What to See, Do and Eat in Seoul, Korea

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Today we're getting to know one of our newer guides in Seoul, Korea! Kevin just became a ToursByLocals guide this spring, but he's already racked up an impressive number of 5-star reviews from travellers who appreciate his easy-going personality and deep knowledge of Seoul. While he's new to TBL, Kevin has already delivered over a thousand tours throughout his guiding career!

[April 2016 Editorial Update: Exactly a year later, Kevin has taken almost 90 groups of ToursByLocals travellers on tour and has earned dozens of 5-star reviews! Well done, Kevin.]

1. Guideā€™s name: Kevin H.

2. Why I became a guide: I can help travelers who are in difficulties to enjoy their tour. Because as a traveller myself, especially around all of Korea, I have experienced many of the same challenges in the past. Travelling in a new place, especially in unfamiliar cultural surroundings, can be confusing; I like to put people at ease.

3. Describe why you love Seoul: What I love about Seoul is that there are harmonies between the OLD and NEW, NATURAL and ARTIFICIAL. It's a fascinating place!

4. Top 3 things not to miss when visiting your city/region: I definitely recommend Changdeokgung Palace, DMZ, and Nambusijang in Mokdong (or another untouched local traditional market).

5. Best place to go for a great photo: Snap a postcard-worthy shot at Hyangwonjeong Pavilion in Gyeongbokgung Palace.

6. Tell us one local food specialty everyone visiting your city/region should try: Easy! Bulgogi (Beef BBQ). Delicious, and a classic Korean dish. You shouldn't leave without trying it.

7. Your favourite local restaurant: Definitely try Seoga & Cook in Mok-dong. It's a popular and delicious local chain.

8. Best place to celebrate a special occasion: Go to Naksan Park, a hilltop park in the centre of the city. From high up in this beautiful and historic park, you can view the entire city.
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