ToursByLocals Now Has Presence in All of Europe

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The continent of Europe contains (depending on who you ask) somewhere between 45 and 50 countries. And up until a couple weeks ago, we had guides in every single country but one. You’d think it was likely a tiny or remote or little-known place, but while the missing country IS tiny, it sits square in the geographic and cultural heart of Europe. So who was the missing link? Switzerland!

Ah, Switzerland: the home of the Matterhorn, Swiss clocks, cheese, chocolate and precision, alpine meadows, Heidi and four official languages. The beauty of the Alps is unparalleled, and the urban experiences in Geneva, Basil, Zurich and Lausanne are rich and varied.

We’re very happy to have added a couple more sparkly dots to the giant wall map in our Vancouver office, dots that represent our two new guides in Zurich and Basel. Both cities boast world-class festivals – Europe’s biggest street festival takes place in Zurich each August, and the world’s largest Art Fair sets up in Basel every June. Of course you can enjoy the wonders of Swiss cheese and chocolate at any time of year, and our guides (Veronique and Alex) will be happy to lead you to the cities’ finest confectioners and restaurants.

So...welcome Veronique and Alex, and welcome Switzerland to the ToursByLocals family!
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