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Private tour guide Svetlana

Svetlana V.

Aunay sur Odon, France

Languages: English (fluent), French (fluent), Russian (fluent)

Biography: Since I started work as a D-Day guide in 2013 I have had that great honour to welcome over 20 American WW2 veterans on my tours. Many families of D-D,...

Credentials: -Full time job as a local tour guide since December 2013 -Professional Tour Guide Card delivered by the state of France as the prove of my skills and,...

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Private tour guide Graham

Graham O.

St Mars D'Egrenne, Orne, France

Languages: English (fluent), French (advanced)

Biography: I was born and grew up in Kent, United Kingdom. I am widely traveled and I have been living in Normandy for twelve years, studying the history of thi,...

Credentials: Member of the Guild Of battlefield Guides and a registered in France as Guide Accompagnateur.

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Private tour guide Dominique

Dominique E.

Alençon, Orne, France

Languages: French (fluent), English (fluent)

Biography: I am a professional licensed guide that offers private tours throughout Normandy. I was born and educated in Paris and studied History, History of Ar,...

Credentials: Normandy Tour guide License no 9961001. Loire Valley tour guide license no 0361001

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Private tour guide Ezzedine

Ezzedine H.

Saint Germain La Blanche Herbe, CALVADOS, France

Languages: English (fluent), Spanish (conversational), Italian (fluent), French (fluent), Arabic (fluent)

Biography: I'm a licenced national guide for more than 25 years. I live in Normandy for more than 20 years and so the most interesting sites have no secrets for,...

Credentials: I am a licensed national guide for more than 25 years. I work also as a part-time associate professor at the University of Caen in the Department of ,...

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Private tour guide Valérie

Valérie C.

Brehal, France

Languages: English (fluent), French (fluent)

Biography: I have been a tour guide for 16 years, which makes me more and more passionate about my job. I was born in Normandy and studied History of Art and La,...

Credentials: 1999 : Professional Guiding License n° 1250012P (Minsitry of Tourism). 2010 : Label of Lecturer in Architecture (Ministry of Culture). 1998 : Master ,...

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Private tour guide Marianne


Aube, Normandy, France

Languages: Italian (fluent), English (fluent)

Biography: My name is Marianne and I have been in the tourism business for 36 years. No job could be more fulfilling for me. I am specialized in Normandy and pa,...

Credentials: Tour Guide license awarded by the Ministry of Tourism in 1983 Training by Mr Abecassis owner of Allied Travel in Paris until 1991 ( the most prestigi,...

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Private tour guide Richard

Richard H.

Banville, France

Languages: English (fluent), French (fluent)

Biography: I've been a professional guide since 1991. I'm also a PADI Master Instructor and I traveled all around the world teaching diving and guiding, so I'm ,...

Credentials: Licensed guide of Normandy.

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Private tour guide Damien

Damien H.

Caen, Normandy, France

Languages: Spanish (conversational), English (fluent)

Biography: I was born in Normandy. I grew up in a farm near Caen in a little village called Tilly la Campagne (65 inhabitants, 100% destroyed during WWII). My f,...

Credentials: Agriculture school / 5 years Business school in Food Industy / 2 years Cuisine diploma Driving licence for car and coach (up to 20 persons)

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Private tour guide Igor

Igor R.

Montreuil l'Argillé, Haute-Normandie, France

Languages: Spanish (conversational), Polish (fluent), Italian (conversational), French (fluent), English (fluent)

Biography: As far as I remember I always loved History and telling people about it and showing the best places to eat, have fun, and the best things to do. Bor,...

Credentials: MA in History by the Sorbonne University 2000. Fully Licensed Professonial Driver Regional Guide Certificate

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Private tour guide Elena

Elena B.

Bernieres sur mer, France

Languages: English (fluent), French (fluent), Russian (fluent)

Biography: My name is Elena and I have been living in Normandy for 15 wonderful years. When I arrived, I did not expect to find such a rich region in terms of ,...

Credentials: 2019 Interpretive Guide Training Workshop 2017 Guide - conférencier or Licensed guide of France (N° GC 2017-14-005D) 2017 French license of transpor,...

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Private tour guide Anne-Sophie

Anne-Sophie D.

Caen, Normandy, France

Languages: Spanish (fluent), French (fluent), English (fluent)

Biography: My name is Anne-Sophie. I was born here in Normandy. I've been working as a professional guide for 15 years. For over 10 years i've been doing my tou,...

Credentials: - Bac + 3 Foreign languages (English, Spanish) - Bac + 3 History - Professional tour guiding license since 2005 (N° 05.50.001.P) - 3 Years of the pro,...

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