Uganda Beyond the Safari

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Among international travelers, Uganda is probably best known as the home of the majestic mountain gorillas, but today our Kampala guide Carolyn joins us to suggest other facets of her country that you may wish to explore, should you decide to make the journey to eastern Africa.

A Ugandan Cultural Experience: The Baganda

Tourists are traveling to Uganda this July (peak tourist season) for wildlife safaris. It's spectacular! But it would be shortchanging oneself to only experience Uganda's nature and wild side.

Uganda's Wildlife

Without a doubt, a safari in Uganda should be on everyone's bucket list. Who wouldn't want to have their breath taken away by beautiful, dramatic landscapes? Even Winston Churchill called Uganda “The Pearl of Africa.”

Very few would pass up on the chance to spend some time observing the mighty mountain gorilla. Two-thirds of the world's gorilla population lives in Uganda. Behold the African bush elephant, tremble before its incredible size as it flaps its big ears. Did you know there's an underground forest in Uganda? Trek through the valley of apes with a rare climate and meet humankind's closest relative.

Bathe in the world's longest river's spray as it bursts forth through a narrow opening and drops 130 feet! Our natural forests hold secrets in the form of the most colorful, rare birds. Uganda has more than 1,000 bird species recorded thus far. Marvel at a special type of lion sleeping the day away high up in the trees. If this doesn't make for an amazing safari experience, I don't know what does. But while all this sounds amazing, it's not all! It would be a shame to leave Uganda without seeing her other side. Explore the country beyond wildlife safaris.

Uganda's Culture

Uganda is very much cultural, having over 56 tribes. Our culture is evident in the way we dress, our language, dance, food and even marriage.
 The capital of Uganda is found in the Central region, part of which is also the Buganda Kingdom. So organized is the kingdom that when the British arrived in the late 1800s, they were impressed at the societal structures in place. They named the country after this kingdom and used it to establish British rule. Buganda still has structures that exist to this day: her parliament, palaces, burial chambers, King, Queen and other cultural sights. The Buganda kingdom is the most dominant kingdom still present to date. During my Kampala City Private tour, we delve deep into the politics and history of the kingdom – past actions that still have an effect on the country today.

If you come with me for a Ugandan Unique Cultural Experience, you get to spend the day as a Muganda. During this day, you’ll experience the customs, gender roles, sex, food, music, and dance of this amazing tribe. You will even learn about the history of feminism in this tribe. Travelers are no longer spectators but participants in a meaningful cultural exchange. This extraordinary and unforgettable experience is also very educational.

Uganda is one of the friendliest countries in the world; take the time to get to know her people and their cultures.
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