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A guide review came across my desk this morning, and made me realise just what a blessing it is for a woman traveling alone in a foreign country to find companionship in another. Getting insider tips from a female friend who understands the culture of the place you are visiting can only enrich your travels. A friendly female guide can show you around her hometown, while helping you to understand local behaviour and cultural expectations. When we're armed with this sort of insider knowledge, we can ensure our own actions are culturally sensitive, which helps to keep us comfortable and safe in a foreign country.

Esjay is one of our guides in Brunei, and has earned many 5-star tour ratings for providing kind, friendly, and helpful services for both solo travelers and groups visiting her part of the world.

Thanks, Esjay, for making this particular solo female traveler feel at ease in a new place.

May 28, 2011

COMMENT: Esjay is a perfect ambassador for Brunei! As a female traveling alone, I was much more at ease knowing I had a female tour guide. I got to see many great sights and having my own tours we could tweak the itinerary to my liking. Esjay's English is excellent. I had no problems conversing with her and it felt like I had known her for a long time as she was very relatable and personable. I would have no problems recommending her, I even did so when meeting another Australian during my tour! Thanks Esjay.

-Wendy Morton from Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia

Edited to add a link to 101 Tips for Female Travelers, from the wonderful and wise Evelyn Hannon, of JourneyWoman.
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