Kudos from a local Vancouver-ite

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We recently received a lovely email message from a client who lives in our own hometown of Vancouver. At ToursByLocals, we work very hard every day to keep not only our travelers, but also our guides happy. To hear that we are succeeding warms our hearts!

Here's the message we received:

We recently took three ToursByLocals tours in South America, and each one was a resounding success. We found them to be far superior to any similar tours we've taken over the years, and to anything offered by the cruise ship we were on. What truly warmed the cockles of our hearts, though, was the fact that a company from our hometown was so well thought of by the guides we met. Each one of them commented on how well-run, honest and reliable your organization is. We felt proud simply by the association of coming from the same city. You're giving Canadians, and Vancouverites, a good rep in the world, and we love it! Thank you. Eleanor Joughin.

Thank you Eleanor! And it wouldn't be right if we didn't acknowledge the three fine guides who helped to make Eleanor's trip such a resounding success. Michelle in Montevideo, Lais in Rio and Luciano in Buenos Aires - thank you for sharing your enthusiasm, friendliness and local expertise: you embody all that ToursByLocals stands for.
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