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Ten Amazing Places to Share a Beer with Your Dad…other than your living room

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Spending time with our Dads is the greatest gift we can give them, and ourselves. And we’re betting that your Dad – like a great many humans on the planet – likes to spend time relaxing and chatting over a glass of beer.

You could pull a cold one out of the fridge…or you could share an unforgettable afternoon or evening in a new place, making memories together, and bonding over a Pilsner, Guinness, Asahi, or Barranco. Below find our ten suggestions for unforgettable beer tours around the world.

Ten Places to Share a Beer With Your Dad

Visit an 1842 brewery in Pilsen, Czech

Just over an hour from Prague lies the city of Pilsen, Czech home to one of the world’s most famous beers: the Pilsner Urquell. Visit the brewery, in operation since 1842, and enjoy a cold one in this beer-loving nation.

Enjoy drinks with a beer sommelier in Munich, Germany

Munich is possibly the greatest beer destination in the world, because – as our guide Sabina puts it: “We have more than 20 different styles of Beer, 4000 brands, the highest rate of per-capita consumption in the country (40% more than the national average!) and the largest beer festival in the world.” Pretty good reasons to enjoy a beer in Munich!

Sample craft beer in Porto, Portugal

We all know that other beverage Porto is famous for, and after traipsing around the port wine cellars of Vila Nova de Gaia, you might be ready for something other than the rich red liquid! Enter Pedro, a self-confessed beer lover, who will have you trying everything from mainstream Super Bock to the many craft beer brands which are having a moment in Northern Portugal.

Explore Micro-Breweries in Lima, Peru

Craft beer may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Lima, famous for its ceviche and pisco sours. But there’s a vibrant micro-brewery scene happening in the Peruvian capital, and our guide Vanessa is keen to help you explore it!

Pub Crawl in Dublin, Ireland

This one’s pretty self-explanatory, we think! One of the great joys of visiting Ireland is relaxing with a pint of Guinness in a classic Dublin pub. Our guides will see to it that you get a good dose of Irish craic along with your stout.

Dive into the Craft Beer Scene in Vancouver, Canada
The craft beer scene has exploded throughout North America, and nowhere more than the Pacific Northwest, where cities like Portland and Vancouver are swimming in hoppy IPAs. Let our guide Jenn show you around one of Vancouver’s hippest neighbourhoods, where you can cozy up next to locals who love everything from a hearty pumpkin ale to hefeweizen.

Sip Craft Brews in Bratislava, Slovakia
Bratislava takes its beer just as seriously as its more famous neighbour Prague, and a new wave of independent microbreweries and pubs is putting the city on the beer drinkers map.

Beer Night in Sao Paulo, Brazil!

“The first thing you should do when you get to São Paulo is climb the tallest building you can find and take in the city’s enormity. Then, revel in a craft beer scene that is by far the most advanced in Latin America.” So says Aleszu Bajak of the Beer, and our guide Diogo would agree! He’ll stop you from getting lost and help you find just the right place to enjoy a great beer in this immense city.

Meet the Brewers in Chicago, USA

With 167 breweries in the metro area, Chicago is home to more breweries than any other city in the US. And our guide Johanna has industry connections…meaning should you wish, you may meet and chat with the brewers themselves at a number of microbreweries or brewpubs.

Drink Beer From the Tap at the Asahi Beer Factory in Osaka, Japan

Had enough sake? In Osaka, you can tour the Asahi Beer Factory, one of Japan’s oldest brewers, producing Asahi beer since the late 1800s. Your guide will make sure you don’t leave without the chance to drink the freshest brew possible – straight from the tap.
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