Magical, Mysterious San Miguel de Allende

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Are you planning a trip to San Miguel de Allende? Be careful: you may join the surprisingly large number of visitors who have decided to become residents! This Mexican town is the kind of place that’s hard to leave. Today our guide Mari explains how she ended up becoming a San Miguel local and just what makes it so special.

I am an American woman, who for 25 years lived in a small Midwest town known for the home of Frank Lloyd Wright, a world class classical theater, and filled with creative, artistic types. It was pure joy but somehow I felt I needed a bigger life. A friend said," you must take a look at San Miguel de Allende in Mexico." My brother and I began to research YouTube videos and magazine articles. We were amazed to find out that this town in the central Mexico mountains was ranked as one the 10 best towns in the world to live in by several well- known travel sources, but even more curious was how people described it.

One of the most common words that kept cropping up was MAGICAL. It certainly has the look of a fantasy town. The landscape is unique in the way the town is situated in the mountain. Imagine a bowl, with a pink gothic church in the center that can be seen from anywhere in town. Then imagine a lovely, tree-lined park in front of the church filled with sweet inviting benches for you to gaze upon the church and the lovely 15th century buildings surrounding the town square. This square is filled with interesting activity all the time.

San Miguel de Allende, was designated a World Heritage Site in 2008 and proudly displays the town to the tourists it attracts through 26 stunning International Festivals. That is one every other weekend. These festivals all provide world class entertainment for the tourists and town people for free in this square. I remembered reading about the common use of fireworks to begin and end these festivals but nothing can prepare you for this visual delight.

Before I moved here, I use to play a game about visualizing what a perfect world would look like in my mind. Visually stunning buildings, warm weather so everyone can live outside almost all year round, lots of interesting things to do, saying hello to almost everyone you meet on the street, lots of children playing outside (and not with gameboys), a great mix of people from all ages, colors, and languages, very little crime; these things were all on that list and they are all a part of San Miguel de Allende.

Last but not least is the Magic part. And it’s the hardest part to explain. As if the perfect life is not magic enough, the real Magic is something most people talk about here. I have never met anyone from here who has not experienced it. It is unbelievable synchronicity . As a woman who lived here told me before coming," don't be surprised if you run into your college roommate’s boyfriend on the street." Whatever you think about here seems to magically appear in your life. Some say it’s all the quartz that amplifies all vibrations. Whatever it is it makes life an amazing experience every day.

Are you headed to San Miguel de Allende to feel a bit of this magic for yourself? Make sure to get in touch with Mari to learn more about what it’s like to live in this beautiful mountain town.
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