Taman Negara National Park

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Have you heard of Taman Negara National Park? It’s the largest park in peninsular Malaysia, covering over 4300 sq km of land in the Titiwangsa Mountains. However, it’s not remarkable so much for its size, but rather its age: this pristine primary rainforest is estimated to be 130 million years old.

Everything here is immense: gargantuan insects, flowers larger than your hand, towering trees and lush, dense foliage. Indeed, the jungle is so dense that at times it would be hard to spot some of the wildlife that lives here, even if it was watching you from mere feet away. Tigers, leopards and rhinos are some of the rarer species that may be spotted here, but you’re much more likely to spot different varieties of lizards, tapirs and monkeys, plus hundreds of colourful bird and butterfly species.

Our guide here is Ben, an eco-tourism specialist who delights in showing off the diversity of his homeland to visitors. He can take travelers safely into the rainforest, where the indigenous Jah Hut and Siwang tribes live, safely trekking through primary tracts of rainforest and boating down rivers.

If you’re traveling to Malaysia, consider a trip to Taman Negara for a truly once-in-a-lifetime wilderness experience.
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