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Private tour guide Cheryl

Cheryl M.

Almere, Netherlands

Languages: Dutch (fluent), English (fluent)

Biography: My name is Cheryl I am 36 years old and have had years of experience guiding my international friends through Amsterdam when visiting for the first t,...

Credentials: Qualified to give first aid

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Private tour guide Laura

Laura M.

Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, Netherlands

Languages: English (fluent), Dutch (fluent)

Biography: Hi! I am Laura your local guide in Amsterdam for outdoor activities. From a hospitality perspective background with my Bed & Breakfast I start to sho,...

Credentials: - 20 years experience in hospitality & service - Bed & Breakfast Amsterdam - Local guide in outdoor activities Amsterdam - International certificate ,...

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Private tour guide Bart

Bart V.

Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands

Languages: German (fluent), French (conversational), Dutch (fluent), English (fluent)

Biography: Hi, my name is Bart. Great news that you're planning to visit The Netherlands. I'd love to contribute to make your stay unforgettable. I live with m,...

Credentials: - I am a coach, consultant and enterpreneur. - With a Master's degree in Business Administration at the Erasmus University of Rotterdam and a post gr,...

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Private tour guide Hans

Hans L.

Amsterdam, NH, Netherlands

Languages: English (fluent), Spanish (conversational), German (fluent), Dutch (fluent)

Biography: Easy going private Holland tours by van (max 8 passengers). My main interest is to give you a wider view of Holland than that of only tulips, clogs a,...

Credentials: - Guide and driver since 2002. - Master's Degree, Academy of visual arts, St Joost, Breda, NL - Masterclasses at Hochschule der Künste HdK Berlin, Vi,...

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Private tour guide Gert


Utrecht, Netherlands

Languages: Dutch (fluent), English (fluent), French (basic), German (fluent), Spanish (basic)

Biography: Welcome in Amsterdam and the Netherlands! So many things to do and to see, but for most people so little time, it is difficult to make choices! My da,...

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Private tour guide Jolijn


Amsterdam, Noord Holland, Netherlands

Languages: English (fluent), Dutch (fluent), German (basic)

Biography: Hello I am Jolijn, Born and raised in the Amsterdam area in the Netherlands. I am a private guide how would love to show you my country Experience t,...

Credentials: *Official Art Valuer. *Officially registered with Chamber of Commerce Tourism . *Professional Dutch Driving Licence

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Private tour guide Rocco

Rocco V.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Languages: English (fluent), Dutch (fluent), French (basic), German (basic), Spanish (advanced)

Biography: Hey I'm Rocco - nice to meet you! My passion is helping curious travellers to see the world's most iconic destinations with fresh eyes. If you're se,...

Credentials: - Only Tour guide specialized in the Romantic Side of Amsterdam. - Professional Tourguide for 4 and half years in Amsterdam. - Certificate for comp,...

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Private tour guide Eric

Eric N.

Leiden, ZH, Netherlands

Languages: Dutch (fluent), English (fluent), French (basic), German (advanced), Italian (fluent)

Biography: Hi, I am Eric. Born (1965) and raised in the western coastal region of the Netherlands, historically named "Holland". So you have decided to come t,...

Credentials: Registered Professional Private Hire Driver Commercial Drivers License & Commercial Car Insurance (NB: both are mandatory in The Netherlands when of,...

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Private tour guide Jan


Amsterdam, Netherlands

Languages: German (advanced), French (basic), Dutch (fluent), English (fluent)

Biography: Hello, I'm Jan. Welcome to Amsterdam and The Netherlands! I've graduated in public administration at Leiden University. I have a big passion for hi,...

Credentials: - 13 years experience with doing tours in and around Amsterdam, on foot, by bike, by rickshaw and by minivan. - I'm graduated in public administrati,...

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Private tour guide Dina


Amsterdam, Noord Holland, Netherlands

Languages: English (advanced), Dutch (basic), Greek (fluent)

Biography: Welcome, I'm Dina and I'm sure you will find fascination in exploring with me unique experiences in Holland! As a multi talented and curious driven, ,...

Credentials: - Successful 20 years in hospitality industry and as a private guide from 2016 - Municipality Licence for touring in Old Amsterdam - Chamber of Comme,...

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Private tour guide Ravil

Ravil F.

Amsterdam, NH, Netherlands

Languages: Dutch (advanced), English (advanced), Russian (fluent)

Biography: Dear travellers, May I introduce myself: my name is Ravil. I am an experienced and multilingual guide from Amsterdam. I have more than 15 years of ex,...

Credentials: •I have more than 15 years of experience as a guide in the Netherlands; •I am officially registered with the local Chamber of Commerce; •I have at,...

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Private tour guide Walda

Walda B.

Nijmegen, Gelderland, Netherlands

Languages: Dutch (fluent), English (fluent)

Biography: My name is Walda and I'm an ART HISTORIAN. I'm a museum and city guide and I teach art history since 1995. I'm an ensured TIDS (by IATA) travel agent,...

Credentials: - Master Art history and Archeology - Certified TIDS (by IATA) travel agent - Certificate Hostess (and Tour guide) Euro Academy - Certificate of Prof,...

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Private tour guide Wilbert B.

Wilbert B.

Deventer, Netherlands

Languages: Dutch (fluent), English (fluent), French (advanced), German (fluent), Spanish (basic)

Biography: Good day! Nice to meet you! My name is Wilbert B. Born Dutch and willing to show you my country (always). 
My interest for nature and cultural- and ,...

Credentials: Drivers License; Up to 9 persons First Aid: yearly renewal Overall experience; +30 years in different settings Diploma: Institute for training in the,...

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Private tour guide Riccardo

Riccardo O.

Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands

Languages: English (fluent), Dutch (conversational), French (conversational), Italian (fluent), Spanish (fluent)

Biography: Hello, I'm Riccardo and I was born in Amsterdam from an Italian family. For this reason, I consider myself a joining point between the two cultures. ,...

Credentials: I have more than one year of experience working as a tour guide. I am experienced in operating both small private tours, as well as large groups of u,...

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Private tour guide Patrick

Patrick v.

Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, Netherlands

Languages: English (fluent), Dutch (fluent), German (conversational)

Biography: Dear traveller, My name is Patrick and I'm a passionate traveller myself. Born in the south of the Netherlands, I moved to Amsterdam 5 years ago bec,...

Credentials: - Successful tour leader in Asia for 5 years for a renowned tour operator - Private local guide in Amsterdam since 2016. - Municipality license for g,...

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Private tour guide Rob

Rob E.

Amsterdam, Utrecht, Netherlands

Languages: Dutch (fluent), English (advanced), French (basic), Swedish (basic), German (advanced), Italian (basic)

Biography: Welcome to my page on ToursByLocals. I'am Rob, Dutch, historian and certified National Guide. Sportive and enthousiastic, fond of walking, cycling, l,...

Credentials: Master Degree in History (Utrecht University). Certified National Guide for the Netherlands. License to guide in Amsterdam's city center. Guide in mo,...

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Private tour guide Stefka


Kerkdriel, GLD, Netherlands

Languages: Dutch (fluent), English (fluent), German (basic), Spanish (conversational)

Biography: Looking for Off-the-beaten path, Unique Sightseeing Tours of Holland, by car? My speciality: One- or Multi-day tours outside Amsterdam in the country,...

Credentials: Tour guide experience since 2002. Member of IATM (International Association of Tour Managers), IATM is a allied member of ASTA and ETOA. WSET Level 2,...

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Private tour guide Laura Maria

Laura Maria M.

Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands

Languages: English (fluent), Dutch (conversational), Greek (fluent)

Biography: My name is Laura. I'm an experienced traveller, Amsterdam insider, explorer of history, culture, local life, and culinary enthusiast. I provide walki,...

Credentials: - Private tour guide in Amsterdam since april 2016 - Education in Tourism (LOI institute) - Currently student of National Guide Netherlands, ROCVA Am,...

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Private tour guide Belina

Belina A.

haarlem, NL, Netherlands

Languages: Italian (fluent), French (conversational), Dutch (conversational), English (fluent)

Biography: I am an art historian, I lived 10 years in Haarlem and now I have moved to Amsterdam. I am passionate about architecture, art, photography and food (,...

Credentials: - Art Historian from the University of Milan - Freelance Museum Educator for Rijksmuseum and the Van Gogh Museum - Local agent/ Tour Manager - Offici,...

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Private tour guide Yvonne


Amsterdam, Netherlands

Languages: English (fluent), Dutch (fluent), French (basic), German (conversational), Spanish (advanced)

Biography: I am Yvonne, specialized in Amsterdam tours. Born Dutch, traveled the world, living in Amsterdam. I love history, architecture, legendary stories and,...

Credentials: -Permit Municipality of Amsterdam for guiding in the old town -Private guide in Amsterdam for ToursByLocals since 2011 -Registered with Chamber of Co,...

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Private tour guide Ian

Ian W.

Amsterdam, Nederland, Netherlands

Languages: Portuguese (basic), German (basic), Dutch (fluent), English (fluent)

Biography: I was born in Amsterdam and give tours/work in tourism since I was 17 . When I was young I started working as an actor, after which I traveled all o,...

Credentials: -Certified Tour guide Amsterdam -Former relief worker travellers in need -Tour guide & host trainer -Tour developer -Destination developer -Local age,...

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Private tour guide Frank

Frank K.

Almere, Flevoland, Netherlands

Languages: Dutch (fluent), English (fluent), French (basic), German (fluent)

Biography: Welcome to the Netherlands! My name is Frank, I am a certified guide who loves traveling and meeting people from all over the world. I am passionate,...

Credentials: 2009: SEC/ROC certificate 'National Guide for the Netherlands' 2010: Officially registered with the local Chamber of Commerce 2010: Private guide for,...

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Private tour guide Harry

Harry M.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Languages: English (fluent), Dutch (conversational), German (fluent)

Biography: Welcome to History with Harry! My name is Harry and I'm a wannabe time traveler. If you've ever wanted to step into a time machine and travel back in,...

Credentials: Bachelor of Science in Electronic Media and Film at Northern Arizona University (2015)

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Private tour guide Marianne

Marianne D.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Languages: English (fluent), Dutch (fluent), French (conversational), German (conversational)

Biography: Hello, welcome to Amsterdam! My name is Marianne and I would like to share my views on this beautiful city with you. I have lived in Amsterdam for a,...

Credentials: I am an experienced and professional guide and owner of my own company. I am very flexible and just as interested in our wonderful city as you are. I,...

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Private tour guide Vincent

Vincent A.

Haarlem, Netherlands

Languages: English (fluent), Dutch (fluent)

Biography: History, World war II, van Gogh, Jewish history of Holland, city geography and polders below sealevel. Born and raised in Amsterdam. Tours by car and,...

Credentials: National Guide Netherlands Cum Laude, ROCVA Amsterdam. Official Taxi driver's card and diploma Owner of an incoming touroperator (Destination Managem,...

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Private tour guide Louke

Louke S.

Amsterdam, Nederland, Netherlands

Languages: Dutch (fluent), English (advanced)

Biography: Hi my name is Louke and I am a passionate private tour guide in Amsterdam. I have walked with guests for over 200 tours in my favorite city. I walk i,...

Credentials: I have the certificate of the city of Amsterdam for guiding tours with 4-20 persons in the Red Light District. I usually walk with no more than 4 gue,...

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Private tour guide Giovanna

Giovanna T.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Languages: Italian (fluent), English (fluent)

Biography: As an Italian native speaker I grew up surrounded by the natural beauties of my country, which made me appreciate different types of art. Despite of ,...

Credentials: Working experience as legal consultant (Bachelor's degree in law) and journalist in Italy Freelance tour guide in Amsterdam since spring 2018 Municip,...

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Private tour guide Salomé

Salomé T.

Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, Netherlands

Languages: Dutch (fluent), English (advanced)

Biography: I'm Salomé, a local guide in Amsterdam for the past 5 years. I am a local shop owner, and have worked on many cultural/social projects in the city ce,...

Credentials: - BA of social cultural work - Head of local business aliance 'Rondom de Oude Kerk'

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Private tour guide Dennis

Dennis G.

Amsterdam Area, Netherlands, Netherlands

Languages: Dutch (fluent), English (fluent)

Biography: Hello, I'm Dennis and I love my city. I've always believed Amsterdam has so much more to offer than what the guidebooks tell you. But as a visitor, ,...

Credentials: I studied architecture and I have 15 years of experience in the field of hosting linked to my extensive network, culture and life in Amsterdam.

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Private tour guide Monique

Monique S.

Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands

Languages: German (basic), Dutch (fluent), English (fluent)

Biography: Nice to meet you! My name is Monique and I'm a true 'Dutchy', born and raised in The Netherlands. I grew up very close to Amsterdam and already as a,...

Credentials: Bachelor degree in Journalism Experienced tour guide in Amsterdam (5 years) License to guide in the Red Light District Experience in guiding in the R,...

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Private tour guide Adrie

Adrie B.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Languages: Spanish (fluent), Dutch (fluent), English (fluent)

Biography: I offer private day tours from Amsterdam in a comfortable, air-conditioned van that seats up to 8 passengers. My aim is that you have an unforgetabl,...

Credentials: Private Guide since 2010; Experienced Commercial Driver with full Licence; Registered with Chamber of Commerce in Amsterdam; Commercial Car Insurance

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Private tour guide Roland

Roland S.

Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands

Languages: Dutch (fluent), French (conversational), English (fluent), German (fluent), Spanish (basic), Italian (basic), Portuguese (fluent)

Biography: Welcome to the Netherlands! My name is Roland and I would love to be your private guide in Amsterdam and the Netherlands! I've lived in downtown Ams,...

Credentials: 1993 Graduated at the Eindhoven University of Technology as a User Interface Software Designer. Worked at companies DSM, DAF Trucks, BDO, Rabobank, ,...

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Private tour guide Elke

Elke d.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Languages: Dutch (fluent), English (advanced), German (conversational), Spanish (conversational)

Biography: Hi my name is Elke. As your personal driver and tour guide I offer unique excursions to the Dutch country side. All my excursions are carefully desi,...

Credentials: I am a certified teacher for art and cultural history. Specialties: Off the beaten track excursions North of Amsterdam

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Private tour guide AnnaMaria

AnnaMaria P.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Languages: English (fluent), Dutch (basic), Greek (fluent)

Biography: Hello! I am AnnaMaria, your Amsterdam guide :) I am an all-round culture person and I love introducing people to the artistic and cultural gems of th,...

Credentials: PhD Arts ( A doctoral degree in art studies ) MA Arts ( Master of Arts) BA Arts ( bachelor of arts degree)

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