm Jessica from Bolivia, living in Fukuoka for 15 years . I'I love to travel around Fukuoka to find delicious foods and great places to take pic,...

Credentials: Japanese Language Proficiency Test N1

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Private tour guide Akiko

Akiko K.

Kasuga-city, Fukuoka, Japan

Languages: Japanese (fluent), English (advanced)

Biography: Welcome to ToursByLocals of Fukuoka. My name is Akiko. I was born and raised in the southern island of Japan, Kyushu. I like to travel and meet peop,...

Credentials: 1. National Guide Certificate (English: EN00210) 2. English teacher's license to teach at junior and senior high school 3. TOEIC: 990 (Full Score) 4.,...

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Private tour guide Amy I.

Amy I.

Kitakyushu, Fukuoka, Japan

Languages: English (advanced)

Biography: Hello, I am Amy, a national licensed tour guide who loves meeting people from all over the world. I was born in Hiroshima and raised in Kitakyushu ci,...

Credentials: - National Licensed Tour Guide in English ( Date of issue:March,23,2010) - Certified Domestic Travel Service Supervisor

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