How do you Satisfy the Travel Bug in Between Trips?

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Our practical situations don’t always allow us to indulge our wanderlust. Time, finances, health and family commitments can squash the dream of jetting off for a European river cruise or African safari. Or maybe we’re fortunate enough to do those things, but no more than once or twice a year. What do people who love to travel do to soothe their itchy feet in between trips?

Many of us have learned that there are other, simpler ways to find a piece of the excitement that travel brings.

What do we love about travel? Ultimately it’s the happiness that comes with stepping out of our ordinary routines and being somewhere new and different. We meet people we’ve never met before, take more time to appreciate the beauty of our surroundings, and focus on enjoying the moment in a way we don’t always do in our day to day lives.

If we just adjust our thinking a bit, we can get in the travel mindset without going far from home.

“Staycations” are one of the biggest trends in travel right now. Forget the plane: a short taxi ride can take people to a new neighbourhood in their own city. Using accommodation booking sites like Priceline or Hotwire, travelers can get a cheap deal and the fun of a “surprise” hotel destination. It’s fun to look at your own city as a tourist would: scan the weekend entertainment listings for a theatre or concert performance, make reservations at a restaurant you’ve never eaten at, visit an edgy art gallery or niche museum. Although you’re still in the same city, you’re walking different streets and trying new things – and likely getting a fresh perspective on your hometown.

Need to put a bit more space in between you and home? Consider getting out of town – but not too far. In our city of Vancouver, a quick ferry ride takes us to Vancouver Island or a number of Gulf Islands. While the city of Victoria is barely 100km away from downtown Vancouver, the scenery is different, the urban landscape is different, and we’ve crossed a small piece of ocean to get there!

In the spirit of feeding my personal travel bug with limited time and resources, I’m packing up and heading to Victoria this weekend to explore around the city’s inner harbour, coast and downtown. I’ve researched the best places to stay with two kids in tow and will be enjoying the family-friendly amenities of the Royal Scot Hotel. The weekend away will be short but refreshing: a snack to fend off the hungry travel bug until circumstances are right for the next big trip.

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