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In a recent traveller survey we asked what you thought of our tagline: Connecting travellers with local guides. Worldwide. We heard the adjectives “descriptive” and “accurate”, but also “boring” and “not catchy”. (And several of you pointed out that it's a sentence fragment! We're sticklers for good grammar too, but are looser with the rules when it comes to taglines.)

We want this tagline to sum up what ToursByLocals has meant to your travels. And so we’re asking for your help! Send an email to Sara at by September 15th with YOUR idea for a new tagline. If we end up using your idea (verbatim or using it as our inspiration) we’ll award you a $300 gift certificate to use on any ToursByLocals private tour.

You don't need to be a marketer or a wordsmith to do this. We can always finesse the language at our end. What we're looking for is the heart of your experience.

Guidelines are simple:

• It must be short! No longer than the current tagline.
• It should speak to the heart of your experience with ToursByLocals.
• The winner receives a $300 ToursByLocals gift certificate.

So, again, get your idea to us by September 15th, 2015 to be considered. We'll announce the winner on October 1st, along with our new tagline.
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