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There are 14 local guides in Penang-Malaysia.

Private tour guide Shan Tatt

Shan Tatt T.

GeorgeTown, Penang, Malaysia

Languages: Cantonese (conversational), English (fluent), Indonesian (conversational), Taiwanese (conversational), Malay (fluent), Mandarin (advanced)

Biography: Hi my name is Tiger, born and raise here in Penang, I feel so proud being a Penangites, is my passion to bring my friends sharing with them every bit,...

Credentials: Malaysia Licensed Tourist Guide

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Private tour guide Muhammad Firdauz

Muhammad Firdauz M.

Penang, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia

Languages: English (fluent), Malay (fluent), Tamil (fluent)

Biography: Hello there, Selamat Datang. . . Welcome to Penang ! I'm Muhammad Firdauz , a Graduated in Travel & Adventure. I have been guiding as a freelanced gu,...

Credentials: 1) Graduated in Travel & Adventure in Hulu Selangor Community College, 2) Licensed Tourist Guide , Ministry of Tourism & Culture (MoTAC) , Malaysia.

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Private tour guide Nooriza

Nooriza I.

George Town, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia

Languages: Malay (fluent), Indonesian (conversational), English (fluent)

Biography: I am a LICENSED city tour guide by Ministry of Tourism & Culture, Malaysia. I am also a member of Penang Tourist Guide Association (PTGA). I provide,...

Credentials: - A LICENSED tourist guides under Ministry of Tourism and Culture (MoTAC), Malaysia. - An OFFICIAL tourist guide for MoTAC whenever involves in Inte,...

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Private tour guide Abdul Shukor

Abdul Shukor A.

George Town, Penang, Malaysia

Languages: Malay (fluent), English (fluent)

Biography: I am a license city tour guide and also at the same time holding a nature guide license from the Ministry of Tourism of Malaysia respectively since y,...

Credentials: I have obtained a guide licence for city/heritage guiding from Ministry of Tourism Malaysia in 2007 and a Nature Guide licence from Department of Wil,...

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Private tour guide Su Li

Su Li L.

Tanjung Bungha, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia

Languages: English (fluent)

Biography: Hello, I'm Su Li, I was formerly an employee of a multinational corporation for 14 years, where I regularly reached out to customers on a global sca,...

Credentials: 1- Panel committee for Malaysia Tourism Quality Assurance Program under Ministry of Tourism & Culture (MoTAC) 2- LICENSED tour guide under Ministry o,...

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Private tour guide Lawrence

Lawrence L.

George Town, PENANG, Malaysia

Languages: English (fluent), Cantonese (conversational), Malay (advanced), Mandarin (fluent), Thai (fluent)

Biography: Total 135 ToursByLocals tours conducted. I provide ONE-DAY or MULTI-DAY tours in Penang, Kuala Lumpur, Malacca, Cameron Highlands, Ipoh, Langkawi etc,...

Credentials: > LICENSED tour guide under Ministry of Tourism & Culture (MoTAC) > More than 15 years' guiding experience in West Malaysia > License number: TG6630 ,...

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Private tour guide Billy O.

Billy O. H.

Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia

Languages: English (fluent), Cantonese (conversational), Indonesian (conversational), Japanese (basic), Malay (fluent)

Biography: Greetings and a Selamat Datang or A Very Warm Welcome to Penang and Malaysia! My name is Billy or Hock as known to some friends and I am a Penang Ba,...

Credentials: Licensed Tourist Guide ( Ministry of Tourism and Culture (MoTAC), Malaysia). A Member of PTGA - Penang Tourist Guides Association IATA Carrier - Vari,...

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Private tour guide Indra

Indra S.

George Town, PENANG, Malaysia

Languages: Tamil (fluent), Malay (fluent), English (fluent)

Biography: SALAM MESRA (best wishes in Malay language)! I live in the capital city of Penang - George Town, UNESCO World Heritage Site. I have been a LICENSED,...

Credentials: ~ Licensed tourist guides under Ministry of Tourism and Culture (MoTAC), Malaysia. ~ A member of Penang Tourist Guides Association, PTGA

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Private tour guide Gim Seng

Gim Seng L.

Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia

Languages: Thai (conversational), Mandarin (fluent), Malay (fluent), English (fluent)

Biography: Penang, better known as " Pearl Of Orient" to some have many names in the past. Names such as "Prince Of Wales Island", " Pulo Pinom", "Pulau Kesatu",...

Credentials: Licensed Tourist Guide by Ministry Of Tourism, Malaysia ( MOTAC)-City Guide ( TG no: 10033. Member of Penang Heritage Trust (,...

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Private tour guide David Chew

David Chew C.

Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia

Languages: Taiwanese (advanced), Thai (basic), Mandarin (advanced), English (fluent), Malay (fluent), Indonesian (advanced)

Biography: "Lai Penang Chiak Hong" is a Penang local Chinese Hokkien dialect of saying "Come to Penang for Holiday" I was borned in the early 70's, a local Hok,...

Credentials: I am a licensed City Guide

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Private tour guide Gary

Gary L.

Penang, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia

Languages: Mandarin (fluent), Taiwanese (fluent), Malay (fluent), English (fluent), Indonesian (fluent), Cantonese (fluent)

Biography: Greetings from the beautiful island - Penang! Hi everyone! My name is Gary L. I have been guiding since 2008. Prior to my present career, I was invo,...

Credentials: I am registered tourist guide licensed under the Ministry of Tourism and Culture of Malaysia. Advanced Diploma in Business Administration. (Associati,...

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Private tour guide Beatrice

Beatrice T.

George Town, Penang, Malaysia

Languages: Cantonese (advanced), English (fluent), Malay (conversational), Mandarin (fluent), Taiwanese (fluent)

Biography: Welcome to Penang the Pearl of the Orient ! Penang has many facets, some of them are world renowned such as its myriads of street food and nyonya cu,...

Credentials: Professional nature guide (licence No. TG7731). Received formal training as nature guide in December 2005, a nature guide training course conducted b,...

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Private tour guide Hoo Peng

Hoo Peng P.

Sungai Petani, Kedah, Malaysia

Languages: Mandarin (basic), Malay (fluent), Indonesian (conversational), Cantonese (basic), English (fluent)

Biography: Looking for a passionate, enthusiastic and fun loving guide to the Heritage city of Georgetown Penang? Welcome to my world then. . . . I am passiona,...

Credentials: 1/ Licence tour guide accredited by Ministry of Tourism, Arts & Culture, Malaysia 2/ Accredited Muslim Halal tour guide by Ministry of Tourism, Arts,...

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Private tour guide Raaj

Raaj G.

Georgetown Penang, Penang, Malaysia

Languages: Mandarin (basic), Tamil (fluent), English (fluent), Malay (fluent)

Biography: Hello! I'm Raaj and I would like to welcome you to Asia. I have done over 200 tours and my goal is to make sure travellers are happy and safe. I am t,...

Credentials: MBA- Completed Certified Tour Guide - Tourism Malaysia

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