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Private tour guide Mark

Mark C.


Languages: English (fluent), Mandarin (fluent)

Biography: Travelling to Singapore without a guide? Sure why not. …but however it will not be complete without understanding the history, culture and the way of,...

Credentials: # Licensed Tourist Guide (English) by Singapore Tourism Board # Trained in Special Army Company (if that can consider as a Credential) :-) # Voluntee,...

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Private tour guide Michelle

Michelle C.


Languages: Mandarin (basic), Malay (basic), English (fluent)

Biography: Greetings from Singapore! My name is Michelle and I am a true-blue local-born Singaporean. My passion for history, culture and heritage has led me to,...

Credentials: Licence - Singapore Tourism Board - Tourist Guide (English) Professional Certificate - WSQ Create Customer Experience Professional Certificate - WSQ ,...

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Private tour guide Kenny

Kenny C.


Languages: English (fluent), Mandarin (fluent)

Biography: Hi I am Kenny and I am an Events Planner/Tour Guide that is based in Singapore. Having years of experience in planning government, corporate and char,...

Credentials: STB Licensed Tourist Guide (English) PLRD Licensed Security Officer CPR+AED Certified First Aider NATAS Tour Leader NParks Volunteer Nature Guide

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Private tour guide Phil

Phil C.

Singapore, singapore

Languages: Mandarin (fluent), English (fluent)

Biography: Phil C. is a 4th generation Singaporean and the original creator of the Crazy Rich Asians Fan Tour in Singapore. He has been in the travel business f,...

Credentials: Singapore Tourism Board Licensed Tourist Guide (12 years of experience) Singapore Tourism Board Licensed Travel Agent Degree in Business Management,...

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Private tour guide Janice

Janice C.


Languages: English (fluent)

Biography: "Blur the line between traveller and local" Travel with me and I will show you the local way of life! Hello! I am Janice, a locally born Chinese Sin,...

Credentials: Singapore Tourism Board Licensed Tour Guide CPF, AED trained & certified

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Private tour guide Wan Ling

Wan Ling Q.


Languages: Cantonese (fluent), English (fluent)

Biography: Hi, my name is Wan Ling. I am a professional guide and I conduct nature and city tours on this sunny little island home called Singapore. I started ,...

Credentials: Licensed Singapore Tourism Board tourist and nature guide

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Private tour guide Hj

Hj N.


Languages: Mandarin (advanced), English (fluent)

Biography: Good Day my friend !! For the past 50 years I watched the transformation of Singapore into a modern metropolis. I am glad to see many of our built ,...

Credentials: Licensed by Singapore Tourism Board to conduct tours in Singapore in English and Mandarin.

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Private tour guide Jon


Singapore, singapore

Languages: English (fluent), Cantonese (conversational), Mandarin (fluent), Taiwanese (conversational)

Biography: singapore tour guide Jon Xu TourGuide Singapore Having born, educated and lived in Singapore all my life, I am passionate about Singapore and would ,...

Credentials: Singapore Tourism Board - Guiding in ENGLISH Licence Singapore Tourism Board - Guiding in MANDARIN Licence

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Private tour guide Walter

Walter T.


Languages: Cantonese (basic), English (fluent), Malay (basic), Mandarin (conversational)

Biography: I am a local born Chinese and I am a licensed tourist guide in Singapore. I love to share the wonderful mix of Singapore culture, tradition, races an,...

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Private tour guide Edwin

Edwin L.


Languages: English (fluent)

Biography: If you are looking for a tour guide who doesn't just do a good job at tour guiding, but do it with PASSION; If you are looking for a tour guide who c,...

Credentials: A Singapore Tourism Board-licensed tourist guide for more than 10 years Volunteer guide with the National Parks Board for more than 10 years Voluntee,...

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Private tour guide Danny

Danny L.


Languages: English (fluent), German (fluent), Indonesian (fluent), Malay (fluent)

Biography: Hello and greetings from sunny Singapore, the Lion City! My name is Danny and I've been a licensed Singapore private tour guide since 1999. I am a ,...

Credentials: Local Tourist Guide Licence issued by the Singapore Tourism Board since 1999. Red cross training in Singapore (including working with clients requir,...

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Private tour guide Keith

Keith L.


Languages: English (fluent), German (basic), Mandarin (fluent)

Biography: Hello I am Keith, born and bred in Singapore. I am a part time traveller, full time engineer. As a traveller, I take pleasure in exploring places wh,...

Credentials: Singapore Tourism Board Licensed Tourist Guide

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Private tour guide Nurhana

Nurhana J.


Languages: Malay (fluent), Indonesian (fluent), English (fluent)

Biography: Sunshine smiles from Singapore. You can call me Han. Private tour guiding to me is how two parties create memories for each other. So it's not just w,...

Credentials: - Singapore Tourism Board Licence #4759 - Private Hire Car Vocational Licence Holder

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Private tour guide William Ngoh

William Ngoh T.


Languages: Mandarin (conversational), Cantonese (advanced), English (fluent)

Biography: I am William Ngoh, a truly born Singaporean Chinese and have been guiding for the past 10 years. I am a Singapore Tourism Board licensed English guid,...

Credentials: I'm a Singapore Tourism Board licensed guide. Docent for the following museum: 1. National Museum 2. Peranakan Museum 3. Malay Heritage Center 4. N,...

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Private tour guide Monica

Monica T.


Languages: English (fluent), Mandarin (fluent)

Biography: Hello and thank you for taking time to read my profile. I am an experienced and licensed tourist guide with years of experience in the tour guiding i,...

Credentials: Licensed Singapore Tourism Board Tourist Guide

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Private tour guide Jack Min

Jack Min Z.

Singapore, Queenstown

Languages: Mandarin (fluent), English (fluent)

Biography: Dear tourists, I am your Singapore local guide and awaiting you visiting Singapore. I am extremely passionate about telling Singapore stories, shar,...

Credentials: I am Singapore Tourism Board licensed full time professional tourist guide. Received professional travel training. I have Singapore driving license t,...

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Private tour guide Anna O.

Anna O.


Languages: Mandarin (fluent), English (fluent), Cantonese (conversational)

Biography: Some people said: You don't need a Tour Guide in Singapore! Yes, I agree that you don't need a Tour Guide to bring you from one attraction to anothe,...

Credentials: Licensed Tour Guide by Singapore Tourism Board (STB) More than 20 years of tour guiding experience!

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Guide Requirements for Singapore-Island

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