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If there's one thing ToursByLocals loves, it's travel. If there are two things we love, it's travel and real human connection. Right now, the Coronavirus pandemic is putting both of these things out of reach for our staff, our travelers and our guides.

While we can't fly to Rome or Lima, or give friends a handshake or a hug, we can find new ways to reach out virtually and make human connections around the planet. Want to know how we're doing that? Read on!

In addition to our 4300+ local tour guides, ToursByLocals has around 180 full-time staff. We work out of 4 main offices, on 4 different continents. Some of us work from remote offices, in other countries entirely. But right now, most of us are working from home. We're practicing social distancing, because our priority is keeping each other and those around us, and around the world, safe from the rapidly spreading virus.

In order to stay connected while apart, our staff have started creating short videos from where they're working. The videos are casual, fun and meant to give all of us armchair travellers a window into someone else's part of the world, during this unusual time.

You can watch them on our Facebook Page! Every day for the next couple weeks, we'll be sharing a new video. So far our staff have checked in from Vancouver, Canada and Glasgow, Scotland. We expect to see Mexico, Glasgow, Buenos Aires, Kuala Lumpur and more getting some air time! So...join us! And comment, to let us know what part of the world you call home.
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