Venice Like a Local: Tips from a Guide

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If you're a ToursByLocals traveler, you know there's more to Paris than the Louvre, more to Rome than the Colosseum, and more to Venice than gondola rides and St Mark's Square. Today Elisabetta, a long time guide and sixth-generation Venetian, joins us to share some of her favourite things to do in Venice, so you can experience the living city behind the crowded attractions.

Why did you become a guide, Elisabetta?

I started to take people around many years ago when after living abroad for a long period of time. When I returned, I loved to show my city to all the friends from abroad that would come and visit.

What do you love most about Venice?

When I think about it I am sure that I started to see Venice in a different light while I was away for so long. I started to see the city from a different perspective, and to miss it. One of the things I missed most is walking early in the morning through the Piazza Saint Mark and hearing only my foot steps. That and having a glass of wine at one of Rialto’s many fine bacari (wine bars).

What's the best place to go for a memorable photo?

A spot I love would be the top of the Campanile of San Giorgio to take one of the most amazing pictures.

What's one local food specialty everyone visiting Venice should try?

The concentrated flavor of my city I think is in a mozzarella in carrozza (deep fried mozzarella sandwich) and a glass of prosecco.

Do you have a favourite local restaurant?

Yes, and it's one place I would never miss In Venice if I was a visitor! It's one of my favourite local Trattorias, just behind my house, called "Codroma". Here you'll see locals like me enjoying a glass of wine or a small plate of cicchetti, while reading the local newspaper.

What's your favourite place to celebrate a special occasion?

I love to celebrate special occasions with friends and family, and I have a favourite place a few minutes from Saint Mark square, called Ristorante do Leoni.

Can you share one thing travelers probably don't know about Venice?

The most fascinating village lies nearby: Asolo. Under the Venetian Republic, the Queen of Cyprus - Caterina Cornaro lived in the castle. The beauty of the place has attracted many intellectuals and artists: Henry James, Robert Browning, Eugene Benson, Giosué Carducci, Igor Stravinsky, Eleonora Duse and Freya Stark. I can take you there!

Thank you for the tips, Elisabetta! We'll conclude with a snippet from this guide's most recent tour review: "Such passion! Such energy! Yet such kindness & gentleness (esp with our sons)! Elisabetta enthralled us with a wonderful tour of the city she knows inside out." If you'd also like to explore Venice with Elisabetta, send her a message! She'll be delighted to customize the perfect day for you.
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