Things to See, Do and Eat in Vienna

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Today we welcome ToursByLocals guide Marieta to our blog. Marieta lives and works in Vienna, Austria, and her tours can show you everything from the city’s rich musical history to how to make a traditional Viennese apple strudel – in her home! Here she shares with us some of her favourite things to see, do and eat in Vienna.

My name is Marieta and I became a guide because this profession gives me the possibility to make people happy - in other words, to see the “fruits” of my work immediately. As an independent guide, my hours are flexible and I am on the move all day - perfect for my energetic nature!

Explore the world’s most liveable city!

Winery overlooking Vienna

Vienna is one of the most attractive cities in Central Europe and has repeatedly been recognized as having the highest quality of life worldwide. From one side it has the history and heritage of an imperial residence city and from the other it has developed into a modern, livable metropolis offering amenities for every sector of life. I hear travelers say: “I am amazed”, “It’s glorious”, “I am overwhelmed” and “What a wonderful city!” I am very glad to be able to contribute to their experience with my narrative.

What to see in Vienna

Belvedere Palace, Vienna

While you are in Vienna, you should not miss a walk or a drive on the Ringstrasse, the boulevard in circular form, built during the second half of the 19th century. Here you will find the most majestic public buildings of the city. At night it is an exquisite experience to drive along the beautiful, illuminated avenue.

Make time for a stroll in the gardens of the baroque Belvedere palace, the summer residence of Prince Eugene of Savoy with a beautiful view over the city, or the gardens of the Schönbrunn palace, the former imperial summer residence.

Especially unique is the Kunstkammer (the Chamber of Wonders) in the Museum of Fine Arts, which is a collection of over 2000 objects of decorative art from the Middle Ages to the Baroque period with the highest artistic quality.

What and where to eat and drink

Apple Strudel in Vienna

Vienna is the best place (and I am not exaggerating, because I am well-traveled myself!) for pastries. This is THE city of the Apple Strudel, the Sacher Torte and a great variety of tasty combinations of flower, sugar, eggs, fruit and chocolate. Since Italy is not so far, we also have excellent ice cream in summer.

Vienna is also proud to offer top quality wine. The vineyards are within the boundaries of the city and if you come at the right season, you can taste the local wine while sitting on a bench in the vineyard next to the locals.

The famous Viennese Schnitzel (thin cutting of veal, breaded and fried) is offered in good quality in almost every restaurant; you just have to make sure they have the real VEAL Viennese Schnitzel. My favorite restaurant is Leupold in the Schottengasse, where you can choose between traditional Viennese dishes and seasonal dishes for reasonable prices. There you can try “a Zwickl” (non-filtered beer) or some good Viennese wine.

Since 2013, Marieta has delivered nearly 400 tours to ToursByLocals travellers! If you're headed to Vienna in 2020, consider getting in touch with her to make your experience in her city a truly unforgettable one. You can reach her here: Marieta's tour page.
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