Aaaand..Action! TBL Launches European Video Project

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Yesterday marked the start of a terrific adventure and exciting new project for ToursByLocals. We've sent one of our staff members - an avid photographer and videographer - out into the wilds of Western Europe for the chance to film dozens of our guides in action.

Lucia is travelling with another videographer/photographer and together they'll be working to capture the spirit of a ToursByLocals experience on camera. We'll be sharing the resulting videos on our website to give all our travellers the chance to "meet" more of our guides before they book a tour, and to get excited about the myriad experiences that await them.

So where will this journey take Lucia and Agustin? It's going to be a whirlwind one, through some of Europe's most popular destinations. In just 21 days, they will be meeting ToursByLocals guides and filming in 9 different cities: Barcelona, Lisbon, Dublin, London, Paris, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Rome and Florence.

We're excited to see the footage Lucia brings home! We know she's going to do a fantastic job bringing our guides to life via video for travellers everywhere. (We just hope her hectic filming schedule leaves her time to do laundry along the way.)
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