Where to Find Great Travel Writing Online

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Many of us who enjoy travel also enjoy reading about others’ travels and their travel tips. As GoNOMAD (one of the sites we recommend below) explains, good travel stories need to be more than just pretty pictures and rosy descriptions of exotic places: the best travel writing is transformative, informative and thoughtful. Today we’ve put together a shortlist of our favourite online sources for quality travel writing. The list is by no means exhaustive, but it provides several excellent places for you to start looking for travel inspiration and information.

BootsnAll: BootsnAll bills itself as the one-stop indie travel guide. They’ve been around and online since 1998, and we find their travel articles are consistently well-researched, thorough and thoughtful. Samples of the topics they cover include eco-friendly travel, voluntourism, slow travel, round the world travel, and of course travel tips from hotspots around the world, be they traditional markets in Latin America or Safaris in Africa.

JourneyWoman: Evelyn Hannon is Journeywoman, an extremely prolific travel writer, who blogs, tweets, sends out newsletters and compiles travel tips from other women around the world. Her website is an absolute goldmine of information for female travelers – whether they are traveling solo, with a partner, with kids or as part of a group. Journeywoman helps everyone from Cruisers to Backpackers to Jetsetters, offering invaluable tips about packing, safety, culture-appropriate clothing, volunteering, shopping…she covers it all, amd covers it well.

New York Times Frugal Traveler: The Frugal Traveler has been a long standing feature in the New York Times. Being the New York Times, “frugal” doesn’t mean dirt cheap; the writer, Seth Kugel, isn’t a shoestring backpacker, trying to do Europe on $50/day, but he does try to show us the best ways to spend our money when we travel. We’d recommend also looking up the paper’s former Frugal Traveler, Matt Gross, who continues to work for the New York Times, and has been researching and writing an interesting series on “getting lost” (and abandoning digital crutches) in cities around the world.

GoNomad: With their team of writers pumping out great travel stories like there’s no tomorrow, GoNomad is an excellent place for both a fun read and some serious travel planning. Recent articles cover topics like Biking in Europe; Drinking with Locals in Bonavista, Newfoundland; and Traveling with a Disability.

Lonely Planet: The grand-daddy of them all, Lonely Planet has been producing travel guide books since the 1970s. Their website is an incredible repository of information on pretty much any country you could ever wish to visit. In addition to their superb destination information, the website’s writers are constantly churning out new articles, such as “40 free attractions in New York” or “Riding the Rails in India.”

There! So now you’ve got something to do with all that free time you had. :) Read away, but bear in mind the warning on Canadian adventurer Bruce Kirkby's Website: “Don’t spend too long online. Get outside, Breathe fresh air. Life is short. Enjoy it.”
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