Meet the Guide: Victor Hugo in Santiago, Chile

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Victor Hugo from Santiago, Chile is the kind of guide who elicits 5-star reviews like this: "Without a doubt, the most professional, kindest, most courteous person that I have had the pleasure of meeting." Victor guides in a part of Chile where you can explore mountains, vineyards and vibrant port cities all in the same day.

1. Guide’s name: Victor Hugo in Santiago, Chile.

2. Why did you become a guide? It all began when I was studying for my English Teaching as Second Language career at University over 20 years ago, and I needed to pay for my studies; I decided to became a tour guide in my summer holidays, because of my English language knowledge and because I enjoy very much working with people and I love showing them my country and my favourite places.

3. Tell us why you love your part of the world:
It's very easy to love my country, because it is such an interesting place to live and visit, since it's full of many beauties: scenic landscapes with all kinds of geography on its mountains, coast line, valleys, desert, islands, fiords, glaciers and cities. Also, its contrast in weather conditions make of this country a special place to visit, and finally the nice and friendly cultural patterns of the people living here. All that makes me love the place where I live.

4. Top 3 things not to miss when visiting your part of Chile:
1. Valparaiso sea port and city; it´s a unique city to visit, because of its colorful hills and magic neighbourhoods.
2. The Colchagua Museum: it´s the most impressive and big museum in Chile.
3. The Santiago Public Cementerio General; it´s one of the largest and most scenic cemeteries anywhere: almost 200 years old, it's definitely a unique place in the whole world.

5. Best place to go for a great photo:
I would say it´s the San Cristobal Hill or Metropolitan Park in Santiago city.

6. Tell us one local food specialty everyone visiting your part of Chile should try:
Chilean Shrimps (Gambas) in Pil-Pil sauce and Pollo al Cognac (Chicken with cognac).

7. What’s your favourite local restaurant?
I have two: Las Ostras de Azocar (sea food) in Santiago and Hamburgo (sea food) in Valparaiso.

8. Best place to celebrate a special occasion:
Camino Real restaurant in San Cristobal Hill Santiago and the Valparaiso Fireworks Show on New Year’s Eve, it's incredible for a family celebration.

Heading to Santiago this year or next? Get in touch with Victor Hugo to discuss how you can best experience the city, mountains and wine country of Valparaiso.
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