Guide to ToursByLocals Shore Excursions

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Did you know that ToursByLocals offers shore excursions? It’s aboat time you did! Bad puns aside, our shore excursions are a great option for cruise travelers looking for personalized, authentic experiences while on shore, and an alternative to the standard cruise line offerings.

When booking ToursByLocals shore excursions you'll have access to:

Excursions at Every Port: Private Tours in Europe, Asia, the Caribbean, the Americas, Africa and Australia/New Zealand
Top Quality Guides: Experienced, reliable and local
Convenient Pick-up: Port pick-up with private transportation
Personalized Experiences: Fully customizable tour itineraries, at your own pace
Reliable Service: Return to ship guarantee

Some people are nervous about not making it back to the boat on time. In order to offer reassurance, we offer a No One Left Behind Guarantee. In the extremely unlikely event that you miss your ship, we will arrange overnight accommodation and transport to the next feasible port-of-call. (To give you a sense of how unlikely this is to happen, we've only had to cover these expenses once since 2008.)

To view your private shore excursion options with ToursByLocals:

-Click here.
-Enter your cruise details including your cruise line, ship name and departure date.
-Under Port Of Calls on the left hand side, click ‘View Tours’ to see your options for each stop.
-Click Learn More to view the tour itinerary, guide and price.
-Click Book Now to secure your date.

TOP TIP: Shore excursions book up fast, so don't leave private tour bookings to the last minute. As soon as you've booked your cruise, book your tours!

And remember, unlike a big group tour, ToursByLocals shore excursion tours can be customized to meet your needs and interests. Just send a message to the guide with your requests, and they'll be happy to accommodate.

Any Difficulties? Our Customer Support team is standing by 24/7 to assist you!
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