Tapas and Flamenco in Seville: Video

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Last month we made a fun connection between a traveler and a guide. Kate Thomas - star of the online travel series "Travel with Kate" - asked for our help in exploring Seville, Spain. She was on assignment with Expedia to create a a travelogue/documentary about searching for flamenco in the heart of Andalucia.

We love Kate's vision as a traveler and on-camera host: "to celebrate our world and its cultures...to lift stereotypes and encourage mutual respect....to help people gain a positive view of other countries and encourage them to travel."

Kate wanted to access two facets of Spanish culture: food and dance. We connected her with our guide Maria, a long-time flamenco teacher and professional dancer, and also with our
guide David, a Sevillan by birth and a true tapas aficionado.

Kate's first video of her tapas tour with David is now published. Warning: do not watch this if you haven't eaten recently! The array of food and drink David procures while walking through Seville's Triana district is absolutely delectable, and will leave you wishing for a few hours in southern Spain. You can watch it here: Travel with Kate.

We can't wait to see what Maria taught Kate about flamenco, and will share that video as soon as it's live.

Edited: Here is Kate's video featuring Maria: Kate learns Flamenco.
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