Meet the 400 Club! Seven ToursByLocals Guides and their 3300 tours

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ToursByLocals has been in business since late 2008, and in the almost 7 years since we started, we’ve seen scores of fabulous guides become long-term ToursByLocals partners, and highly successful travel companions to our travellers. Today we’d like to recognize 7 of our most successful partners. Each of these guides has taken over 400 groups of ToursByLocals travellers on private tours, equalling 3300 tours between them! We think these numbers are something the guides should be proud of, not to mention the hundreds of 5-star reviews each of them has earned.


Sunil in Dubai
Sunil has led an incredible 558 tours since he started with ToursByLocals in August 2010. From city tours of Dubai and Abu Dhabi to desert safari dinners, Sunil shows why the UAE is like nowhere else on earth.

Genevieve in Paris
Genevieve works in ToursByLocals’ most popular destination: Paris. Whether you’re on a girls’ getaway, a family vacation or travelling as a couple in search of Parisian romance, Genevieve can strike the right note with her private tours of the City of Light. Along with Sunil, she is in the exclusive "over 500 tours" club!

Chizuko in Kyoto
Chizuko lives in the cultural capital of Japan: Kyoto. The success of her tours stems from the way she integrates cultural lessons into classic sightseeing. Her travellers come away with hands-on knowledge of the art of Japanese cooking, a traditional tea ceremony and origami.

Eugénie in Paris
“Eugenie was an absolute delight -- pleasant, enthusiastic, knowledgeable and accommodating. What more could you ask for?” This sums up this Parisian guide to a tee; check out her Versailles and Louvre tours, which are especially popular.

Jiri in Prague
This busy Czech guide is a font of knowledge, especially when it comes to the history of Prague. Interested in architecture? Jewish heritage? WWII history? Medieval castles? Jiri never disappoints.

Dino in Rome
Dino’s PhD in Roman History gives him serious expert credentials. But alongside his wealth of knowledge, it’s Dino’s sense of humour and engaging personality that stand out to travellers.

Tomislav in Dubrovnik
Tomislav’s “Game of Thrones” tour was officially the most popular tour on the ToursByLocals site in 2014. 2015 numbers haven’t come in yet, but we wouldn’t be surprised if it’s #1 again. But don’t worry – as a licensed Dubrovnik guide, Tom’s expertise extends far beyond the HBO series! Dubrovnik comes alive in his tours of this fabulous port town.

We need to end with an important note: while today we're celebrating these 7 unique partners, we're proud of every one of our 1616 guides. We have incredible people working everywhere from Madagascar to Ushuaia, Romania to Durban. Not every place gets as many travellers as cities like Paris and Dubai, but the guides who work there are also extremely special, hard-working and interesting people; we look forward to sending more adventurous travellers their way.
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