Who Were 2013’s Busiest Guides?

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At the end of each year, we get to compile a lot of interesting numbers: how many travelers toured with our guides? Which guide sold the most tours? Which tours were the most popular? Where are most people traveling?
Hot destinations won’t surprise anyone: Paris, Kyoto, Rome, Tokyo, Dubai, St. Petersburg, Bangkok, Rio – ToursByLocals travelers flock to these world-class cities along with the rest of the world, and they’re all wonderful places to get off the beaten path and explore with a local guide.

The question we wanted answered today was: which of our 1700+ guides were the busiest in 2013? Below, we’re going to share the names of the 10 guides who booked the most tours last year; if you’re thinking of booking a tour with one of them in 2014, we’d advise you to book soon, as their calendars are going to fill up very quickly!

1. Yasuko M. in Tokyo
Yasuko delivered more tours than any other ToursByLocals guide in 2013 (141 in total)! She does everything from Tokyo “Kawaii” fashion tours to traditional architecture walks and daytrips to Mt. Fuji.

2. Chizuko in Kyoto
Our Japanese guides were very popular this year: Chizuko takes travelers on cultural tours of Kyoto, which sometimes include traditional tea ceremonies, visits to markets and even a cooking lesson at her own home.

3. Genevieve in Paris
Genevieve has been a ToursByLocals guide since 2010 and has met travelers for an incredible 300 tours of her city since then. Whether you’re with girlfriends, children or on a romantic getaway, Genevieve can show you parts of the city you’ve never seen – and will want to see again.

4. Dino in Rome
Dino has a PhD in Roman History, but his “lectures” around the city include gelato, Italian wine and his lively sense of humour. He wants his travelers to fall in love with Rome, just as he did many years ago.

5. Tomislav in Dubrovnik
Tomislav only became a ToursByLocals guide in May of 2013, so his tour numbers this year (over 100) are particularly impressive! Dubrovnik was the location used in the hit TV series Game of Thrones, and Tom’s runaway success was partly driven by the wonderful Game of Thrones tours he’s created for fans of the show.

6. Ken in Kyoto
Ken has homes in both Kyoto and the ancient city of Nara and leads tours around both areas. His interests are many: history, art, literature, Haiku, business, economy, anime, martial art, Ninja and bird watching. Travelers routinely praise his deep knowledge of local culture.

7. Barti in Dubai
Barti takes travelers on chauffeur-driven tours around Dubai and other parts of the UAE. He has been a resident of Dubai for over 20 years and delights in sharing his city’s attractions, and his own stories, with visitors.

8. Eugenie in Paris
Eugenie has a passion for art and for Paris that is infectious. She has given almost 300 tours with ToursByLocals in the past three years, and her glowing traveler feedback is a testament to her superb guiding skills.

9. Scott in Hawaii
Scott will tell you he lives in the most spectacular place on earth – and if you spend a few hours with him on the Big Island of Hawaii he won’t be shy about showing you his favourite spots. From glowing lava lakes to green sand beaches, you’ll visit places that have never seen a bus tour.

10. Jiri in Prague
Jiri was born and raised in Prague, and offers tours of the “golden city” and all throughout the Czech Republic. Travelers are always complimenting him on his vast knowledge – particularly of the history of Jewish Prague – and on his amazing energy.

Congratulations to these guides for all the work they’ve done with ToursByLocals in the past year. We’ve only listed the ten guides who booked the most tours, and I’m compelled to add that they represent just a small handful of the wonderful, dedicated, knowledgeable people on our site. To celebrate our guides in quieter destinations around the world, watch for a future article: “Ten places ToursByLocals suggests you go for a truly “local” travel experience”!
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