First Day of Spring!

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Can you smell it in the air where you live? The ground thawing, the buds tightly curled, waiting to unfurl, the tentative green of early spring?

I can't. At about 1000ft above sea level, Burnaby Mountain woke up this morning to another day of frosty pavements and snow-covered roofs. Spring usually has sprung by this point in March, but it seems Mother Nature is keeping us waiting just a bit longer this year.

Down at sea level in Vancouver, it's still chilly, but the signs of spring are more evident: crocuses and snowdrops dot grass verges with their Easter egg colours of purple, yellow and white. The first cherry blossoms are about to shower the downtown core with their annual light pink confetti. Joggers are dodging the raindrops as they run around Stanley Park, training for April's Vancouver Sun Run.

With the start of spring, tourism begins to awaken in the Northern Hemisphere. It never hibernates of course; Europe still draws visitors in the cold months, as do the ski slopes of North America. But those travelers who spend winter searching for the sun down south are now turning their attention to the sidewalk cafes of Paris, National Parks of Western Canada, and cruises through the Baltic and Mediterranean Seas.

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