Verified Reviews: what does this mean for travelers?

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If you've ever made a booking - or contemplated making a booking - on ToursByLocals, you've likely read reviews left by previous travelers. These reviews are a cornerstone of our business: they act as an on-going report card for our guides and our company letting us know what we're doing right - and occasionally where we need to improve.

For travelers, they provide valuable peer reviews of our services, and can help you choose the perfect guide for your travel plans.

In the past 12 months, ToursByLocals travelers have written exactly 11,418 reviews of their experiences with our guides. In order to leave a review, a traveler needs to have registered on our site, purchased a tour, taken the tour, and the guide must have confirmed that the tour was delivered. Only then is the traveler able to log in and leave a review of their experience. This is what we mean when we say that our reviews are verified: that only people who have taken a tour with a guide can leave a review of that tour.

On peer review sites like TripAdvisor, anyone can leave a review of absolutely anything, so long as they register with an email address. They can leave 5 star reviews, 1 star reviews and anything in between, but the reader has to decide which reviews to trust and which ones to be skeptical about. With our verified reviews, ToursByLocals guarantees that every review is written by a traveler who has experienced that tour.

Travelers occasionally ask us why there are so many 4 and 5 star reviews on our site, and why they rarely see a low star rating. The reason is simple: since 2008 we've been cultivating our team of guides, growing and refining and making sure that only the best people are a part of the ToursByLocals team. Of the 11,418 reviews that were left for our guides in 2014, 97.6% were 4 or 5 stars (and 90% of those were 5 star!) When the rare 1, 2, or 3 star rating comes in, our guide managers spring into action to find out why the traveler didn't have an excellent experience. The guide gets coaching, and if the problem occurs again, that guide is removed from our site.

When you book a ToursByLocals guide, you're never rolling the dice: you can trust the reviews, and you can trust the team who strives every day to provide you with a refined network of the best local guides in the world.
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