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There are 16 local guides in Marrakech-Morocco.

Private tour guide El Hassan

El Hassan B.

Marrakech, Morocco

Languages: English (fluent), Arabic (fluent), French (fluent), Spanish (conversational)

Biography: I am originally from the south of Morocco from Tafraout a nice oasis where I spent my first 10 years. I moved to Marrakech with my parents where I gr,...

Credentials: - Tourism Management Diploma “BTS” at a specialized school of Tourism in Marrakech - Graduate degree business management “Licence en Gestion d’entrep,...

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Private tour guide Mohamed Reda

Mohamed Reda B.

Essaouira, Morocco

Languages: French (conversational), Arabic (fluent), English (fluent)

Biography: Salam, I am a credited tour guide by the Moroccan Ministry of Tourism. I was born and raised in the old Medina of Marrakesh. I love my city and I am ,...

Credentials: * Bachelor degree of English Arts Linguistics. * Master degree holder of English linguistics entitled "Communication Studies" at Cadi Ayad University,...

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Private tour guide Oussama

Oussama K.

Marrakech, Morocco

Languages: French (fluent), Arabic (fluent), English (fluent)

Biography: Salam ! I am Oussama, an official tour guide licensed from the Moroccan Ministery of Tourism and Handicrafts. I got my high university degree in Engl,...

Credentials: -Guiding licence from the Moroccan ministry of tourism and crafts N° 2643. -English linguistics bachelor from the university of Marrakech. - Large ba,...

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Private tour guide Mohamed

Mohamed B.

Marrakech, Morocco

Languages: English (fluent)

Biography: Visiting Morocco for the first time, you will likely be astounded by the sights, culture, and terrific food. This is true whether you are visiting Ca,...

Credentials: Tour guide credited by the ministry of tourism of Morocco

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Private tour guide Khalid


Marrakech, Morocco

Languages: Arabic (fluent), English (fluent), French (fluent), Spanish (conversational)

Biography: Hello, Because I love my country Morocco, and because I am passionate about my job;I am sure that you will never regret choosing me as your private t,...

Credentials: -Baccalaureate in modern literature. -D.E.U.G(University Diploma of General studies). - University License in English Literature. -High certificate i,...

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Private tour guide Mustapha

Mustapha B.

Marrakech, Morocco

Languages: French (advanced), Arabic (fluent), English (fluent)

Biography: I am a local guide from Marrakech. I am originally from the Atlas Mountains where I grew up till the age of 4 , then my family moved to Marrakech cit,...

Credentials: Official guide license from Ministery of Tourism B.A from Cadi Ayyad University Local guide License from CFAMM in Tabant First Aid Certificate

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Private tour guide El Mehdi

El Mehdi M.

Marrakech, Morocco

Languages: French (fluent), Arabic (fluent), American Sign Language (fluent), English (fluent)

Biography: Do You Look For an Insider Marrakech Private Tour Guide, Personal Private Shopper or a Local Travel Expert ? If So This is a perfect address to cust,...

Credentials: - Licensed Travel Guide From The Moroccan Tourism and Craft Ministry - Interior Design Degree - First Aid Training Course 2015

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Private tour guide Mohamed

Mohamed A.

Marrakech, Marrakech-Safi, Morocco

Languages: Arabic (fluent), English (fluent)

Biography: Hi everyone, I'm Mohamed, a national - licensed tour guide. First of all many thanks for choosing Morocco as your vacation destination. I would lik,...

Credentials: I hold an accredited badge qualification as well as a first aid certificate. Bachelor of Arts Degree & a university degree in English literature. ,...

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Private tour guide Ismail

Ismail E.

Tinghir, Morocco

Languages: French (fluent), English (fluent), Arabic (fluent)

Biography: As local Berber man from a beautiful Oasis in the south of Morocco, licensed as a cities and tours guide; I would be very grateful to welcome and sho,...

Credentials: Am a cities and tours licensed guide, First aid certificate, certificate of training courses as tourist coordinator.

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Private tour guide Simo A.

Simo A.

Marrakech, EL Haouz Tansift, Morocco

Languages: French (fluent), English (fluent), Arabic (fluent)

Biography: "Salam" "Hello"! . I am an official guide and a tour-leader at the Ministry of Tourism in Morocco ( G/N 814). I used to be a teacher and worked for m,...

Credentials: Univercity degree in English literature in 1992;Univercity degree in socio-linguistics in 1994;Teaching experience during 1995;A guiding License ( G/,...

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Private tour guide Said

Said A.

Ouarzazate, Morocco

Languages: Arabic (fluent), English (advanced), French (advanced), Japanese (conversational), Spanish (conversational)

Biography: I'm Said from a city named Ouarzazate in the south of Morocco. My city is the gate to many landscapes such as deserts, canyons, mountains, oases, lak,...

Credentials: 6 years guiding experience

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Private tour guide Rchid

Rchid M.

Marrakech, MARRAKECH-SAFI, Morocco

Languages: Arabic (fluent), English (fluent), French (conversational), Spanish (fluent), Mandarin (fluent), Russian (fluent)

Biography: Dear travelers My Name is Rchid, I am a Moroccan freelancer Tour Guide licensed by the Moroccan Ministry Of Tourism and Culture, interior designer & ,...

Credentials: Diplomas and certificates - Intercultural Dialogues from University of Georgia (USA) - English Language attestation from Canterbury Christ Church Uni,...

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Private tour guide Ahmed

Ahmed H.

Marrakech, Morocco

Languages: Spanish (advanced), French (fluent), Arabic (fluent), English (fluent)

Biography: My name is Ahmed, and I'm a Berber native of the desert south east of Morocco. I was born and raised in a small village in the desert. My family wer,...

Credentials: - Licensed and Professional Tour Guide. - Many Years of experience with different travel agencies. - I arrange different Morocco Tours. - I use Priva,...

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Private tour guide Redouan

Redouan A.

Marrakech, Morocco

Languages: French (fluent), Arabic (fluent), English (fluent), Spanish (basic), Italian (basic)

Biography: I am a talented, expert, licenced Morrocan tourist guide accumulating twenty-four years of experience . I love travelling all over the world. I am ve,...

Credentials: Licensed Moroccan tourist guide.

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Private tour guide Said

Said I.

Marrakech, Morocco

Languages: English (fluent), Arabic (fluent), French (advanced), Spanish (conversational)

Biography: I am Isouktan, I was born in Marrakesh, I'm Certificated as a tour guide in Morocco, I started as a tour guide in Morocco with clients of different a,...

Credentials: National Tourist-Guide license N°3810 Baccalaureate certificate in humanities science More than 5 years in Guiding services First Aid certificate

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Private tour guide Abdellatif

Abdellatif B.

Marrakech, Marrakesh, Morocco

Languages: French (fluent), Arabic (fluent), English (fluent)

Biography: Hello, my name is Abdellatif B. expert guide with 24 years experience in planning and guiding multi-day tours all over Morocco and day tours in Marra,...

Credentials: BA in English Language and Literature. Moroccan licenced guide no 820 . 22 years of experience . Worked for many premiere American travel agencies . ,...

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