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Sometimes a traveler has such a fabulous time on their private tour, and is so impressed with their guide that they make an extra effort to let others know about it. We encourage all travelers to review their guides directly on the ToursByLocals site, as this sort of peer review helps others who are researching the best guide for their needs. But some people - those who really want to shout from the rooftops - choose to tell other travelers about their guides on largely trafficked sites like

If you were to head to TripAdvisor today and type "ToursByLocals" in the search field, you'd see 79 reviews. And - amazingly - they are without exception positive. Of course the internet is a great place to rant about poor experiences, so we feel this slew of five star guide reviews is a testament to both our amazing guides and our company's commitment to providing superior customer service. We recognise that you've got just one shot to make your vacation the best it can be, and we work hard with our guides to ensure there are no unexpected surprises that could detract from your enjoyment.

A particularly glowing TripAdvisor Review popped up today for our guide Seán in Madrid, who has led 18 ToursByLocals tours and has a 5-star rating on our site. The text is below:

We booked a ToursByLocals tour with Sean to walk about this old city shortly after our arrival. A family of four - 2 teenagers (16 and 18), mom and dad - We were jet lagged but knew we had limited time in such a significant and big city as Madrid. So out we went, 5 hours after landing with Sean. He was AMAZING! Sean is SO friendly and SO knowlegdeable about every detail of Spanish history. We saw and learned so much in our limited time, yet Sean accomodated our level of ability to manage with no sleep. We could have spent three days with Sean - he literally felt like family. I have travelled in many countries, using many tour guides and can honestly say that Sean was the best. He was delightful and polite to be with, smart and fun. I could not recommend him enough! Thanks so much Sean - the Lanphear family!!

Kudos Seán! Keep up the amazing work.
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