Why You Should Visit Romania

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While we adore cities like Barcelona, Amsterdam, Venice and Rome, the summer time crowds are making other, less established destinations look increasingly appealing. Places that boast history, culture, stunning landscapes…without the name recognition that bring throngs of tourists.

Today we’re taking a look at a European country that’s popping up on more radars, as travelers expand their horizons farther east in Europe: Romania. One of our Vancouver staff recently returned from a trip here, and after meeting the guides, and exploring the cities and countryside, he’s convincing us one by one that this should be our next destination too.

Of course the locals do a better job of explaining their country's charms than he can, so we’ve invited three of our Romanian guides to share with us two things: 1. Why we should visit their country and 2. What one thing should we be sure to do when we’re there. Welcome Dan, Liviu and Claudiu, three of our exceptional local guides in Romania.

Guide Liviu in Brasov writes:

Why you should visit Romania:

I would visit Romania for its "innocence". By this, I mean its untamed character: the peaceful villages, the unspoilt natural environment, be it forests covering the country's mountainous backbone, or wetlands, closer to the Danube and the seaside, or the many medieval towns, fortresses and monasteries, sleeping in valleys or on hilltops, like in fairy-tales. And the greatest thing is that this is not a "special-effect", part of some cunningly designed movie-set to capture eager tourists, it is simply the way things have been for centuries, preserved by some loop of history, rich and troubled though it was. In many respects, Romania effortlessly remains an "open-air museum", still inviting to be discovered.

What one thing should you not miss?

One experience I might urge tourists not to miss would be this day’s itinerary: to come to Brasov, "the tourist (and geographical) heart of Romania", and enjoy some time in the Council Square, the vast open pedestrian hub of the old town, then to drive to the dark imposing Bran Castle, well-known for its connection to Dracula's myth, then to the majestic Peles Castle in Sinaia, impressive summer retreat for the former royal family of Romania. A day full of memories to cherish.

Guide Dan in Bucharest writes:

Why you should visit Romania:

Romania has the best from many worlds: the civilization and security of a European country, the mystery of the Balkans and the exotic feel of the east. Don't miss it!

What one thing should you not miss?

If you enjoy spectacular mountain roads, it doesn't matter if you are driving a car, riding a motorbike, cycling or just enjoying the view as a passenger during a tour, don't miss Transfagarasan and Transalpina! These are for sure the most breathtaking roads in Europe, and they can be done both in one day.

Guide Claudiu in Bucharest writes:

Why you should visit Romania:

If you want to escape the daily routine and old habits, if you want to come face to face with traditions and lifestyles which are long-gone elsewhere around the world, Romania is the place to come.

If you want to know the way people used to live, find out more about their beliefs and see what they really cherished, come to Romania.

Among the several reasons which may prompt one to experience and travel to Romania, the main one is probably the country's diversity. The rich, cultural heritage, the important contribution of various ethnic groups across Romania, the varied landscape, as well as its people are just a few of the things that attract visitors to this beautiful country.

What one thing should you not miss?

Never leave without experiencing the local food and drinks on a trip to the so-called “Carpathian Garden”. And don’t miss out on meeting a local guide! We can provide you with windows into the culture here that you would otherwise miss out on.

Our guides are waiting for you...what are YOU waiting for?
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