What is your favourite weekend escape?

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Most of us only take a big holiday once or maybe twice a year. But that doesn’t mean we don’t like to recharge our batteries with mini-getaways in between the big trips. Short-haul travel also tends to be an environmentally-friendly option, as we’re not flying ourselves and luggage thousands of kilometres, but sticking closer to home.

In Vancouver, we’re spoiled for choice of where to go with a weekend off. Well, spoiled for choice if you like the outdoors! There aren’t a ton of urban escapes nearby – although for a change of pace, Seattle is only 225 km away, and Victoria is a short ferry ride across the Georgia Straight. Beaches, mountains, hot springs and old growth forests abound in the slew of Provincial Parks, ski resorts and island retreats that lie within an hour of Vancouver’s downtown. Once ski season begins, there’s nowhere I’d rather be than Whistler, and in summer the scope of hiking and water activities really seems endless.

Other parts of the world boast a greater range of culturally-rich destinations nearby. I envy my sister who lives in London, where a quick train ride (or cheap flight) can whisk her to another country and back in time for work on Monday. Weekends in Paris – blissful!

Many of our guides offer out-of-town day trips, or overnight excursions from urban centres; it’s a great way to travel like the locals! For instance, Adeodata in Toronto takes guests to Niagara-on-the-Lake and St. Jacob’s village, while Eduardo in Rio de Janeiro offers excursions to the beautiful beachside community of Niteroi.

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