Stavanger: a Norwegian Fairytale

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Norway boasts some of Europe's most jaw-dropping scenery, and the Stavanger region is the epicentre of it all. Here you can escape into the majesty of Norway's fjords and bring home photos that will be the envy of travellers everywhere. Our guide Johannes explains why anyone with a love for the outdoors should visit Stavenger.

Stavanger and its surroundings might well be one of the most diverse regions in Norway, filled with landscapes full of contrasts and home to many exciting activities.

The city itself – home to 8000 wooden houses, the largest collection in Northern Europe – is situated at a cross point of a true landscape mixture: long stretches of sand beaches with dune landscape and great birdlife; the Jæren region, a true food basket and one of Norway’s leading gastronomic regions; a coastline and archipelago sprinkled with islands, islets and skerries; and hundreds of millions years old mountains, once reaching higher than Mount Everest, weathered and eroded down to their current shape.

I can’t forget to mention the most stunning of them all: the majestic 42 kilometer long Lysefjord, flanked by 1000 meter high granite walls, rising straight out of the water, like stairways to heaven. Actually, this is home to the world’s longest staircase, Flørli, counting 4444 steps from fjord to mountain.

But most of all, the Lysefjord is known for two hiking icons: Preikestolen (or Pulpit Rock), towering 604 meters above the fjord, and the Kjerag boulder, a rock wedged between a mountain crevasse at 980 meters altitude. If you are lucky, you can see base jumpers jumping off mighty 1000 meters high cliffs. You might have seen the pictures, but I invite you to join me and experience it for yourself (well, I don’t organize base-jumping. You’re on your own there!)

We can do more leisurely nature walks along a beach or to a view-point, cycle along a fjord, visit the regions highest waterfall, hike to Preikestolen and Kjerag, or do multiday trekking. I’ll provide you with transportation, guiding and interpretation, while I let you do the most important job: enjoying the beauty and vista of the awe-inspiring Norwegian nature.

Welcome to Stavanger!

If you haven't already taken a trip to Norway, maybe 2015 is the year to do it! Get out there and explore this truly magical place with Johannes. You can learn more about him and his tours here: Johannes' guide profile.
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