Free Tickets: Find ToursByLocals at 11 Travel Shows this Winter!

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In 2017, ToursByLocals will be sending company representatives to 11 travel trade shows in North America and the UK. Each show expects between 20,000 – 30,000 enthusiastic travellers to attend, all looking for companies they can trust to provide them with exceptional travel experiences.

We love travel trade shows. While most marketing experts will tell you advertising money spent online delivers better reach and results, we’ve found that there’s no substitute for the one-on-one discussions we get to have with our travellers, face-to-face at these shows. It helps us all understand each other better.

In the past, many ToursByLocals guides have joined us at our booths, including guides from New Zealand, Turkey, Ukraine, Italy, Canada, the UK, US, and Croatia. This year, we’ve sent invitations to guides from all over the world and expect to have even more of an international presence at our booths in 2017.

The shows are fun; they feature live cultural performances, the chance to taste food from all over the world, and listen to speakers like Rick Steves, Pauline Frommer and Peter Greenberg. If you live in or near one of the following cities, and would like to attend a travel show there, we have free tickets to give away, and we’d love the chance to meet you!

Here’s where we’ll be:

Washington, DC: January 14-15
Chicago: January 21-22
New York City: January 26-29
London, England: February 2-5
Boston: February 10-12
San Francisco: February 11-12
Los Angeles: February 18-19
San Diego: March 4-5
Denver: March 18-19
Philadelphia: March 24-25
Dallas: April 1-2

Just send us an email to: and we’ll send a pair of free tickets your way.

We’re looking forward to meeting you!
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