Five Reasons to Visit Slovenia

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If you’ve never thought of traveling to Slovenia, you’re not alone. This tiny country doesn’t yet stand out on travelers’ radars the way its neighbours Italy and Croatia do. But we’re here today to tell you that it should, and will, soon. Which is why now is the perfect time to travel there, before the crowds come!

Here are five reasons to make Slovenia a part of your European travels in 2018:

It’s the perfect size to explore.

With a population of 2 million people, and only ¼ the size of Ireland, Slovenia’s compact size makes it possible to explore most of the country in a single trip. (Which isn’t to say you won’t want to go back!) And its top attractions – the Julian Alps, Karst Caves, Ljubljana, Lake Bled – are all within an hour’s drive of each other.

They really want you there!

Slovenia’s neighbor Italy has long been one of the world’s favourite travel destinations. And Croatians have grown accustomed to multiple cruise ships docking at ever port. But Slovenians have yet to experience a rush of mass tourism. Their welcome is warm and genuine, and they want more visitors! A perfect example of this is the Slibar Farm, a family-run farm near Lake Bled that grows everything the family needs to survive (including beer!) and feeds and houses small groups of travelers who want to experience rural life in Slovenia.

The scenery is captivating and crowd-free.
Caves, coast, mountains, lakes and foothills: Slovenia is nothing short of stunning. And you won’t have to crop other people out of your photos! A ToursByLocals staff member recently returned from a trip that included a day hiking in the Julian Alps, an hour’s drive north of Ljubljana. She reported seeing high alpine meadows awash in wildflowers, cows with cowbells, staggering views…and a total of four other hikers in four hours.

It’s an affordable European destination.

Unlike neighbouring Italy (and increasingly expensive Croatia), you won’t be paying high prices for food and accommodation, even in the summer. Local grocers stock artisan-quality fresh bread, cured meats, wines and cheeses at very basic prices, which taste incredible enjoyed as a picnic on an alpine plateau, or the shady grounds of Ljubljana's Castle.

Slovenia is the world’s first “Green Country”.

Slovenia was the first and only country awarded a “Green Destination” designation in 2016. What does that mean and why does that make it a better travel destination? Being a recognized Green leader is about more than a strong record of environmental stewardship; it’s also about preserving history, traditional music, native cuisine, appealing landscapes, wildlife, architecture – all the elements that make a destination appealing to live in and memorable to visit.

So are you ready to go to Slovenia in 2018? If so, we have a team of exceptional local guides who can take you walking, driving, hiking, biking, boating, even horse-riding from the seaside town of Piran to the shores of Lake Bohinj, the streets of Maribor to the alpine meadows of the Julian Alps. They’re ready to welcome you with open arms.

We know you’ll adore it – after all, as our guide Barbara says, “Slovenia is the only country with “love” in its name!”
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