A Dozen Unique Travel Experiences You Need to Have in 2019

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Where are you going in 2019? And even more important…what will you be doing when you get there? With guides offering unique tour experiences in over 155 countries around the world, one of our favourite activities at ToursByLocals is browsing just what’s possible!

Today we’re sharing with you a dozen unique travel experiences you can have with a ToursByLocals guide, on six different continents. From wine tasting to dog-sledding, there’s something for every type of adventurer!

Twelve New Travel Experiences for 2019

Go dog-sledding near Quebec City, Canada
Experience a quintessential Canadian winter activity: go dogsledding and snowmobiling in the snowy forests outside of Quebec City! Your guide will make sure to have a thermos of hot chocolate handy to keep you warm.
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Photograph the surreal landscapes of Chile’s Atacama Desert
Head to one of the world’s driest places – and also one of the most surreal. Reflective salt plains, sand dunes, geysers, lunar landscapes, and even flocks of fabulous pink flamingoes. At night time, the night sky provides an entirely different view; the Atacama desert is one of the world's best places for stargazing.
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Walk amongst millions of butterflies in El Rosario, Mexico
Monarch Sanctuary
Venture a couple hours outside of Mexico City between November and March and you’ll find the El Rosario Butterfly Reserve, the only place on the entire planet to witness millions of migrating monarch butterflies. After travelling south almost 3000 miles, the butterflies return every winter to the Reserve to congregate and cluster onto the pine and ovamel trees.
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Learn to cook a traditional Turkish meal in Istanbul
Enjoy making Turkish friends and bonding over food, while cooking a traditional meal in a Turkish home. With the cruise ships returning to Turkey in 2019, Istanbul will once again be playing host to many travellers. This sort of intimate local experience will keep you away from the crowds.
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Golf under the midnight sun in Alesund, Norway
Norwegians love golf, and the sport is less expensive and exclusive here than in many other parts of the world. Visit Norway’s first golf club - Åndalsnes Rauma - with your local guide, and pick up some tips from a pro while you’re there!
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Swim across the Equator, in Lake Victoria, Uganda
“Remember that time we swam across the equator…?” (How many people get to say that?) You can be one of the few if you go for a boat ride (and swim!) in Uganda’s Lake Victoria. Bonus: on the other side you get to meet rescued chimpanzees – definitely a reward worth swimming for!
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Drink port wine in the Douro Valley, Portugal
“The Douro Valley, World Heritage-listed by UNESCO, could as easily be called ‘The Enchanted Valley’, such is the beauty and magic of its landscapes.” So says our local guide, and we trust you’ll feel the same way after a day spent sipping wine in this magical part of Portugal.
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Go sand-boarding in western Australia
For the intrepid adventurer who’s done everything…what about sand-boarding down desert dunes in western Australia? Stop to meet some local koalas and kangaroos at Yanchep National Park while you’re at it.
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Spot lemurs on a safari in Madagascar
Did you know there are nearly a hundred species of lemurs? The Lokobe Reserve on Nosy Be (or Big Island), in Madagascar is your prime opportunity to view these remarkable animals in their natural habitat. Join guide Ravo who’s a seasoned expert in navigating the area to catch the best glimpses of lemurs and other endemic Madagascar wildlife including frogs, snakes and chameleons.
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Listen to live jazz in New Orleans
Jazz is as much a part of New Orleans’ cultural makeup as beignets and Bourbon Street, and there’s live music happening seemingly everywhere, every night. Our local guide will take you to the best spots to appreciate this uniquely N’Awlins scene.
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Go “forest bathing” in Japan, and meet the Snow Monkeys!
When it is cold, the wild snow monkeys near Nagano bathe in hot springs. Your guide will take you for a peaceful Shinrinyoku walk to spot the monkeys, ending with a outdoor foot spa in a local onsen.
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Make Pisco Sours in a Peruvian Kitchen in Lima
Your guide Aaron throws open the doors to his mother Danmar’s house, and invites you inside to learn the secrets of a traditionally prepared Peruvian meal. Start with a visit to the local market to see the ingredients first hand, then watch (and help if you wish!) while Danmar prepares dishes like ceviche, arroz con pollo, and a mouth-watering pisco sour.
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